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Cain Guzman is a Mexican social media star best known for his comedic and sketch videos on th video-sharing platform TikTok. The influencer first started posting to TikTok in 2018 and quickly gained millions of followers, making him one of the most-followed TikTok stars in Mexico.

Cain Guzman was born on March 19, 1997 in Mexico. He has one sibling, a sister named Celene. Not much is known about Cain Guzman’s upbringing, his family or his education. 

As of September 2021, Cain Guzman has more than 116,000 subscribers on YouTube, 1 million followers on Instagram, and 19.3 million followers on TikTok. 

Cain joined the video-sharing platform TikTok in 2018 and began posting to the app. Since then, he has been posting comedic videos, sketch videos and lifestyle videos to TikTok. The social media influencer is known for his comedic videos, many of which include other influencers and people. 

His biggest tip for success on TikTok? Cain told that it’s important to be consistent, make content that doesn’t necessarily need audio to be understood, review and take advantage of trending topics and hashtags as well as replying to all comments. It’s important not to let criticism bring you down, and always persevere. 

In 2020, Cain was nominated for the Trendy by Nick award at the 2020 Kids’ Choice Awards México. 

Cain has also been an active YouTube member. He joined YouTube in 2016, but since becoming popular on TikTok, he has ramped up the production of his videos. He has garnered around a 81,191 total views on his channel. 

His YouTube videos often involve other people and collaborations. In August 2019, ofr example, he worked on a video for his channel with fellow TikTok stars Ílika Cruz and Juanfe Castro documenting their rise to fame and their experience as famous social media stars. 

On Instagram, Cain posts a variety of the same videos you see on social media platforms. However, in addition to those videos, he posts modeling shots and lifestyle shots. 

Cain signed with Midas Production and the agency manages him. 

It is unclear whether Cain is currently dating someone. He keeps his romantic life out of the limelight.

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