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Chemistry Worksheet-2

TOPIC:Periodic Classification of Elements

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1. Which of the following statements is not a correct statement about the trends when going from left to right across the periodic table ?

(a) the elements becomes less metallic in nature

(b) the number of valence electron increases

(c) the atoms lose their electron more easily

(d) the oxide become more acidic

2. Arrange in increasing order of metallic character

(a) Ga > Ge > As > Se > Br

(b) Br > Se > As > Ge > Ga

(c) Ge > As > Ga > Se > Br

(d) Ga > As > Ge > Br > Se

3. Up to which element law of octaves was found to be applicable

(a) Oxygen

(b) Calcium

(c) Cobalt

(d) Potassium

4. Which of the following statements about the modern periodic table is correct?

(a) It has 18 horizontal rows known as periods

(b) It has 7 vertical columns known as periods

(c) It has 18 vertical columns known as groups

(d) It has 7 horizontal rows known as groups

5. Arrange the following elements in the order of their increasing non-metallic characters? Li, O, C, Be, F

(a) F

1. (c)

2. (a)

3. (b)

4. (c)

5. (c)

6. (a)

7. (d)

8. (c)

9. (c)

10. (a)

Solutions :-

11. Hydrogen is a unique element and resembles with the elements of I A group (alkali metals) as well as those of VII A group (halogens) in its properties. It should have been placed in both I A and VII A groups but it has actually been place in I A group of periodic table.

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12. Mendeleef examined the relationship between the atomic masses of the elements and their physical and chemical properties among chemical properties he concentrated on the compounds formed by elements with hydrogen and oxygen, he selected hydrogen and oxygen as they are very reactive and formed compounds with most elements the sorted out the elements with similar properties. He observed they were arranged in order of their increasing atomic masses, it was also observed that these occurs a periodic recurrence of elements with similar physical and chemical properties. On the basis he formulated a periodic law.

13. (a) X is in group 17 period 3

Y is in group 2 period 4

(b) X is a non-metal

Y is a metal

(c) The oxide will be YO and Its nature would be basic oxide the nature of bonding would be ionic bonding in the compound YO.

(d) YCl2


14. (i) The fundamental basis for modern periodic table is atomic number and net atomic mass and hence, it is more accurate.

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(ii) A separate group for noble gases could be created when noble gases were discovered.

(iii) Hydrogen has been given a unique position in the modern periodic table at the top left corner because of its unique properties.

15. (i) The law was successful up to element calcium (Ca) after that, every light element did not possess the same properties as by the element lying above it in the same group.

(ii) One more drawback was that newland placed two elements in the same slot in a particular group.

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(iii) Newland thought that these are only so elements that existed in nature and no more elements is likely to be discovered.

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