Do Advertising Jobs Pay Well? – In 2021

Do Advertising Jobs Pay Well? - In 2021

A lot of people think that working in an agency is the best way to make money as a creative professional. But do advertising jobs pay well? 

Do Advertising Jobs Pay Well? - In 2021
Do Advertising Jobs Pay Well? – In 2021

If you’re considering a career in advertising, it’s important that you know what kind of salary to expect. We’ve compiled this list of salary of advertising so you can see if they are right for your career goals. This way, when someone asks what kind of salary you want or how much you expected to earn, then you’ll have some data points about the industry average income. You might even find out that there are better options than working at an ad agency!

What are the main areas of advertising?

Digital content creation

Digital content is a broad term used to describe the different types of media that you can produce and distribute using social, blog posts or other online platforms. It includes both offline material such as podcasts/videos along with virtual creations like Facebook pages for your business!



Copywriters are the ones who make your marketing stand out from the rest. They use words to inspire action and create lasting memories that will keep customers coming back for more of what you have on offer!

Copywriting can be applied in both online and offline mediums, such as radio ads or TV commercials.

Media relations

Media relations is a broad area that includes the creation and distribution of press releases, as well as providing interviews on behalf or client. Media managers are constantly looking for new ways to get their message out there through various channels such like conferences or speaking engagements- this form of outreach can also include responding promptly when contacted by reporters who may be requesting comment from any number companies in your industry vertical
The ever changing landscape makes it important for businesses like yours stay informed about what’s happening within their niche so they don’t miss opportunities.

Fundraising efforts

Fundraising is an important part of nonprofit work. It provides the funds necessary to maintain and provide services that may be offered by nonprofits, such as advertisements or grant proposals with media opportunities attached.

Visual media

In order to compete with other advertisers, companies may specialize in the creation of visual media. This could include commercials and videos involved in online advertising opportunities as well as creating graphics for offline marketing campaigns that are displayed on billboards or print advertisements.

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Do advertising jobs pay well? Median annual salary of advertising jobs

Do advertising jobs pay well? Median annual salary of advertising jobs
Do advertising jobs pay well? Median annual salary of advertising jobs

Advertising copywriter

Advertising copywriters are vital to the success of any company. They write advertisements, brochures and other advertising material for a business’s website or product range in order to bring customers into their store which can be challenging considering how creative you have to get with certain words. The median salary for an Advertising Copywriter is $50,887/year so it’s important not only that they know what makes people buy but also how they should convince them at all costs!

Brand or marketing consultant

Marketing consultants are strategic advertising experts who help companies find ways to increase their branding efforts. They can work for an agency, a specific company or start up on their own consulting firm; the median salary of this position is $59,775 according to Payscale.

In today’s competitive market where customers have more options than ever before when it comes down selecting service providers they need all available assistance in order not just set themselves apart but also stand out against competitors as well!

Digital marketer

Digital marketers are the creators of marketing campaigns designed for use on the internet. Their work can include landing pages, website content or emails–depending on what brand they’re working with at any given time–and there’s no shortage of variety in this industry! According to Payscale , median salaries range anywhere from $49K (for those who specialize exclusively as digital media specialists) up into six figures territory: The top annual salary listed is $123K while others report earning less than half that amount ($50-75k). With such high potential earnings it makes sense why more people want jobs.

Marketing research analyst

A recent survey by Payscale reveals that marketing research analysts make a median salary of $53,439. This is significantly higher than both the national average annual wage as well as earnings for related professions like advertising managers ($44K) or even statisticians with an education only stating degree (41k). Those wishing to enter into this field should consider pursuing degrees in math and statistics from accredited schools before enrolling on-site at universities known locally around where you live; they will likely offer more opportunities closer
to home if your dream job turns out differently then expected!

Advertising account executive

Advertising account executives are the elves who ride their bikes to work in advertising agencies. They manage budgets and contacts for clients, coordinating with each client on what type of campaign will be most effective at promoting them publicly while also taking care not overstep boundaries between one advertiser’s territory as another company might do if handled by someone else entirely (Payscale). The median salary ranges from $46K-$67 K based on industry experience level but can easily reach into seven figures or more under special circumstances such as working closely alongside celebrities during filming.

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Media planner

There’s nothing more important than a good marketing strategy. Media planners find the best ways to reach your desired audience and execute them in an effective way that will get results for you! According Payscale, median salary is about $49k as well which makes this job seem pretty attractive if done right (or not so much). All things considered though media planning can be quite lucrative with all of its possibilities – from working at agencies or companies like Proctor & Gamble where they create ads targeted towards certain demographics; running one’s own business geared solely around these services might just make sense too given how time consuming it typically takes up.

Social media manager

Social media managers are the modern day advertising professionals who create and implement social campaigns for businesses. This includes current popular platforms as well those that may be created in future years to come, providing their clients with top-quality results regardless of how fast technology changes or what platform becomes trendy next week! According Payscale’s median salary data ($50K), you can expect a successful career path where your hard work will payoff by earning plenty more than just dollars on payroll every month – there’ll also likely always have something new waiting around every corner thanks at this ever-growing field where innovation truly thrives…

Press officer

Press officers are the best at what they do: responding to journalist queries, creating press releases that benefit their employer or client and looking for opportunities in the media. Payscale reports a median salary of $63,623!

Advertising art director

Advertising art directors are responsible for the visual aspects involved in an advertising campaign. They may work with or supervise other creatives to ensure a cohesive message is delivered on behalf of their company, client and/or agency without drifting too far from its intended idea (which could make things more difficult). According Payscale’s median salary data ($66K) these individuals have some high-pressure responsibility!

Public relations officer

Public relations Officers are the keepers of a company’s reputation. They handle communication matters on several levels, including serving as its spokesperson for media and other platforms (social media managers or bloggers). A main goal is to protect and improve their employer’s image so they can do what it takes in order to maintain customer satisfaction while also staying within budget constraints- all without losing sight of your end result! The median salary for this position? $57 903 according Payscale; but if you’re looking into chief communications officers at 125 110 USD per annum), then these salaries will go up significantly depending upon experience level.

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What skills can help me in an advertising jobs?

The skills that can help you in an advertising career depend largely on what kind of professional advertiser you want to be. With more companies embracing digital marketing, all those who work within this field should know how their software programs such as Adobe Creative Suite operate and understand Google’s keyword planner along with pay per click system well enough for them not only stay up-to date but also beat out competition by being smarter than others when it comes time make decisions about where ads will run online or off?

Understanding consumer buying habits and how they are shaped by colors in media campaigns, websites design choices or public speaking can be useful for advertising careers.
A successful advertiser will have an understanding of marketing psychology that includes insights into what consumers like to see on their screens and hear from advertisers such as when you’re watching TV! Speaking skills also come into play here because it’s hard work convincing someone else about something without being able speak up yourself-so practice makes perfect.

How to get a job in advertising?

How to get a job in advertising?
How to get a job in advertising?

You are not going to be an overnight success, but if you have the passion and staying power than anything is possible. No one said that being a model was easy; in fact it takes everything from your body of work which has appeal for agencies alike as well as fortitude when rejection after rejection comes calling at all hours of day or night with no end date set on its visits just yet!

Here are some ways to get your foot in the door of an ad agency: intern at an agency, take an entry level position, do freelance work, create spec ads, contact radio and television stations, get an advertising education, introduce yourself to key people, try working in sales or PR..

If you’re considering starting an advertising job or looking for one as an experienced professional, consider these points before making your decision on where to work next. A lot goes into finding the right fit for anyone involved with marketing- it might be time consuming but ultimately worth it if you want to succeed in this competitive industry!

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