Dragon Age Origins Best Party, So Whats The Best Or Most Popular Party Setup

Dragon Age: Origins is an epic fantasy role-playing game featuring a rich story, personality-driven characters, and tactical, bloody combat. It is considered a spiritual successor to the Baldur”s Gate series.

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Who do you usually keep in your party? Or who are are your three favorite members? I always keep Alistair with me (fits in the story, since originally it is him with who we start out. Plus he”s a good fighter) Also, I keep Morrigan (winter”s grasp is awesome), Leliana (I use her as an archer+love interest). Another favourite of mine is Wynne. She”s got super creation magic. So it gets confusing deciding between the three females for me 🙂  What about you? Who are your favorites and how do you use them?




I dont know the best party combination to use, but i can tell you the worst. Its the one I took to fight the Arch demon. Took at least 20 wacks at it before i was able to beat him.


Alistair, Leliana and Wynne seem to be my winning combo. I can just run around like Vinny did in that one quick look and not die, unless there are blood mages about.

Alistair, the dog, and Wynne (originally Morrigan). I was a rogue, so having two tanks and a healing mage worked out well.  
Agreed. Assigning him to use Overwhelm on enemies of Elite rank or higher is great. Sometimes I”d wonder where he was in the middle of a fight, only to find him in the corner tearing a blood mage”s throat out. Also, running him into a group of enemies and using Howl works well.

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Depends on what type of character I”m playing as. I like to take my role playing seriously in origins ;P. My first completion as a dwarf rogue had me with alistair, oghren annnd Wynne.

Alistair for warrior stuff, Leliana for archery and lockpicking, Wynne as healer/nuker, Morrigan as support. My main character replaces whichever party member that overlaps what he does.

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FireBurger: Absolutely, having a character that can shut down one direct damage enemy, or AoE stun a whole group of trash is a real godsend.

Allistair, Morrigan, and Leliana. Allistair is a pretty good fighter, I liked Morrigan”s elemental magic, and Leliana came in handy with lockpicking.

I rolled with Allistair, Morrigan and Leliana. Except for the Dwarf area parts, I swapped Orhgren for Leliana.

I had Alistair as a tank, Zevran for lock-picking and was dual wielding, Wynne as a healer, and I as a Mage for damage and effects (like sleep, hex, ect.)

The only one I never swapped out was Leliana (well, this run I”m playing as a Thief so I”m not taking her at all) since I needed a lockpicker. Otherwise I mixed and matched all the time so I could play with all the toys, skills and spells (or, at least, as many as I could).

I done all my playthroughs as either a Tank, or a damage warrior. So its me and Alistar trading those roles, Morgian and Wynn. I have no use for the others

I always use Alistair and Wynn (Tank and Healer) than the third option is variable. My first run through I used Leliana, my second play-through I used Sten, third play-through I used Morrigan.

I”m rolling Wynne Leliana and dog, but I”m only using dog because i hate the mage tower and using dog gets you through the dreams easier.

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I”d ideally take Allistair, Morrigan, and Wynn, but I really want to add Lelliana to my party. Sadly, my main character is also a rogue (though a dual weapon wielder). I can use her as an archer, but that would force me to remove Morrigan or Wynn. Not nice 🙁

For my second playthrough I played pretty much the whole game only using my main character as the healer, Alistair as the tank, Leilana as the rogue/ranged DPS, and Morrigan for elemental and crowd control attacks.

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First: Alistair, Morrigan, Sten, and moi as a Rogue.  Second: Alistair, Lelianna, Wynne, and moi as a Mage.  Basically, my ideal party for adventuring meant: One rogue for lockpicking, one guy to soak up damage and draw fire, one healer, and one damage-dealing mage. It sucks that the rogue is necessary, because I found that the only time someone like Lelianna was useful was for picking off dragons (where she becomes a necessity if you want to do it efficiently). If you could bash chests and avoid traps, it would serve you better to take one damage-dealing warrior and one damage-soaking one. Of course, I don”t discount the awesome power of a backstabbing rogue character; it just takes too much direct controlling effort to get around behind people to do it effectively. Not too much of a problem, but I could imagine it being a pain in the ass on the 360.

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