Can pokemon die? 15 Times Pokémon Actually Died

It’s not uncommon for people to wonder can pokemon die?

As much as we love our pokemon, it’s hard to imagine them dying. It would be like losing a friend or family member, which is why the thought scares us so much.

The answer is yes! We’ve seen many examples of this in the anime and manga series, but there are also some cases where Pokemon have died in video games too.

Can pokemon die?
Can pokemon die?

Can pokemon die?

In the privacy of their own homes, many pokemon trainers have wondered this question for a long time. It seems rather trivial at first glance—of course they can’t die! The trainer would just bring them back to life again with a potion or revive spell.

However, there are some who suspect that pokemon can and do die in accidents and other incidents that their trainer does not witness, and therefore is unable to revive them. For example, the incident with Mr. Fuji’s Raticate in Fuchsia City is often cited as evidence for this theory.

There are also records of pokemon who have died during training sessions or battles against other humans (such as Ash Ketchum’s Charizard or Sabrina’s Abra), but these are often disputed as an excuse concocted by the trainer after-the-fact.

Evidence for pokemon dying outside of their trainer’s observation is more difficult to come by, but it does exist. For example, there have been many cases of pokemon found dead in the wild. There are also theories about pokemon evolution being more of a “rite of passage” than an actual growth—that the pokemon simply dies afterward.

The most damning evidence, however, comes from several grisly piles of bones that have been found in trainer’s bags.

Why do we care if pokemon die?

The answer to that question is simple. If you’re still asking it, then I can only assume that you’ve never had to say goodbye to one of your own.

Pokémon are not just characters in games or movies – they are our companions, our friends. They deserve to be treated as such.

Whether we play the games or watch the shows is irrelevant; we ALL own a piece of this world in our hearts and minds, and we all love these characters with every ounce that we do.

When Pokémon Actually Died?

Stoutland (Cause – Died Of Old Age)

Although most Pokémon are immortal, or at least very difficult to kill for an average trainer, there have been many moments where the protagonist’s team has lost a precious companion. Here are 15 different times that beloved Pokémon have died in the main series games.

Stoutland was one of my favorite new discoveries from Black & White. He was incredibly loyal and brave, but he probably would have gotten much more use out of his life if he were younger.

Alder’s Volcarona (Cause – Unknown)

When his ten-year old daughter plans to go off on her own in order to catch a rare Pokémon, what’s a father to do? Of course he goes after her, but when she gets attacked by the Legendary Pokémon Volcarona things get pretty serious.

Alder takes it upon himself to capture the powerful beast with his bare hands, but it only makes the situation worse!

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He has already sustained pretty severe injuries before you even show up. Somehow Alder manages to seal Volcarona away in its Pokéball despite being half dead. It seems that this is where our adventure will end for him.

Lucario (Cause – Sacrificed Its Own Life)

The eighth Pokémon movie is called Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

It begins several centuries before Ash was born, following a trainer named Sir Aaron who taught hisLucario how to use Aura as well-a power only known in legend until now! But when tragedy strikes atissemination site for sacred trees…

2 years later after this event occurs with no explanation given by anyone present on why they were attacked or what caused such destruction; All those involved must band together again if there’s any hope left: including our hero whose distant ancestor may have been one among them all along

The Lucario, which had grown to resent Sir Aaron as it felt abandoned by its former friend at the end of movie sacrificed its life and finally understood why Siraon did what he did. We see them meet up in heaven together where they were able make amends for their misunderstanding.

The spiritual reunion between this unlikely pair was one worth celebrating; but joy soon turned into heartache when we saw that even though these two characters may be reunited now, there will always remain an unbridgeable gap between them due solely because society doesn’t believe spirits exist outside our body or minds – something so surreal seems impossible until you actually witness everything first hand!

J’s Team (Cause – Explosion)

The ghosts of humans who died long ago will show up, such as with Sir Aaron from the “Ghost of Maiden’s Peak” episode.

One instance in which someone directly dies and does not return to their body is Pokémon Hunter J at her end during an encounter on route 22 near Magnolia city where she battles Latios after earlier capturing it before being defeated by Rayquaza when coming back through time Ripple navigation portals for revenge against both parties involved having been killed moments apart one atop another resulting from this conflict between two people who want what’s best.

