Dead by Daylight wraith, The Wraith (Perks, Tips, & Strategies)

The Dead by Daylight Wraith is a new killer that has been added to the game in its latest update. Equipped with a blade and abilities that can stun, knock back, and teleport, the Wraith will be sure to terrify you when it comes knocking at your door. Read more about this terrifying new killer here!
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one person takes on the role of Killer while up to four players take on the roles of Survivors trying to escape or survive until morning without getting caught. The Survivor players are able to work together but must avoid attracting the attention of their pursuer who just wants them dead. Players can also use items found throughout levels such as lock picking tools, flares, generators for power

What is Dead by Daylight Wraith game mode?

The Wraith is different from most Killers in Dead by Daylight. He’s the stealthiest Killer, the most agile and even his perks support this playstyle of lurking, chasing and sudden striking. To help him in that regard he has a bit more speed than other killers and when cloaked he doesn’t show up on the map at all (similar to Foxy) . A deep understanding of how your abilities work is crucial to using the Wraith successfully.

How does a manager keep a low profile? How do they move around without being spotted? What are their tactics to take down their prey without giving away their location? I have compiled here some information about what it takes to be a wraith killer so you can learn from them

Why you should play Wraith in Dead by Daylight

Wraith is one of the survivors in Dead by Daylight . It has been around for quite a long time now. Wraith is different from most other characters not only because of his ability but also because he doesn’t have any perks that are exclusively dedicated to helping him. This means that there are several options you can go when playing as Wraith, which make him quite versatile. While there are perks that can help Wraith do better, his ability is what enables players to outwit the killer and win the game.

Wraith’s main idea is to wait for the right time to strike, wait until the perfect moment when you know that you’ll be able to jam your hook into someone without the killer being able to stop you. Doing this will stun the killer and give you a good chance of escaping, as the killer is unable to chase after you at that moment.

Stun locks can be really useful in many cases. If you manage to do it right, then the proper usage of morale boosts or perks that help with quick movement such as the Diversion perk will give you a chance to escape or at least help your allies get away with ease.

Wraith can be seen as a tier 1 character for beginners, because he is really forgiving and his ability isn’t hard to understand at all. Wraith’s main focus is on gathering information about the map and then striking when the moment is right. This means that the killer will have very little time to actually stop Wraith from doing what he needs to do.


How to play as a Wraith in Dead by Daylight

1. Use your cloak to stay out of sight

The Wraith can activate his cloak which will make him invisible for a short time. This ability has two stages with the second being more powerful but there’s also a down side, it takes twice as long to recharge so you have to use it carefully if you don’t want to sacrifice your position. Good thing is that you are still somewhat visible while cloaked so survivors can see an outline around you or hear something nearby so they know not to stay in one place too long. Sometimes it’s good to cloak even when no one is looking at you hitting that hotkey just before running towards them and then quickly uncloaking for the surprise attack just when they turn their back on you! You can also use this opportunity to move around the map, especially if you’re sitting on the generators .

2. Use your speed to surprise them

The Wraith is not as fast as most other Killers but he moves faster than the average survivor (who’s no sprinter) so keep that in mind when chasing them down or trying to outrun them. Be sure to set yourself up with some items like windows and pallets before running after your prey because it helps with giving away their positions and making them easier targets for you. If they manage to get away then don’t despair just look at the movements of their teammates which will give away their position too! Just remember that you can always play smart by keeping a low profile instead of using all your speed to chase a survivor down.

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3. Hunt them carefully

The Wraith doesn’t have a lot of HP so you don’t want to play reckless, especially when there is more than one survivor nearby since you won’t be able to use your cloak as much and they can easily take you out if they find you first. Don’t go all in on a hunt even if it seems like the perfect moment because the second you miss or they manage to escape then it’s going downhill for you from that point on! It’s better to wait for another opportunity before going after someone again unless they’re running around alone somewhere far away from their team but most likely at this point their teammates are looking for him too

4. Listen for your victims

One of the coolest mechanics in Wraith game mode is that, when within proximity (the exact range depends on your perk level) you can see survivors through walls! So keep an ear out at all times because even when cloaked you can hear them walking or searching for items. Once again just be careful about doing this when there are more than one survivor around because it will give away your position too easily.

5. Study the Survivors’ movement patterns

Once you learn how someone behaves under pressure then it becomes fairly easy to predict where they’re going and what they might do next so use this knowledge to set yourself up in advance with traps before chasing after them. There’s also something you should always keep mind; survivors tend to crouch to the generators, especially when they are trying to fix them so keep an eye on them too. If you notice that it’s getting dangerous then you can always cancel your current action and turn yourself invisible again which will help give away their positions by staying near the generators for a little while longer!

