Bow enchantments minecraft, Top 5 best crossbow charms and how to use

There are a lot of Minecraft crossbow enchantments out there, but most of them are either too expensive or don’t work well.

Are you looking for the best Minecraft bow enchantments? We have created this list to help you find the right one and save money in the process.

Solution: This is a guide to finding and buying the best Minecraft crossbow enchantment mods online. It’s written by experts who’ve spent hundreds of hours researching these mods, so that you can make an informed decision about which mod is right for your game. You’ll learn what each mod does, why it’s useful (or not), how much it costs and where to buy it!

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What are bow enchantments in Minecraft?

Bow Enchantments are enchantments applied to Bows. Bows already have an enchantment, however it can sometimes be rather difficult to get hold of one, so Bow Enchantments were added in order to help give players more options when playing on servers.

How do you enchant a bow?

To enchant a Bow the player must use an Enchanting Table and place their Bow inside the table then follow the 3 step process below: (1) Place your item on the ‘Anvil’ (2) Add any extra information needed (3) Hit ‘Enchant Item’. This will bring up 6 slots each with 4 randomly selected items; these items determine what possible enchantments you may receive. Once one or more of these slots turn blue you can enchant your item. If a slot turns yellow this means it is about to break and you should save the enchant for another time as it will be lost. These items are explained in more detail below:

bow enchantments minecraft

(1) Shop – This allows the player to purchase an enchantment from a Villager or other players, however they must have enough experience levels required first. This option is typically used on low level servers as there isn’t as much demand for expensive enchants as there would be on high level servers.(2) Unbreaking – The chance of your equipment breaking decreases by X%.(3) Mending – The chance of your equipment being destroyed decreases by Y% each hit.(4) Fortune – You get an additional drop each time you break a block.(5) Silk Touch – You also harvest cobwebs from spawns or dungeons and can obtain dropped items without the use of shears.(6) Luck of the Sea (Blue Tinkered Only) – Adds X to your fishing ability.

(1) Protection – The defense points of the equipment increases by Y.(2) Fire Protection – Reduces fire damage taken by X%.(3) Feather Falling – Reduces fall damage taken by X%.(4) Blast Protection – Reduces explosion damage taken by X%.

(1) Punch (Green-Tinkered only, requires rank 5 punch enchantment on other body part first before it can be added to weapons). Increases melee damage dealt with this weapon by Y%.(2) Power (Red-Tinkered only, requires rank 5 power enchantment on other body part first before it can be added to weapons). Increases melee damage dealt with this weapon by Y%.(3) Sharpness (Yellow-Tinkered only, requires rank 5 sharpness enchantment on other body part first before it can be added to weapons). Increases melee damage dealt with this weapon by Y%.(4) Unbreaking – The chance of your equipment breaking decreases by X%.

(1) Looting (Blue-Tinkered Only). Increases the amount of loot dropped from mobs and crates by Y%.(2) Silk Touch – You also harvest cobwebs from spawns or dungeons and can obtain dropped items without the use of shears.(3) Fortune – You get an additional drop each time you break a block.

Which is the best bow enchantment for PvP – Top 5 best crossbow charms minecraft


best bow enchantments minecraft
  • Mending: This enchantment is one of the most useful items to improve the efficiency of your crossbow. Using this enchantment will help the players by giving them an ability to repair their bow. This can be used only after the player has killed a mob or an enemy player. They are required to collect the orb or XP from killed players and use it for repairing their bow.
  • Infinity: This enchantment is a great addition for all the attacking gamers. This is because the enchantment gives the players an ability to use infinite arrows. This ability is extremely useful as the number of arrows the players need during battle increases drastically. Thus, choosing this enhancement for your Bow enchantments is certainly a great tactic to use in the game.
  • Unbreaking: This enchantment is a bit similar to the Mending enchantment. This makes the players’ weapons last longer and also makes them more durable. There are three different levels where the players can get this enchantment. Unbreaking 3 can help the players by giving them over 6,000+ arrows to shoot before breaking. Keep in mind that some enchantments can be combined and thus using this with INfinity will certainly help the players.
  • Flame: This is also one of the most aggressive enchantments available in the Minecraft 1.17 update. This gives the players an ability to set a hostile target on fire upon being hit by the arrow. This helps while attacking as this enchantment will add the fire damage on enemies along with the arrow’s base damage. This ability helps to attack more efficiently because of the fire damage for two hearts over five seconds.
  • Power: This is one of the most powerful and effective enchantments to use in the game. It takes the players to Power level 5 and this helps the players to deal with 23 heart damages. Keep in mind that a normal bow can only deal with 9 hearts when it is fully charged. There are five different levels in the game and thus upgrading your enchantment to the max level is certainly the most liable option with Power.
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 Bow enchantment strategies for different combat styles in Minecraft