The protagonist of Pokémon Hunter J, a professional thief who sells her targets to the highest bidder.

At the end “The Needs Of The Three” we see that her ship is hit by two Future Sight attacks which cause it to explode and crash into Lake Valor where she quickly died with three morePokémon on board; an Ariados Drapion or Salamence (no one knows).

These are presumably all that remains now as well due to how much water was spilled during this incident.

Latios (Cause – Sacrificed Its Own Life)

Latios (Cause - Sacrificed Its Own Life)
Latios (Cause – Sacrificed Its Own Life)

Latios and Latias is a Pokémon film centered around the Soul Dew, an item that contains latin origins meaning “soul” or in english ‘spiritual essence’.

This power could potentially drown alto mare if used incorrectly.

Two members from Team Rocket named Anndie/Oakley who want to steal this valuable possession attempt but end up stealing Annie instead because they’re both dressed like mysterious women at night while much later it’s revealed she has amnesia after running into something roughly resembling one of these mythical creatures when escaping their clutches.

The two plots converge when it seems as though all hope seemed lost until out comes our hero Ash Ketchum ready to save not only Alto Mare City.

Jan’s Talonflame (Cause – Petrification)

Professor Sycamore discovers the fate of an ancient human, called Jan. He was sought out by a Yveltal who wanted him to be its hostage in exchange for peace and quiet during their battle so they could not hear each other’s screams through space.

The Legend Of X-Y And Z is episode three from Kalos Pokémon season six which focuses on legend about humans trapped between warring states – one being Team Flare members who are seeking power over land while others fight against them with courage despite all odds!

This time around our heroes come into contact with two individuals that had been captured long ago by these old enemies due tο some past dispute…

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Jan and Aila encountered Yveltal in ancient times, but not before it had already been petrified. They battled the Legendary Pokémon with their Talonflame to save both of them from being turned into stone forevermore – or at least until an encounter with some strong glue (or roll of tape).

The Kanto Clones (Cause – Clone Degradation)

The Uncut Story of Mewtwo’s Origin takes place in a world where cloning is illegal, and when Dr. Fuji creates his daughter he unknowingly sacrifices three other clones: one for Giovanni to fund experiments with;

Another who was meant to replace Amber after she dies but instead suffers from the same flaw that led them both into life-threatening danger during their creation process causing it not work properly again at all – so they also disintegrated right away while still inside him like most things would’ve done if given enough time (and ‘time’ here means whatever quantity remains until complete); then there’s yet another daughter clone whose fate we don’.

The Zombies Of Lavender Town (Cause – Unknown)

One of the most frightening moments in Pokémon Adventures occurred at Lavender Town’s tower. A Gastly used its powers to raise many dead, including a Psyduck and otherzu zombies with Slowpoke or Lickitung for companions who were all defeated by Red’s Bulbasaur until they returned them back into their graves before more could rise again.

Looker’s Croagunk (Cause – Unknown)

Looker's Croagunk (Cause - Unknown)
Looker’s Croagunk (Cause – Unknown)

In the Pokémon world, there is a organization of police officers called Lookers. These people go around and protect them from criminals with their trusty partner — usually just one Pokémon at a time!

In Platinum, players got to meet their first ever looker when they assisted him on his mission through Kalos’ criminal underworlds as part of Team Rocket’s plan for incriminating XYZ businessman who was trying take over control in this area via shady deals that would ultimately lead back into Vermillion City hall once again where he ran things before if you recall during Black & White days (PSL).

Looker has been without a Pokémon since Croagunk died on their previous mission. He needs to get over the loss of his partner and hasn’t found another one yet, despite this fact.

MechaMew2 (Cause – Sacrificed Its Own Life)

When a robotic Pokémon is created by the evil Giovanni, it becomes his undoing.

MechaMew2 crushes all opposition until finally facing off against Mewtwo with an advantage in technology and moves learned from experience points collected over time—but even then he was not strong enough without love!

The strongest of emotions filled into this mecha-Pokémon caused its power to rise again as well as turn on its creator who had been using everything at hand including himself for gamategy before being defeated once more when faced down only one final attack.

Magikarp (Cause – Player Incompetence)

“Magikarp Jump” is the new Nintendo-inspired mobile game that has everyone talking! This time, you’re taking part in battles and competing for spot on top of the leaderboards.

