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Hey guys, I just hit 60 and I need some help determining if I should spend my saved up gold on a 2 handed bow or crossbow. I recently discovered how awesome the crit build is with sharpshooter and nether tentacles so I”d like go for a xbow for the + crit dmg from archery but I could go for a bow for +15% flat damage. I guess could put an emerald in a bow that already has + crit damage to make up for it? Thoughts?If I”m gonna drop a lot of gold on a weapon then I want to make sure I make the right choice. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, I prefer going with a slow crossbow and crit build. But thats just my kind of playstyle. I think it”s a personal decision. Some people like to go with a fast bow and some with a slow xbow.In Inferno (act II+) you wont benefit from a fast weapon imho, cause all you do there is hit and run and try to avoid everything.But these are just my 2 cents…


but you also want to blow the crap out of everything before it sneezes on you and you die, meaning the burst from crossbow opening fights up can be very useful, and bows aren”t exactly consistent damage either, their min/max vary by several hundred so it”s not much different from praying for crits after you”ve opened and depleted full stacked sharpshooter using a crossbow.With all the IAS everyone stacks end game I”d be surprised if people could really stutter step a full IAS set of gear with a bow or hand crossbow set. You”d probably get yourself killed more than it would save you, having more mobility from quicker attacks.

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thanks i”ll take that into consideration.On the point about IAS not being taken advantage of when you”re constantly running from mobs.Does that warrant instead going for +crit chance or +crit dmg on items like rings?



well, in that case i am just blind and I see me attacking at the same speed as attacking while standing…

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2.4 is a bit slow for using a bow in end game isn”t it? without ias on my chest, helm, bracers, AND neck i”m 2.40 equipping a bow that doesn”t even have %ias on it, itself.
Very surprised at the XBow answers in this thread. I have been playing around in a spreadsheet with the bonuses you get from Archery and it is quite hard to find a practical stat allocation that shows XBows pulling ahead. For example, at 30% crit chance and 250% crit damage, bows are ahead by a fair margin. If you raise either crit value independently from this baseline, bow dps remains ahead of xbow dps. Only when you have a relatively high crit % chance and relatively low crit damage % do xbows pull ahead.Furthermore, xbows are slow as ****. Good luck avoiding Belial claw void zones or mortar affix if you”re in mid xbow cast. I still have trouble sometimes moving away in time with a bow and 2.7 APS.Regarding stutter stepping, unless you are playing solo and kiting, I don”t think this is an issue. From what I have seen in groups, you need a fast weapon for those “oh crap” moments when you need to stop holding/clicking your mouse button and move away asap. Your ability to do this with slow xbows is severely hampered.Am I missing something here?

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