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What kind of food do you crave in the summer? Hamburgers! Grilling a juicy burger is the perfect way to spend a sunny day. If you’re not in the mood to cook outside, there are plenty of ways to make these delectable burgers at home. Check out my favorite recipes for making great burgers at home!
Blog Post Trailer: In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my favorite recipes for making great burgers at home. I hope these guidelines help make your next burger night even better than before!

What you need to cook a burger

1. Ground meat (the more fat the better)

2. Bread crumbs (or other similar product to bind meat together)

3. Salt and pepper (to your liking)

4. Onion or garlic powder (depending on preference)

5. Vegetables of your choice (optional)

6. Barbecue sauce or tomato sauce (optional)

7. Tweezers (to hold burgers together while cooking on fire/grill, etc.)

8. A bag of chips or other snacks to take with you when you’re at home!

9. Frying pan

10. Oven – preferably a convection oven

11. Something to order burgers

12. Container – preferably a non-flammable container to store burgers at home

13. Optional, but recommended – food thermometer

How to cook the perfect burger

Cooking process

1) Take the ground meat and place it on your work surface. Make sure all hands are clean.

2) Add breadcrumbs to the ground meat.

3) Take some salt and pepper (to your liking), onion or garlic powder (depending on your preference).

4) Mix everything together thoroughly with your bare hands until you get something like dough/powder.

5) Divide it into two separate dough balls; one is slightly larger than the other.

6) Preheat your oven (preferably a convection oven) or top and fry each dough ball separately in a frying pan.

7) When one side of the meatball turns light brown, flip the meat over and fry the other side.

8) While your meatballs are cooking, chop all the vegetables you need for the burger – tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, etc.

9) If you are using barbecue sauce or ketchup, put it in a container for later use.

10) Once both sides of your meatballs are brown (or fully cooked), remove them from the frying/grilling pan and place them on top of some paper towels to ensure that any excess oil which will be absorbed by the paper towel.

11) Take the non-flammable container you had earlier and prepare to store your finished product!

12) Now it’s time to assemble your burger! Place the meatballs on top of the bottom of the pie. Add tomato, cucumber, lettuce etc then add a little barbecue sauce/ketchup and a little salt & pepper (to your taste), if you like.

13) Place it on top of that other half of the bun with the hair facing up towards you.

14) OPTIONAL: You can make a little “mini-bun” out of any vegetables you want to spice things up!

15) Take a toothpick and skewer everything together – don’t forget to put a bunch of veggies inside.

16) Let’s eat!

Types of burgers


There are no real rules as to what you put in your burger and how you cook it, so the only limit is your imagination – hamburger with cheese? chicken burger? meatballs? patties with vegetables inside? The choice lies entirely with you.

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Types of buns

As for bread to use for this recipe, there is no actual hard and fast rule. You can go for a simple white or whole-wheat bun or a croissant, depending on your tastes. Preferably make sure it’s not too thick because otherwise you won’t be able to taste anything but the bread!

Recipes for different types of burgers :

– Hamburger with cheese – For your ground meat, add in some shredded mozzarella cheese and mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Cook as you would any burger patty. If you like, grill a bit of rasher (sliced) bacon and stick it inside the cheese burger for extra flavor!

– Chicken Burger – Grind up boneless skinless chicken breasts into a fine mixture then add in some bread crumbs to bind it together. Add salt&pepper (to your taste), onion or garlic powder (optional, to your taste). Fry on stove top/grill just like you would with hamburger patty ———————————————————— – Meatball Burger – There are ways I know of to cook meatballs without frying them – you can put them into a baking dish and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius) for about thirty minutes until thoroughly cooked, or you can put them inside an oven-safe container and pour some sauce/ketchup over it and let it stew in its own juices for a few hours. Once the meatball is cooked through, take out of the oven/container and proceed as above.

– Patties with vegetables inside – You’ll need a food processor to make this one because we want everything well ground yet still able to stay together! Take any vegetables you wish – cucumbers, lettuce etc., rinse it off well then place inside the food processor. Grind up veggies into rice sized pieces then add in some salt&pepper (to your taste), bread crumbs and mix well. Add some olive oil (or regular cooking oil) to bind it together then fry on stove top/grill just like you would with hamburger patty ———————————————————— – Vegetable mini-bun – Take any vegetables of your choice, for example cucumber or lettuce and cut them up into thin slices. Arrange the pieces however you want onto a piece of bread and put another bread slice on top of it! If you wish, grill this mini-sandwich until the bread is nicely browned.

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Tips and tricks for cooking burgers at home !

– If you want to prepare your burger patties ahead of time, just put them into the freezer. All it takes is about an hour or two for things to cool off and that way you can cook as many as you please whenever you wish! Also, if you’re a big meat lover then I recommend getting a meat grinder – even if all you use it for is grinding up hamburger patties, it’s totally worth the minimal investment because good fresh ground beef tastes so much better than those pre-packaged frozen burger patties from supermarket!

– Experiment with different types of buns/breads/vegetables until you find something that suits your taste best because after all, this recipe isn’t set in stone – it’s just a guideline!

– If you have children who don’t like vegetables, no problem. Just cut up the veggies into really small pieces and they won’t even notice that there are any there 😉

The best ways to enjoy your burger (with toppings, sauces, etc)

– A good way of making sure your burger is always moist and juicy is to pour some water onto the bottom section of grill – it’ll steam up which will keep beef moist and prevent overcooking.

– Spread some ketchup on top of your hamburger (lots of people like their patties plain but I personally enjoy the full flavor that the ketchup adds!) then sprinkle on some salt&pepper (to your taste).

– For a healthier alternative, you can prepare large batches of guacamole ahead of time and keep it in the fridge so you can add some extra flavor and go easy on calories!

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– You can fry bacon rashers or sausages stick them inside veggies burgers for extra protein and fiber – just be careful not to burn them though because they’ll dry out!

– If you want to prepare sauce ahead of time, simply put it in a container and keep inside the fridge. When you’re ready to serve your burgers, take out the container and mix well before spreading on top of your burger bun.

– There are plenty of different types of breads you can try so experiment until you find one that suits your taste best – for example, if you have a bit more money in your pocket then I really recommend trying sourdough bread because it’s got a completely different flavor to regular white bread!

– I really recommend experimenting with buns because there are so many different ones out there that you can try! For example, did you know that croissants make excellent hamburger buns? Or what about brioche – if it’s fresh then it’ s even better than croissant in my opinion. I also saw some really creative “Hamburguesa con pan de centeno” which is literally burger with seeds bread the other day, though I don’t think it sold very well…

– If you want your vegetables patties to be extra crispy on the outside then simply use 2 pieces of bread instead of one to make the patty. This way, the outside of your burger will have a lovely crunchy texture!

– If you want to prepare vegetables ahead of time then all you need to do is cut them up and bake. This way, they will taste even better after a few hours in the fridge! And don’t worry about this letting your cuts of meat cool – just warm them up a bit before serving and you’ll be fine 🙂


Cooking burgers is a fun and interactive way to learn about sensory analysis. Whether you’re cooking the perfect sandwich or frying your favorite burger recipe, cook it like a pro using your senses as your guide!

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