To do this successfully requires training your Magikarp up by feeding it fish (which are found at sea), giving them baths to keep their stats high; if they jump too much though… well there’s always Pidgeotto waiting who can steal all those precious moments away with just one swooping dive into flight mode!

The Victims Of Froslass (Cause – Frozen To Death)

Froslass is one of the most disturbing Pokémon in existence. This is due to a few Pokédex entries which make it sound like Froslass has some relation with Dexter’s Laboratory and Game Of Thrones House Bolton.

Because they’re both cold-hearted people who take pleasure from deathly things such as murder or suicide respectively – but what really makes this ice demon stand out are its signature moves: freezing everyone around them to their deaths before taking their bodies back home where she would proudly show off her trophies on display!

Sharpedo (Cause – Hunted For Food)

The Sharpedo is one of few Pokémon that humans will actually hunt and eat. After an overfishing crisis in Alola, the locals were almost wiped out because their fins became prized food for fisherman who brought them to shore with fish populations rapidly depleted across oceans worldwide due sea level rise caused by climate change.

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At first glance this may seem like a tragedy but there’s hope! For example; it turns out people love eating raw sea bass (a relative cousin) so maybe we can save these aquatic animals if they’re caught before being stranded onshore or captured near coastal areas where they live most peacefully

AZ’s Floette (Cause – Died In Battle)

AZ once owned a Floette, whom he loved dearly. This petite flower Pokémon was sent off to battle during one of the ancient wars that rocked their region and died as AZ watched helplessly from only miles away- but not for long!

The bold researcher succeeded in reviving her using his technology; however she soon left him after discovering all too well just what kind these sacrifices really were…

A mechanical invention created by Professor Alola Z Watson which can bring back any extinct or nearly forgotten Pokemon has been found at Center Point near Ula’ula Town (Route 3).

Marowak (Cause – Killed By Team Rocket)

Marowak (Cause - Killed By Team Rocket)
Marowak (Cause – Killed By Team Rocket)

The Marowak that guards her child in Pokémon Red & Blue is a noble, ghostly creature with an icy heart. She protects it from Team Rocket’s pursuit and fights until the end despite sustaining injuries on behalf of its existence

From left behind by their dead mother, she had promised herself to protect this cub forever no matter what came next- even if every bone in your body was broken.

Is there an afterlife for pokemon in the games or anime

There is a possibility that pokemon go to heaven after they die.

At one point in the anime Ash’s Charizard was revived as a mindless zombie and tried to kill him. This could be because he died and was brought back as an undead creature, but it could also show that it went to heaven or whatever afterlife exists for pokemon and got a second chance at life.


What happens if a Pokémon dies?

There are a number of different ways to look at this question. For example, one could say that Pokémon do not actually die at all; they simply faint and “are healed completely” (Pokémon Emerald Game Disc).

This would mean that Pokémon don’t actually die in the conventional sense. Another way of looking at it is to think about what happens after a Pokémon faints.

So what is actually happening to them? Since they are taken to the Pokémon Center , it could be argued that the Pokémon are being healed there, and therefore do not die.

This, however, cannot be accepted as an answer because of one simple detail: Pokémon have been seen respawning after being healed at the Pokémon Center .

Has any Pokémon ever killed anyone?

In the Pokémon games, no. No Pokémon is known to have deliberately killed a human being in any of the main series games. Some ‘mon may knock a person out and some Pokémon may even poison a person but no one has ever been directly killed by a Pokémon.

Can Pokémon get old?

Yes, because Pokémon can die from old age. In the anime, a wild Seel captured by Team Rocket was seen to have a noticeably slower moveset during its battle with Meowth and Pikachu despite not appearing to be injured or weak.

In other cases, as in “Snow Way Out!,” several characters are over the age of 100 and still very able to battle and do other things that require physical ability.


Every Pokemon has a life expectancy and eventually will die, but it is unclear how long this process takes.

Depending on the species and their abilities in battle, some may live much longer than others. For example, Charizard could potentially last for 500 years or more because he can fly around to find food when there isn’t any nearby whereas Pidgey would probably only be able to survive about 5-10 years at best before succumbing to old age.

Some people believe that if you leave the game turned off for an extended period of time your pokemon will die so make sure not to take too many breaks from playing!

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