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Celestia Vega is an American social media influencer who started out her career young as a YouTube star known for her overly sexualized videos. Celestia started out by streaming on Twitch and then expanded to other platforms. At a young age, the star posted explicit photos of herself on her social media platforms and released her first adult film video at a young age. 

Following the release of her adult film video, Celestia went dark on social media and went to work in the adult film industry. In 2019, she announced her return to social media in a down-to-earth video titled “I’m Back,” where she discussed some of the negative experiences she had while doing adult film work; she also announced her plans to stream on Twitch again and slowly upload videos to YouTube again as she discovered herself.

Celestia Vegas was born on August 12, 1998 in California. She was raised in California, as well. Aside from this, there isn’t much known about Celestia’s personal life and her upbringing. 

As of September 2020, Celestia has more than 546,000 subscribers on YouTube, 239,400 followers on TikTok, 210,000 followers on Twitch, and 142,300 followers on Twitter. At the moment, she does not have an Instagram account, though there are many fan accounts online. 

Celestia started her career as a social media influencer from a young age by launching her Twitch account in 2011. She streamed herself playing video games for years before growing her following and moving to other platforms, like YouTube. 

She launched her YouTube channel in 2015 and posting content to her page, but she didn’t become really popular until 2016, when she blew up and had nearly 600,000 subscribers on her page. Her videos were flagged as adult content multiple times as she would do provocative things in her videos. 

Celestia used to have an Instagram account, but the account was taken down due to content that violated their terms, and since then, Celestia has said she will never use Instagram again.

By 2017, Celestia became popular on social media and was mentioned everywhere, primarily because she was known for being overly sexual on all of her social media channels. 

That same year, Celestia announced her first adult film. She released the video on Pornhub, though it was later taken down due to reasons that remain unclear. However, she received backlash for the video almost immediately and received hateful comments. 

After the backlash, Celestia tweeted “I’m done” and deleted her Snapchat account. She since took a years-long break from social media and only started posting on her YouTube channel again in 2019 titled “I’m Back.” By 2020, she began posting again regularly. 

Celestia transitioned to working in the porn industry as an adult film star during her absence from social media when she turned 18 years old. In her video titled “I’m Back,” Celestia talked about some of her horrifying experiences in sex work and why she first went into the industry: because she wanted control of the way people talked about her, and her desire for attention. She plans to get to know herself again and grow again. She later deleted her older videos. 

Celestia has been open about some aspects of her personal life. For example, she has made it clear that she is bisexual. For a period of time, Celestia dated fellow influencer Zole Burgher. However, Zole was uncomfortable with Celestia’s line of work and they later split up.


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