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Danielle Cohn is an American musician and internet personality who first got her start by posting videos to the video sharing platform, later known as TikTok. The star has since launched her music career with several singles. 

Danielle has come under fire for a lot of her personal decisions, including her age, her dating history and her relationship with her mom. In addition, the star spoke candidly about abortion after a close friend leaked audio of a personal conversation with her mother. However, she remains one of the most-followed stars on TikTok.

Danielle Cohn was born on March 7 in Florida, but the exact year of her birth is unknown and a under dispute. Danielle and her brother were raised by a single mother working two jobs to try and ends meet. 

That’s when Danielle first found and started posting to the video sharing platform one of the nights her mom went to work and left them with her phone. At first, Danielle said, she thought the app was kind of dumb, but she liked the concept of posting lip-sync videos and kept going. 

Danielle posted enough videos to the app to start getting featured numerous times and eventually grew tens of millions of followers organically. She was one of the first people to surpass 10 million followers on 

As of September 2021, Danielle has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram, 151,000 followers on Twitter, 1.79 million subscribers on YouTube and 19.1 million followers on TikTok. 

When Danielle first got requests to do sponsored videos, Danielle finally told her mother about the account — and the amount of money she could earn from it. Her mom started to help her out and put the money away in a different account. Her mother later quit her job to help Danielle manage all the requests she was getting. By 2017, Danielle and her family moved to Los Angeles to pursue the career more and help Danielle transition to a music career. She now works as Danielle’s full-time manager. 

Danielle first ventured into the music industry with her single “Marilyn Monroe.” She eventually took down the music video from YouTube after getting enormous amounts of hate, but others re-uploaded it. 

Since then, she’s released a number of singles, including “Fix Your Heart,” “Little Like Paradise,” and “Hate on the Summer.”  

Danielle has faced numerous criticisms and controversies since becoming famous. On Instagram, Danielle has fan accounts that tear apart her clothing, her habits and her body. 

Her personal life regularly comes under fire. The star has said she is 16 years old, but her father created a Facebook post saying she was 13 at the time. Danielle denied her father’s claims and said she has never lied about her age; her father escalated the situation and presented a copy of her birth certificate. 

The star has received backlash for her dating life. It started when she started dating a fellow star named Sebastian Topete, who was 17 years old. Danielle’s mom manages him. Her mom said the two were friends for over a year before becoming a couple, and they know his family well. She later dated Mikey Tua, and Ethan Fair from 2019 to January 2020. When dating Mikey Tua, the two got “married” in Las Vegas, but her mother said it never became legal. In addition, they faked a pregnancy. 

In 2020, leaked audio between Danielle and her mother mentioned the star had an abortion. Danielle came out and said she had the abortion in January 2020 and spokje candidly about the experience and how she had been manipulated into the situation.

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