Charcoal vs coal minecraft, Which one is better?

Charcoal and coal are both fuel sources in Minecraft, but which one is better?

Which fuel should you use to power your furnace – charcoal or coal? This question has been asked by many players. They want the answer because they need it for their survival. But since there’s no clear-cut answer, we’re here to help! (and hopefully settle this debate once and for all.)

charcoal vs coal minecraft

The short answer is that both fuels have their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s dive into the details of each fuel type so that you can make an informed decision on what type of fuel to use next time you play Minecraft…

Charcoal vs Coal In Minecraft

Minecraft Coal

Coal is a more common fuel in Minecraft. Charcoal is created from wood and burns for longer periods of time. Coal can be used to make charcoal but it takes a lot of coal to produce one piece of charcoal. Coal is also the only fuel that can be used to create diamonds, which are very valuable in Minecraft. There are many different types of coal including anthracite, bituminous, and metallurgical. The best type of coal for making diamonds is metallurgical

What is the difference between coal and charcoal in Minecraft?

Why would you want one or the other? Today we will find out.

Both coal and charcoal are obtained from smelting either logs,  or wood in a furnace with 4 pieces of wood in it. Coal is found in 8  naturally occurring blocks in the world. It can be mined with any pickaxe, and can be found at all levels of the world.

Charcoal is created when you burn wood in a furnace with less than 4 pieces (no more) for fuel. When you use charcoal as fuel in a furnace, it will smelt one item per piece, compared with every 3 items using coal.

Coal is slightly harder to obtain then charcoal for this reason, but does produce 16 items per stack while charcoal produces 8 items per stack. To some people, this may not make a difference because they don’t have enough resources or tools to mine more coal out anyways so they would be fine with just burning some extra pieces of wood while getting only half the amount products from it instead of mining extra coal.

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charcoal vs coal minecraft

Another problem would be if you needed to smelt something fast, or in bulk. Coal is the only way to produce enough heat in a furnace to smelt larger amounts at once, because charcoal produces less items per piece of fuel used, it will take longer to produce what coal would make in half the time. This may not seem like much when you need something fast but when your base is 20+ levels deep and you are low on supplies that extra time could end up costing your life.

Overall, even though there are some downfalls with using coal over charcoal especially in small quantities, I think it’s better to use coal for one reason: Time. Coal doesn’t produce more than 3 times the amount of items charcoal does, but it also doesn’t need more pieces. That small difference in items per piece can be the difference between life and death later on. Keep this in mind before you make your next furnace, because I guarantee your life will depend on it someday.

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of charcoal and coal in minecraft

One of those questions that players ask themselves and others all the time. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs and preferences you will choose one over the other. What we can tell you at this moment is to use both types of coal and charcoal if possible because it’s likely that it will serve you in many things around your world such as torches or furnaces for example.

Coal: Coal is a type of mineral block which emits light when mined, just like Torches do. This lets player see better at night or inside caves where they cannot place torches to provide lighting without suffocating themselves from lack of oxygen.

It also means that coal is way more viable in caves/dungeons/mines than its other counterpart – Charcoal.

There are several types of Coal ore in the game, all with different colors and appearance which makes them easier to identify while mining. They also have different burn times when used as fuel for furnaces or torches. Keep in mind that coal is flammable so you can use it to set mobs on fire during night time if needed.

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charcoal vs coal minecraft

Coal ore:

When coal is mined, it drops coal lumps that cannot be smelted into coal until they are placed inside a Furnace (just like any other ore). It takes 8 pieces of coal to make 1 piece of coal lump but if the furnace runs out of fuel will drop nothing at all (apart from cobblestone which is not useful).

This means that if you mine more than 1 piece of coal ore, it will most likely generate 9 pieces of coal lumps. This also applies to other ores with the exception of Iron Ore which generates 2 iron nuggets instead of 1 when mined. It is advisable to have a diamond pickaxe for mining Coal as it does 5 times more damage per hit than a wooden or stone one.

Disadvantages: If player places coal ore or coal lumps inside its crafting grid (default key is “shift+c”) instead of placing them inside furnace, they will lose their value by processing them into carbon. Carbon cannot be used for anything apart from planting sugar canes and making torches out of it which are useless in the end because they will eventually run out of fuel.

Another way to lose your coal is by placing them inside furnaces which are not currently working, this will cause them to drop as an item with its original value so be careful with this too.

Charcoal: Coal turns into charcoal when it’s burned in a furnace or similar heat source. It can only be smelted back again by either placing it inside a Furnace (if you have another piece of coal) or putting it under water where it will turn into a piece of normal coal again that cannot be used for smelting anymore.

When charcoal is dropped from any burning source instead of being placed on the ground or thrown at mobs/players; It will turn back into coal.

Advantages: Charcoal cannot be used as fuel but it’s main use is to turn it into carbon (coal) which can be used for many things like potions, dyes or even torches. Also, if you want to smelt more than one piece of coal ore at the same time then you will need charcoal to do that because Coal generates 9 lumps per single mined chunk of raw coal ore instead of 1 lump.

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Disadvantages: If player places charcoal beside an active furnace… It lights on fire and turns back into its original state which is Coal Ore/Lump. This means that it will lose all the value by turning back into Coal Ore instead of keeping itself as a valuable item in the game.

So what’s better? It all depends on your needs and how much ores you mine per day. Each block of Coal Ore takes 8 coal lumps to turn it into Coal which has its value either by smelting it or crafting torches/coal blocks out of it.

If player wants to smelt more than one piece of coal ore at the same time… Then you will need charcoal too so it’s better to use this instead of using 9 pieces of coal lumps because they take a total 81 chunks (9×9=81) instead of only 9 chunks (1+8=9).\

charcoal vs coal minecraft

In terms of mining, both types serve players well in many different ways even though Charcoal might not be as good as Coal but it’s definitely a must have for players that want to smelt multiple pieces of coal at the same time without losing value.

The debate on which fuel source is better for running your minecraft furnace can be an exercise in futility. Charcoal and coal are the same thing, just different forms of the material. Both will burn to produce heat, but charcoal produces more heat than coal does. Coal also has a higher chance of producing pollution when it burns because there’s less oxygen around it to make sure that all those nasty byproducts get burned up before they hit the atmosphere (or you). If you’re looking for something with some longevity then go ahead and use coal; otherwise if you need power now or don’t mind replacing supplies often, then go ahead and light that fire! Now choose what type of fuel fits your needs best!

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