6. Set up traps before chasing after your prey

While cloaked or standing still you can look around by holding spacebar (default) and just spamming the same button if you want to go back into regular mode. You can see here that we have set up some items like pallets and windows in advance before going after our victim and this helped us take them down quite easily. If done correctly you can completely immobilize your target and keep them

in one spot so you can easily finish them off or go for another kill.

7. Use the Wraith abilities to your advantage

If you haven’t noticed before then now might be a good time to notice that when your cloak is down your movement speed is decreased quite heavily which isn’t ideal if there’s someone distracted near the generators or heading towards them. This means that you can use this opportunity to quickly reach them and take away some of their HP before they even realize what just happened! Just keep in mind not to do this too often because it will give away your position more often than not plus most survivors are smart enough to crouch every time they notice something like this happening (cloaked survivor).

8. Can’t see who’s cloaked near you? Then crouch!

If you can’t see your killer then this usually means that they are still cloaked (nearby) and this is the best way to counter it unless you’re already dead of course. If you manage to do this for about 10 seconds then their sound bar will disappear which means that they’ve turned invisible again or went into a chase where they can’t use their ability (between 1-8 seconds). If you notice the Wraith doing weird movements like extremely close, too far away or toying with you then it could be because they’re trying to lure out your position by using the cloaking mechanic if their abilities are on cooldown.

9. Use shock traps at common choke points

You could also use these traps to stop survivors from chasing after you by delaying them for a little while and causing the survivor to lose some HP if they get caught in your trap. Just keep in mind that survivors might crouch through them so be careful and aware of this when setting up traps near common choke points like windows, doors and exits.

10. Use the Wraith’s abilities to its full potential!

If you notice someone is too distracted or busy focusing on something else then this will be a great opportunity to quickly go invisible and turn yourself into a hunter once again. You can easily pick off an unsuspecting survivor before they even realize what happened especially since most players tend to ignore other hunters at first they’re running away from one themselves.

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11. Try to catch survivors when they’re alone!

If you’ve managed to stun someone then this is also an optimal time to kill them since they are usually alone and have no one nearby who can save them. If done successfully then be sure that the survivor will have a hard time trying to get away from you or having anyone else help out so just focus on taking them down before anything else happens, remember… God helps those who help themselves!

12. Use your sonar ability especially if you see your prey running away!

You don’t actually have to wait until late game for this tactic because it has already been confirmed several times in early game where players tend to run away whenever all of their abilities are either on cooldown or when they’re completely drained of energy. If you manage to use your sonar ability then this will help you tell where the survivors are which can be extremely helpful if they are on a rooftop or near generators where loud noises won’t stop them from listening for any nearby killers.

13. Mind games!

This might sound obvious but sometimes it’s actually better to not do anything at all and keep quiet since some players tend to get paranoid whenever they don’t hear anything coming from their killer especially on Bloodlust mode. If this happens then start cancelling out your abilities 2-3 times in order to make them think that it isn’t worth checking what you’re doing anymore and go back into hiding/stalking mode until they drop their guard.

14. Use the Wraith’s mobility to get behind survivors fast!

Besides cloaking and turning yourself into a hunter, this is also another great ability that you can use especially when you’re out in the open and want to chase after someone. Always keep in mind that it takes time for you to turn invisible again so make sure not to waste too much time trying to catch up because if they manage to escape then chances are high that they will just smack a generator in order to stun you long enough for them to run away from your position regardless of whether or not they have a perk enabled which forces killers back when stunned yet again. If this happens then all I can say is… Sorry noob

15. Using generators to survive

If you’re lucky enough to be able to play on Bloodlust mode then most of the time generators are your best friends because once one gets activated then all survivors will have their vision restricted which means that they won’t see anything at all until the generator is turned off again or someone else trips it by accident. You could also use this trick if you find yourself surrounded by survivors and just want to escape, either way… If you can evade them for a little while longer then there’s a high chance that another survivor will rush over and activate the generator again as long as they’re not too far away from its location.

16. Avoiding traps

This might sound obvious but sometimes we tend to forget about certain things especially when we’re in the middle of doing something else entirely. In order to avoid any sort of traps then always make sure that you get rid of them before turning yourself into a hunter again especially if they are on your main path towards your prey or from where you’re going to attack from, this way if anyone manages to get out of the area it won’t be a complete waste and you’ll still be able to respawn somewhere close by.

17. Kill everything!

Some players tend to focus solely on their target but sometimes we need to remember that there is more than just one survivor within an area, therefore choosing whether or not we should take out everyone else isn’t up for debate since there’s nothing wrong with it at all because whatever gets killed will not be able to use their special ability against us. If this doesn’t apply, it’s because the other survivors are too dangerous or may have something that we need in order to escape (eg: bulletproof vests).

