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Diffrent types of Library Resources

Library resources are generally categorized in to two types based on its features and mode of usage.

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They are:

1) Traditional Resource;

2) Electronic Resource

Library resources

1. Traditional Resources: Generally resources are included a person, asset, material, or capital which is support to fulfill the task or any assignment. Similarly library resources consist of manpower of library and reading material like printed and electronic resources which are meet the users requirement. But the manpower of library is only providing service to the users. So, generally library resources are consider as the reading materials such as print and e-resources.

In ancient period variety of materials are preserved in libraries and used as a library reference. Generally the word traditional denotes that trust of our old customs or beliefs. Similarly, our ancestors are used as Birch Park, clay tablet, Codex, manuscript, ostracism, papyrus, scroll, vellum, wax tablet for made the library resources. After some technological development the paper was invented and it is used as a library resource. So, in our generation print resource are considered as traditional library resource. But more technological development may lead the libraries to use e-resources. So, library users are unable to avoiding both print and e-resources in library.

2. Electronic Resources: In present situation the global communication and information transfer is easiest one. WWW and Internet are the most two important tool which is supporting for communication and Information transfer. The data are available in all the fields are huge amount for all users of internet.

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Now a days the information transfer is simple and which is possible by the rapid growth of information and communication technology. In that way the people can access information in the areas for their requirement. The Internet and www can be taken great place to supporting to the scholars in all the areas.

E-resources are influencing the university library collection. Because the salient features of e-resources such as multiple searching, providing global communications, cheapest access cost, storage and database maintenance etc. Sometimes the electronic form is the only alternative to print resource.

Electronic resources are providing plenty of information to the present day Users. Electronic information resources can provide a lot of benefits than traditional print resources.

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For the past few decades the growth of IT is enormous rate. This development may support to create document in electronic format and distribute via internet or intranet or other form of e resources like CD ROM and USB-drive and etc. So, the current situation of libraries is also changing its environment to e-resources for provide information to its users.



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