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Checking out videos on YouTube has become the pastime of many people on the internet. We often enjoy the entertainment that it provides us. What’s so great about it is that it is available all around the world. However, that doesn’t mean that it will always be like that.

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There are cases when you can’t access YouTube, and one of the most common reasons for this is the YouTube connection to server lost error. While it may be a common occurrence to many, there are definite solutions for such a problem, and this article will provide you with those solutions. Let’s start with our first entry.

Fix #1: Disable Your Ad BlockerFix #2: Wipe Device CacheFix #3: Change Your Network SettingsFix #4: Set Date as AutomaticFix #5: Restart YouTubeFix #6: Re-Login to YouTubeFix #7: Update YouTubeFix #8: Re-Install YouTubeFix #9: Check Downed Servers

Fix #1: Disable Your Ad Blocker

One of the causes of YouTube connection to server lost is when you have an ad blocker installed on your phone or browser. For browsers, getting an ad blocker extension is as easy as it can be. Of course, for mobile devices, there is a need to root the device first in order to get such an app. If you really went to the trouble of doing this, then here’s how you can disable ad blocker. Now let us discuss the steps:

Remove Chrome Ad Blocker Extension.Launch Google Chrome. Click on the three vertically-aligned dots at the top-right corner of the screen. From the dropdown menu, head to More tools then Extensions. There should be a list of extensions. Find the one that corresponds to the ad blocker then click on Remove. You can do this on any extension that you feel is interfering with the YouTube server connection. Now here’s how you can disable the ad blocker on your mobile device: On your phone, tap on Settings. Head to the Applications Locate the app for the ad blocker and select it. On the app info screen, tap on Uninstall.

This should disable the ad blocker, whether it’s an extension or an app. Once it is gone, the problem with YouTube connection to server lost should be fixed. If not, then perhaps it is not the solution we’re looking for.


Fix #2: Wipe Device Cache

To start with, the cache is what we call the data that is temporarily stored on your system. It allows applications to load faster than they normally do and makes the system more optimized. However, sometimes, there are too much data on the cache that it does the opposite of what it was originally designed for.

This may lead to problems on apps such as YouTube connection to server lost. So we’re going to wipe the device cache, and here’s how you can do it:

Enter Recovery Mode.Different phones has different methods to enter Recovery Mode. All you need to do to know about that method is to search how to enter recovery mode and input your mobile device brand. Most of the time, it’s done by pressing the Volume buttons and Power button at the same time. Wipe Cache Partition.Regardless of how you choose to enter Recovery Mode, you will end up seeing a list of options. From those options, there should be one for Wipe Cache Partition. To select this option, use the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to enter.

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That’s all you need to know about wiping your device cache. Remember to just stick on these instructions, since it might not end well if you overdo it. Also, this was made only for mobile device users. If it didn’t work, then perhaps the cache isn’t the problem.

Fix #3: Change Your Network Settings

When talking about server connection, one of the things that will pop up on our minds is internet connection. Without it, it’s natural for the YouTube connection to server lost errorto occur. So our third entry involves fixing our network configurations:

Head to Wi-Fi Settings.On your mobile device, head to Settings. Then go to Wi-Fi. You may also access the Wi-Fi settings by simply heading to the Control Center then long-pressing the Wi-Fi button. Modify Network.On the Wi-Fi settings screen, tap on Modify Network Config. There will be a popup menu wherein you should check the box for Show advanced options. There should be a field for Proxy settings. Make sure it is not set on Manual by switching it to None. Also, switch the IP Settings to Static. It should be set on DHCP by default.

With this, your network configurations should be as perfect as it can be. There shouldn’t be any reason for the YouTube connection to server lost error to still occur, unless of course the problem isn’t with the network connection.


Fix #4: Set Date as Automatic

Many people will wonder what the problem has to do with the date. Unfortunately, this is a very common misunderstanding. In fact, you may even be unaware of this up until now. When the date is set improperly, there’s a chance that servers of different apps will fail to connect. In order to fix this, we will have to set the date to automatic, so it won’t be improperly set:

Access Date & Time Settings.On your device, go to Settings. Most devices will have a Date & Time option which you should then select. If not, then it must be on More settings. Head there and go to Date & Time. Set Date.Once you’re on the Date & Time settings, you will be able to set the date as well as the time, although the time isn’t as significant as the date. Regardless, the toggle for Set automatically should be turned off. Make sure to turn this on.

With this, you’ve set the date automatically. There shouldn’t be any issues regarding an incorrect date and time. However, sometimes the problem isn’t caused by your device, rather it is caused by the app itself.

