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I store all my movies in one folder called E:HD. Last night around midnight I installed lisbdnet.comto and set up a few movies to download. I set it up to use only SABnzbd which was going to extract those files to a “Needs Processing” folder. I pointed the Rename downloaded movies to that folder as the “From” field and had them move “To” E:HD. It downloaded a few, but was kind of hit and miss on whether it actually moved anything from the Needs Processing folder to the HD folder it was supposed to. It also was completely ignoring my File Naming string of ” – – ..”. For example 42.2013.1080p.Bluray.X264-BARC0DE – 1584 – BARC0DE1080p42.r00 yEnc.cp(tt0453562) became 42.mkv in the Needs Processing folder and wasn”t moved. I figured maybe that was a tricky one and just left it. I had some other issues with movies that didn”t copy so I just moved them myself. I also noticed that after it downloaded a movie, it didn”t mark it as done and it didn”t show up in Manage. It seemed that the reason it wasn”t showing up was because I hadn”t added my E:HD folder to the Movie Library Manager. I was initially hesitant to do so because I didn”t want it renaming or doing anything weird with that folder. Because my Renamer was set up to only rename things FROM the needs processing folder to the E:HD folder I figured I was okay. It only “found” 75 of the 200+ movies in that folder which was annoying, but whatever.I stopped messing with it around 2AM, and at 3AM watched some of a movie that i”d downloaded a month ago that was picked up the manager. After that I went to bed thinking I”d figure out CP later.This afternoon I logged onto that computer to see that CP still wasn”t moving movies that it downloaded over. I had to manually move them over. lisbdnet.comto found another movie and started downloading it and I switched catagories on SABnzbd so that it would just move it to the E:HD itself because that”s always worked for me. The movie finished DLing and I went to E: to find it. It wasn”t there. I decided to search by date added and found 150 or so .ignore files that I just decided to delete. After doing that, I noticed that several of the recent movies were labeled along the lines of “Side Effects – 720p -. cd10.mkv”. This was odd. I sorted by name and found that I now have 145 movies all named “Side Effects – 720p -. cdxxx.mkv” where xxx is 1 to 145.Now I”m pissed.I check the logs, they are huge and have tons of “This Session”s transaction has been rolled back due to a previous exception during flush. To begin a new transaction with this Session, first issue Session.rollback(). Original exception was: Language(English) is not JSON serializable (original cause: TypeError: Language(English) is not JSON serializable) “INSERT INTO notification (added, read, message, data) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)”” followed by a huge JSON string of apparently every movie that it tried to rename and then a movie description and 145 Side Effects .cd145.mkv things. I check the oldest log hoping I can figure out where it went wrong (there are ten lisbdnet.comto.log.1-10) files and see that the oldest entries are from 2 minutes before the most current ones. Every files is 460-480 KB. I see that before it was renaming everything to Side Effects, it was renaming them to Iron Man 3. Who knows if it was renaming them to anything else before then.This is kind of unacceptable. To say I”m dumbfounded at how it could completely screw up everything so badly is a huge understatement. XBMC obviously isn”t going to know what any of those movies are, or be able to find anything other than the 45 or so that didn”t get their names ruined yet. Any ideas? Any help?

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Re: Couch Potato ruined my movie library

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So I”m in the process of manually renaming everything using file creation date and a “select files.dateAdded, movie.c00, files.strFilename FROM movie, files where movie.idFile = files.idFile;” query from XBMC”s library. It”s slow, but it”s going pretty well. However, a few of the dateAdded”s in XBMC don”t have corresponding files with those dates.In one instance I found a .srt with a file creation date that matches up to xbmc, but no .mkv and it got me thinking. I checked the free space on my drive and it appears that Couch Potato took it upon itself to delete at least 300GB of movies, many of them years old.Awesome. I guess I”m just fucked.I honestly can”t decide what to do now. Delete Couch Potato? Keep it, but never let it rename/move/process anything? It works well at sending NZBs to SABnzbd, and apparently nothing else (at least in my case).


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