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Cash Baker is an American singer, songwriter and social media personality. He makes up one half of the band Cash and Maverick with his brother, Maverick. The band took off on their first tour in 2020. 

The Christian TikTok star has become popular on the video-sharing platform for his comedy videos and lip-sync videos.

Cash Baker was born on March 5, 2003 in Oklahoma. He was raised Christian growing up and considers it a strong part of his life. He has an older brother named Maverick and a sister named Lani, who is an actress known for her work on “Deal or No Deal” and social media star as well. 

As of August 2021, Cash Baker has more than 1.4 million Instagram followers, 17.6 million TikTok followers, 21,100 Twitter followers, and 1.24 million YouTube subscribers on the channel Cash and Maverick. The Instagram account @CashandMaverik has more than 267,000 followers. 

Cash makes up one half of the band Cash and Maverick with his older brother, Maverick. The teen influencers became popular on TikTok and Instagram and combined have more than 30 million followers. 

In addition to his music career, Cash has become a popular TikTok personality with millions of followers; he has risen to become one of the most-followed personalities on the video-sharing platform. 

Cash and Maverick have been releasing music since 2018 and their first single together was called “The Way You Move.” The pair embarked on their first tour together in 2020, called “The Cash and Maverick Elevation Tour.” The tour featured more than two dozen stops across the U.S. 

In 2020, Cash and Maverick signed with Shots Studios, which also manages comedian and singer Lele Pons. The studio will help them grow and develop their social media channels as well as their music career and podcast. 

Cash has faced a number of controversies as well since being thrust into the limelight. The Christian TikTok star posted a number of videos denouncing LGBTQ people and non-Christian people. He went on his account and asked his non-Christian followers to read the Bible and pray to Jesus, instead of praying to a “false God.” Cash said he was not trying to convert anyone, but asked his followers to question their beliefs if they did not want to spend an eternity in Hell. He has since deleted the videos from TikTok. 

In addition, Cash said that he loves everyone, no matter their sexuality, but believes that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God and means going to Hell. He said the Bible lays out that a man should be with a woman. 

Following these comments, Cash lost thousands of followers on his TikTok account and faced major backlash. He responded by saying that he expected to lose followers when spreading the Gospel word.

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