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The Data And Story lisbdnet.comrary is brought to you by Data Description, creators of Data Desk: Data Analysis and Exploration software. Data Desk embodies the philosophy that “seeing is understanding”.

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DASL in one iteration or another has been used by students and educators alike for over twenty years. Now it is easier and faster than ever before to browse our rich collection.

DASL provides data from a wide variety of topics so that lisbdnet.comistics teachers can find interesting, real-world examples for their students. We know a good example can make a lesson on a particular lisbdnet.comistics method vivid and relevant. This website is designed to help teachers locate and identify datafiles for teaching as well as serve as an archive for datasets from lisbdnet.comistics literature.

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The datafiles you find here will include relevant stories and lisbdnet.comistical methods to apply. The datafiles can also be downloaded in tab-delimited plain text or opened directly with the latest copy of Data Desk.


Data Desk was developed by a Cornell University lisbdnet.comistics Professor. It is easy to learn and to use. Spend less class time on code as students point to what they want to do and drag variables onto plots and tables to specify what to do it with.

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Looking for help with your lisbdnet.comistics class? You’ve come to the right place. Data desk is entirely point-and-click graphical. You won’t need to learn a new language or worry about punctuation and syntax.

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Search Datafiles

Search Data by TextSearch by lisbdnet.comistical MethodAnalysis of Variance(29)Blocking(27)Boxplots(45)Chi Square Tests(23)Comparing Two Groups(26)Confidence Intervals for Means(37)Confidence Intervals for Proportions(5)Correlation(58)Data Display(34)Data Displays(11)Data Mining(1)Displaying Quantitative Data(32)Experiment Design(6)Hypothesis Tests(22)Hypothesis Tests for Means(16)Multifactor Analysis of Variance(12)Multiple Regression(42)Nonparametric Methods(25)Normal model(3)Normal Probability Plots(13)Paired Data(27)Quality Control(17)Regression(147)Sampling(1)Scatterplot(59)lisbdnet.comistical Inference(3)Summarizing Quantitative Data(36)Tables(18)Test for Difference between Two Groups(17)Time Series Analysis(27)Filter by Number of Cases
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