Clash Royale Best Deck Arena 1 Guide For Beginners, Check These Clash Royale Decks!

Hello guys and gals, Galbers Gaming here bringing to you the first chapter of my Arena Series: Arena 1 Guide & Strategy. If you are reading this, it is most likely that you are new to the game which is awesome as it is an amazing game. You will have some ups and downs but do not be disheartened, stick with it and you will have fun along your journey through the various arenas.

* Royale Arena 1 – The Beginner’s Guide

Please do not feel you have to follow this guide to the tee, the whole point of a game is to have fun so please do not let me hinder that! Any questions or requests please don’t hesitate to fire them my way and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Galbers Gaming for more strategy, guides and tips in Royale, it really does help and allows me to produce the content like the article you are reading right now

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