It’s not always necessary because sometimes it might tip the survivor team off about our intentions; however; if you’re feeling gutsy then go ahead and try to pull it off!

Best Add-ons for Wraith In Dead By Daylight


The Best Killer related Add-on goes to … *drumroll* … Of Unrest !

Of Unrest is a massive overhaul for the Spirit, which makes her feel more alive and less overpowered. The Add-on introduces new lore into the game that fits perfectly with the theme of the Wraith and also fixes several issues that some killers had. I am especially happy about getting rid of the possibility to chain multiple Memento Mori kills from one interaction with a generator. Of Unrest truly deserves this months best Add-on award! Well done guys!

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Honorable mentions: TranZit & Haught

The Best Survivor related Add-on goes to … *drumroll* … Empathy !

Empathy is a fantastic add-on because it creates so many possibilities during interactions while still being very balanced. I also love how Empathy shows very well what survivors are capable of during the game, without being too overpowered or causing weird mechanics. The fact that you have to line up your defense plans with killers movements feels very realistic and adds a lot of teamwork to the survivor side which is always nice! Overall this Add-on really deserves the Best Survivor Add-on Award! Well done guys!

Honorable mentions: Campfire & Distortion

The Best Map related Add-on goes to … *drumroll* … Torment Creek !

Torment Creek is my favorite map in Dead by Daylight atm. It looks fantastic, has an awesome theme and many good hiding spots for survivors as well as excellent strategic options for killers. A perfect map in my opinion, with great attention to detail and very good balanced hook spots. The Add-on adds even more lore to the map which fits perfectly into its theme. All of this combined makes Torment Creek an easy choice for Best Map Add-on! Well done guys!

Honorable mentions: Blood Lodge & Badham Preschool

The Best Cosmetic related Add-on goes to … *drumroll* … ..:: Outfit_REVOLT ::.. !

There are many amazing cosmetic add-ons currently in Dead by Daylight, but I decided to go for this one due to how well it is made and how often it gets updated. It looks fantastic on all characters, especially when paired with Hex: The Third Seal. Furthermore the Add-on is very easy to install and navigate through everything! It has already gathered some very nice feedback from other players, even though it is still in development. Well done guys!

Honorable mentions: sfx & Enigma Box

The Best Backstory related Add-on goes to … *drumroll* … ..:: DOMINION ::.. !

While most backstory addons are focused on showing you numbers or visuals, this one aims to improve your experience when playing as a specific entity of the Entity’s host of killers. This makes it the perfect addon for people who want enjoy their time being Laura or Jeff without having to with all those pesky number popping up out of nowhere. The developer updates the addon frequently and is very open to feedback, which makes him a very reliable creator in my opinion. Well done guys!

Honorable mentions: Ascension & La Galite

The Best Developers Add-on goes to … *drumroll* … ..:: TALLY ::.. !

There are lots of different scoreboards available for the game, but the one I decided to go for this month is very easy on the eyes and shows some nice additional infos compared to other scoreboards. It supports custom html code, which allows you to write or paste anything you want into your scoreboard without even having to install anything else than this addon! This is perfect if you like creating your own scoreboard with fancy texts or graphics. The developer also updates the Add-on frequently which adds even more points to his belt! Well done guys!

Honorable mentions: Achievement Tracker & Multiview !

The Best Moderators Add-on goes to … *drumroll* … OFFENSIVE COMMENTS !

While there are many good moderations addons available, I had a hard time picking just one this month. However in the end Offensive Comments really deserves the win with its very unique and innovative idea of adding offensive comments into your chat when you get killed by another player. Very funny addon that makes dying much more enjoyable again! You can also turn off specific offensive comments or spam filters if they annoy you, so no worry there! Well done guys!

Honorable mentions: Helpful Messages & Quick Ally Courses !

The Best Tools Add-on goes to … *drumroll* … ..:: SUBMIT BUGS ::.. !

I cannot count the number of times I was in a lobby and someone used this tool, but could not find it due to its inconspicuous name. This is why I decided to go with Submit Bug’s as my favourite tools add-on for this month. There are lots of cool helpful things you can do with it such as locking your keys (which is super useful if you share your PC like me) or viewing detailed stats about your games such as statistics about every killer, survivor, character and map. This tool is a must-have for every serious player and I highly recommend you give it a try if you haven’t done so already! Well done guys!

Honorable mentions: Inventory & Idle Kick !


The Wraith is a very different beast from other Killers in Dead by Daylight. He’s the stealthiest of all, his perks support this playstyle and even he can use that to your advantage. Understanding how you abilities work will be crucial for successfully taking out Survivors with the Wraith.

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