Canadian Grass Seed Best Price, Canada Green Grass Seed

Fast growing grass seed, scientifically formulated and backed by extensive research! Say “goodbye” to burnt-out lawns plagued by bare spots, brown patches & yellow streaks!

Product Info for Canada Green Grass Seed

Grow more grass, faster with Canada Green Grass Seed. Grass gets growing in no time- works within 5 days! Grass has been proven to work and trusted by golf courses all over the U.S.A. and Canada, you can count on your grass looking as good as those green front nine. It”s a fast growing grass seed, scientifically formulated and backed by extensive research. It thrives in many environments, including in the shade, sun, light/sandy soil, or even heave/clay soil. Cover more with full coverage up to 2000 sq ft per 4 pound bag. Works in even the toughest climates – 40F below zero to high summer heat (up to 120F).

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Put down Canada Green Grass Seed any time of year! It works in varying climates including – 40F below zero to high summer heat (up to 120F). It works with many soil types from light/sandy to heavy/clay and is highly resilient in many different spots. Its the perfect grass seed for extreme conditions!

Canada Green Grass Seed produces lush, green grass that grows fast. This lawn seed crowds out the weeds and is bug resistant so grass grows healthy and strong. Once the grass has sprouted, it stays green and healthy so you wont need to reseed as often and you can enjoy your luscious new lawn for longer.

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Features of Canada Green Grass Seed

Starts growing within just five days, even in shade and heavy traffic areasUse for extreme environments: from -40 degrees F to 120 degrees F.Stays green all year long in virtually any climateUse for a wide range of soil types from light/sandy to heavy/clayUsed and trusted by golf courses to keep grass green and growingQuickly covers up to 2000 sq.ft. (per 4lb. bag)Crowds out pesky weedsBug resistant- helps keep bugs awayGrass stays green for longerIncludes 4 lbs of premium grass seed

Package Contents:

Canada Green Grass Seed

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Additional Information

Weight 4.00
Brand Canada Green
Condition New
Model Number 4LBS-Canada Green
Dimensions 16″x10″x8″
UPC 638827057114
Color green/brown

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