Minecraft Bow Enchantments

In Minecraft, a bow is used to fire arrows at your enemies. It can also be used for fishing or more deadly purposes. However, using a bow can be quite difficult sometimes depending on the type of enchantment that you have on the weapon and the way you fire it. This article will explain some strategies that can help improve your ability with a bow in Minecraft. These strategies are useful regardless of whether you’re playing Survival mode or Creative mode or adventuring around in Multiplayer servers . You’ll also learn how these enchantments affect your accuracy with bows , which leads to better combat strategy all round! NOTE: Bow Enchantment effects may vary from version to version of minecraft. The numbers displayed here represent 1.8.

A bow can have up to five enchantments which you can apply to it, these are Power , Punch , Flame , Infinity and Unbreaking . The effect that each enchantment has on your accuracy and also your damage output is explained below:


Power – Increases the amount of damage you do with a bow shot by around 15% (depends on the base power of the bow). It will also increase the distance that arrows travel by 25%. This extra range is very useful because there’s no need for you to get closer or further away from your target in order to obtain a good shot. NOTE: Arrows always shoot at their target’s current position, so this doesn’t affect their velocity mid-flight. If an enemy has moved when you hit them, the arrow will follow the enemy and not retain its extra speed.

Power – Arrows shot from a bow with this enchantment on it will fly faster than they would normally, but only until they’ve traveled around 40 blocks. They’ll then slow down to normal speeds so you must plan ahead.

Punch – Arrows have a small chance of knocking their target back 1-5 blocks upon impact. Punch can be useful for pushing enemies off ledges or bridges because it’s easier to kill them while they are trying to get back up again. This is especially handy if you’re being pursued by other hostile mobs . If your target is close enough, just one punch could send an enemy careening into lava or deep water where they’ll drown to death. This enchantment also increases your bow’s damage by around 10% and lets you move faster when you have a drawn arrow .

Flame – Arrows shot from bows with this enchantment will shoot out a small fire effect upon impact, setting any nearby objects on fire. The flame lasts for a few seconds but the duration becomes shorter as it goes further from your target.

Fire is useful for blocking off entrances or access to certain buildings/areas in Minecraft because creatures will avoid it if they can’t get past. If something can walk through lava though, they won’t hesitate to do so just to get at you!

This is an extremely useful enchantment and I recommend that every player gives arrows fired from bows with this enchantment on it a try.

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Flame – This enchantment is even more damaging than power and will increase the damage done by your bow by around 25% (depends on the base damage of the bow). Using flaming arrows is also very satisfying because they make a ‘whooshing’ sound effect when you shoot them, which sounds great when used in conjunction with a flame enchantment on a sword . NOTE: The above descriptions are of enchanted bows firing normal/regular arrows. If you’re using tipped arrows then it’s a different story. I’ll get into that later though.

Infinity – This enchantment makes your bow never run out of arrows, although there is still the slight delay after every shot before another arrow appears in your inventory so be patient! You can continue firing as much as you want without worrying about refilling your bow’s arrows. This is a great enchantment for when you’re in a fight because you can just keep on going until the other guy drops dead, or there are no more mobs to kill. NOTE: If you have an infinity enchanted bow and another player has a bow with power , punch , flame or looting then any arrows fired from their bow will not do extra damage .

The best way to get this enchantment is by enchanting an already enchanted bow at an Enchantment Table . My advice would be that if you find a particularly good enchantment then stick with it instead of getting rid of it in order to add infinite onto your weapon, you could end up losing some of the default enchantment depending on what level your enchantment table is.


Looting – This enchantment adds a chance (I think it’s around 15%) that mobs killed with this weapon will drop extra loot, such as string or feathers . It’s very useful if you’re low on those materials and need them to make new bows/arrows/tools . It works just like Silk Touch and Fortune because every time you kill an enemy there is a chance it will drop something extra, but Iron Golems can’t be looted. NOTE: If another player has a looting enchanted bow then any arrows fired from their bow won’t have any added effects. Unbreaking – Bows with this enchantment always have at least one durability point no matter how much damage they have taken, which makes it so they don’t need to be repaired as often. It’s a good enchantment when paired with Infinity because you don’t have to worry about your bow losing durability when you’re in a fight . NOTE: Excelsior add-ons DO NOT work for bows with the Unbreaking enchantment.