Fix #5: Restart YouTube

If the four aforementioned solutions didn’t work, it’s time to face the problem regarding YouTube connection to server lost through the app. For that, our first option involves restarting YouTube since this would be the easiest. But it won’t be as simple as you think:

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Force Stop YouTube.

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First off, you have to disconnect to any network connection since it might interfere with the process. Next, head to Settings, Applications, then YouTube. Once you’re on the YouTube app info, tap on Force Stop as well as the clear cache and clear data. This should remove any traces of YouTube in the meantime. Do this on the Google Play Services as well. Re-launch YouTube.Once YouTube and Google Play Services is out of the equation, it would be safe to re-launch the app. The purpose of using Force Stop and clearing data and cache is so that it can be completely reset. Now restart your device, connect to a network, then reopen YouTube in a way you usually do.

With this, you’ve successfully restarted YouTube. There shouldn’t be any traces left when you closed it, and so it should fix any startup issues of YouTube. If it didn’t work, you will need a more extreme method of fixing the YouTube app.


Fix #6: Re-Login to YouTube

Before, we tried restarting YouTube by first stopping the app and clearing the data and cache. Alas, it’s not going to be enough if you are to solve the issue with YouTube connection to server lost. Sometimes you will have to tweak with your YouTube account as well. This is because there are times when YouTube can’t fetch the data properly due to an improperly set account.

Of course, you may be wondering why it’s happening now even though it didn’t happen before. This is mainly due to the fact that YouTube often experiences updates, so your account may have been excluded from their database in the process. For that reason, we have to include your account again, and that would be by means of re-logging in to YouTube.

All you have to do to accomplish this is logout from your YouTube account. Then, Force Stop YouTube and do what you did in Fix #5, except this time, you have to login to the account once you’re done.

Fix #7: Update YouTube

As we’ve said before, YouTube undergoes many updates through its development. For that reason, it is safe to assume that issues that you didn’t experience before but is currently facing now may be due to such updates. With that said, you have to make sure you are always updated on the latest version of YouTube. You can do this by simply following these steps:

Access Play Store.Go to the Play Store app on your phone. Then, tap on the three horizontal lines that should be located at the top-left corner of the app. Next, click on My apps and subscriptions. Update YouTube App.From the list of the apps installed on your device, locate and select YouTube. Once selected, you will get another screen where there will be an option for Uninstall or Open. In some cases, there’s an Update option, which means you are not updated. So, tap on this option to be updated on YouTube’s latest version.

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After doing this, the YouTube connection to server lost error, or any other bugs for that matter, may automatically fix themselves. This is especially true if the latest update involves fixing bug issues. Now let’s head to our last method for fixing the YouTube app.

Fix #8: Re-Install YouTube

If you weren’t able to make use of Fix #7, then it’s either because the YouTube app is already updated, or your YouTube app doesn’t need the update. The former case is understandable, so what you need to know about is the latter.

This is often the case when YouTube contains malware or virus that updating it won’t solve the underlying problem. What you need to do is completely uninstall it then install it again. You can do this by following these steps:

Uninstall YouTube.First off, you have to do what you did when restarting YouTube, except you don’t have to open it again. Simply Force Stop it then clear data and cache. Once that’s done, head to Play Store just like you did before, but instead of Update, select Uninstall. This should uninstall the app successfully. Install YouTube.You will have to wait for a while when uninstalling YouTube. Once it’s done, check if it really is gone. If so, then we’ll proceed to installing it again. First, check if you have a stable internet connection. Then, head to Play Store again and search for YouTube since it won’t be on your My apps and subscriptions. This time, however, select Install.

If you follow these steps carefully, you’ll be able to successfully re-install YouTube. Since the reason why you did this is because of potential corruption, we suggest only using Play Store to install YouTube from now on, since other sources may have malicious intent. Regardless, let’s head to our last option to solve YouTube connection to server lost.

Fix #9: Check Downed Servers

Although it’s a bit rare, there are cases when YouTube shuts down their server temporarily to fix major issues. Of course, this can be considered as a very rare occurrence, but it doesn’t hurt to know about it. You won’t be able to do anything, but you can at least learn to confirm if it really is the reason for the YouTube connection to server lost issue.

You can do this by going to websites that show you servers that are currently down. An example of such a website is Down Detector. By heading to this website, you will see servers that are down. If you see YouTube, then that confirms your assumption.


It’s a given that YouTube is one of the most frequently-visited platform for entertainment. However, we can’t always rely on YouTube for our amusement, especially since there are issues that arise to this platform as well.

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One of those issues is when YouTube connection to server lost. Of course, you can easily solve the problem with a few fixes, but it’s not a guaranteed 100% chance of success. Either way, hopefully this helped you with your problem in accessing YouTube.

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