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Software and digital platforms are benefiting from continual advances in AI/ML, cloud technology, IoT and automation – all creating opportunities for product innovation and differentiation. At the same time, companies are facing bottom line pressure to drive out costs, accelerate speed to market and deliver top-line revenue enhancement.

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From inception to development, helps in every step of the product development journey. Our company’s DNA in product engineering, combined with all the necessary design thinking, agile, DevOps and CICD best practices, delivers a flexible and tailored approach to address your needs.

Offerings & Solutions
Product Management & Roadmap

Capture and validate requirements, define and prioritize features to create a product roadmap and vision to support your business strategy, goals and timelines.

Product Architecture & Development

Everything an enterprise needs to develop a new digital product or platform – from microservice architecture, prototyping, design and engineering services.

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Product Modernization

Engineering and development services to help reimagine, redesign and enhance existing software and platforms, addressing rapidly changing customer expectations.

Product Porfolio Optimization

Provides a holistic view of your entire portfolio, revealing areas of cannibalization and redundancy as well as opportunities for investment and development.

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Client Success Helping LungLife AI’s mission to transform lung cancer diagnosis’s machine learing algorithms reduce diagnosis time by 70%, accelerating LungLife’s efforts to greatly reduce the impact of the disease.

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Client Success Leveraging agile to turn idea into a product and bring it to market, fast

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Leveraging principles of agile to explore ideas, rapidly adapt and iterate allowed K2 to create a product and bring to…

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Client Success



Agile is moving out of the delivery and moving into the discovery

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9 ways we’re using Technology to Code a Better World

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Video and IBM team with Mount Sinai for Health Hackathon

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Design & Innovation Digital Greenhouse™

Core IT Modernization

Cloud Platforms & Infrastructure

Data-Driven Business & Intelligence

Data Stack Modernization

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