Mending – This is basically the same thing as Sharpness for swords, except instead of increasing your damage against mobs it increases your damage output against blocks . T his enchantment will help greatly if you plan on doing a lot of mining or just raiding structures in Minecraft that are made from lots of different materials, such as Wood , Stone , Iron and even Diamond too! As with all enchantments though, using Mending can be a double-edged sword – It will greatly increase your damage output against blocks, but it also greatly increases the rate that the durability of these blocks decreases when you attack them.

It’s important to note that Mending is actually a bad enchantment if you’re trying to break blocks quickly because every time you hit a block with this enchantment on it, its durability will decrease by 2 points instead of 1 point like it normally does for unenchanted diamond tools , and 4 points instead of 3 for unenchanted gold tools

The best way to use a bow with an enchantment that increases arrow damage by 10% or more

The best way to use a bow with an enchantment that increases arrow damage by 10% or more in Minecraft is by using the bow on single targets. If you ever get a chance to do this, hold your fire and try it out; it’s not only more effective than rapid-firing, but it also saves ammunition.

When shooting targets of any kind in Minecraft, aim for the head instead of anywhere else on their body. Since arrows actually fly through the air at a slight downward angle after they’re released from your bow, shooting one point-blank into another player or mob will usually result in them being stuck somewhere awkward such as an eye or chest cavity.

Arrows can be recovered if they don’t hit anything solid, so collect them whenever possible after shooting mobs with bows and arrows.

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If you’re holding normal arrows and you find a skeleton, try to shoot their bow. This will destroy it and they’ll have to use a stone sword or axe if they want to attack you with melee. Note that this won’t work with enchanted bows, but if a skeleton does somehow manage to get their hands on an enchanted one then you can be sure that your life is in immediate danger.

There are two ways that skeletons can obtain enchanted weapons:

– They spawn with them from mob spawners found at the bottom of abandoned mine shafts.

– If zombies burn, die from sunlight or fall down a ravine while holding any kind of weapon – including bows and arrows – then the weapon will drop intact instead of being destroyed… and a skeleton who comes across one of these weapons might choose to pick it up.

For this reason, always be careful when entering a ravine or abandoned mine shaft. If you do accidentally set off a skeleton defense system then remember that they are one of the fastest mobs in Minecraft, so immediately sprint away from them after attempting to attack them with melee before they have time to line up an arrow shot on you!

Since skeletons can shoot arrows accurately very quickly, you should also never attempt to sneak around them while they’re shooting at you because this often results in your death. Instead, wait for their bow cooldown period (their movements will stop) and make a run for it. They’ll probably shoot most of their remaining arrows at you there’s nothing else you can do about that, so it’s best to simply get out of their line of sight as fast as possible.

This strategy will also work on any player who shoots at you with a bow and arrow from a distance, but because the headshots I talked about earlier are more effective this should be your last resort if you’re under attack by someone who has mastered Minecraft archery.

Even though normal bows require arrows in order to function properly, they can actually still do damage without them – although they won’t work very well, especially if you try to shoot from even medium range. If your opponent is using a bow or crossbow then one way to counter this is by hiding behind an object such as a tree trunk while closing the gap between yourself and them. Once you’re close enough to their position it should be much easier for your bow or crossbow to take them out, and if they come after you then just run away until they give up the chase.


One of Minecraft’s many hidden features is that any mob who comes across an arrow in mid-air will pick it up and use it as ammunition for their own bow. If you shoot arrows at skeletons (or any other mobs) from a safe location – one where they can’t see you but where you can still watch them – then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t end up using all of your spare arrows against other players or mobs without ever returning fire because every arrow counts! This strategy doesn’t work on skeles who spawn from mob spawners, but it can be very effective if you’re using a bow and arrow in combat against players who aren’t expecting your arrows to come back at them.

If you manage to kill an enemy with their own arrow then you’ll receive the “returns projectiles” attribute for 30 seconds, which means that every time they shoot an arrow (or crossbow bolt) at you during this period it will automatically miss instead of hitting you. Unfortunately this effect only works when the player shooting the arrow is within 10 blocks of you and not wearing armour, and it also doesn’t give knockback resistance like a normal critical hit does – although it’s still pretty useful because even though the damage done by their attack will be reduced there’s nothing they can do about it.

In conclusion, there are many enchantments that can be placed on a crossbow in Minecraft. The best way to find out which one is right for you and your playing style is by testing each of them. You may want an enchantment with high power or long distance if this fits the type of player you are. If not, take some time to explore other types until you find something that suits your needs!

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