Dbz Xenoverse 2 Best Saiyan Build S, The Best All Round Male Saiyan Build!

I want to build a Male Saiyan, from the research i've done maxing basic attack seems like a given for saiyans. People have suggested picking strike/ki supers and maxing that as well.

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I have no idea where to put the rest of my stats. Could someone just give a blunt rundown of a build based on what i said above. I know i sound ungrateful but sooo many build threads write essays on why they do certain things, then never just say the stats.



WARNING – LOTS OF TEXT BELOW(go to point allocation below if you only want to get and idea about point distribution)

Here is an example of an end-game hybrid male saiyan build I use(The build here is just for an example which I use, you don't need to do it exactly the same. Get the idea of builds, figure out your play style, then settle down for a build).

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Health – 0

Ki – 42

Stamina – 42

Basic attack – 125

Strike super – 38(40 at level 99 probably)

Ki super – 125

Clothes set – Gogeta set(full;though only use it for appearance)

Qq bang –

-1 health

+2 stamina

+1 basic attack

+2 strike supers

+1 ki supers

(basically any Qq bang which doesn't reduce any Stat except health;i don't min-max)

Super soul – I'm neither kami nor Piccolo/hmm hm hmm(from red coloured Majin kids at Buu's house)

Super 1 – big bang kamehameha(from save transfer or tp medal shop)

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S2 – big bang/perfect shot

S3 – charge/full power charge/maximum charge/divinity unleashed(from dlc4 pq)

S4 – super drain

Ultimate 1 – BBK x100/Justice combination

U2 – super black kamehameha(from tp medal shop;DON'T USE IT WITHOUT STAMINA BREAKING ENEMY)

Awoken – super saiyan(from Vegeta at capsule corporation after reaching level 40)

Evasive – vanisher guard(from tp medal shop)

STAT POINT ALLOCATION – (Obviously after some playing 😉 )

So basically get basic attack and ki supers to 50/100 point first each. Then 42 in stamina for one extra bar(for a total of 6 = 3 vanishes). Then 42 in ki for the same. Then max ki super to 125.Allocate rest between strike super and basic attack(Health isn't good to give points into unless you are Majin with tanky build)


Do some story missions.Then get to level 40 asap by repeating advancement test at patrollers academy from a robot besides elder kai. Then get super saiyan awakening from fighting Vegeta.Equip any ki charging skill you got from save transfer/advancement test and ssj.DON'T EQUIP ANY QQ BANG WHICH REDUCES ANY STAT EARLY ON. Get a Qq bang which increase any stat or not. Get i'm neither kami nor Piccolo super soul from pq(the super soul is from a 4* difficulty pq, can't remember exactly which one right now). Equip it. Proceed to figure out your play style by keep playing pq and story mode.


After you reach lvl60/70(or a level at which you are now familiar with play style and good points in stats), farm some good skills, supers and ultimates(ultimates suck unless you are a ki spamming female saiyan/earthling build). Some good ki supers are – kaioken kamehameha(pq) , big bang kamehameha(tp) , perfect shot(mentor cell), etc. Ultimates like – death ball, supernova(there are many versions), special beam cannon, giant storm, justice combination, death meteor, etc. Proceed to do higher difficulty pq(6 and 7* ones;you'll get many good items and skills from these). DON'T ATTEMPT DLC PQs NOW. You'll get destroyed by ai there. Rinse and repeat until level 80 or higher. At this point, you're probably very comfortable with playing. Now proceed to do dlc pq(if you have them). Divinity Unleashed from DLC4 pq is very useful skill. Don't forget to bring allies with you, they'll purpose as punching bags and keep you protected from enemies.

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So, get your ki up activate buff from divinity unleashed.Punch enemy until you can go super saiyan.Go super saiyan(i prefer 3).Your super soul activates and keeps your health regenerating. .Keep punching enemy. Keep back hitting them if they vanish. Use vanish if you get in trouble(if they keep back hitting you stop and let them deal some damage then vanish when they go deep into combo, like 3-4 hits after).Check if soul is activated(keep super soul activated most of time for health regen;you're gonna need it later on, very much). Stamina break or don't then finish with a super or ultimate at combo end(I personally end with ultimate for z rank).

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The super soul works best for punching/strike/hybrid build as it lets your and ally health regenerating as long as a awoken(super saiyan here)skill and a buff(here from divinity unleashed after charging at least 1 ki bar) is activated together. This makes you focus on keep hammering enemy until they die and not worried about your health.The rest part is pure skill(and luck 🙂 ).

With my build I'm basically immortal.Plus my strikes are hard enough to humiliate enemy and show them their places(Unless the enemy is from expert missions;you'll know what i mean when/if you'll get to em15+)

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