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Borderlands 3: 15 Most Useful Legendary Artifacts From Deathless to Loaded Dice, here are some of the very best Legendary Eridium Artifacts the player can acquire in Borderlands 3.

Eridium Artifacts, otherwise known as Relics, have been around throughout the entire series. Originally, in Borderlands, they functioned much the same way Action Skill Augments do now. Then, in Borderlands 2, they were less drastic (but still massively beneficial) buffs that players could get from bosses. Finally, in Borderlands 3, they”re a combination of the two.

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This time around, Artifacts have a variety of modifiers and variables that can be applied to them, and depending on the RNG, they can get pretty absurd. However, Legendary Artifacts also have an innate benefit marked by the Diamond with the + symbol, and these effects can have entire builds centered around them. So, in order to clear some things up, this list will explore the best of the best.

Updated April 30th, 2021 by Stephen LaGioia: As if this adrenaline-fueled RPG shooter wasn”t massive enough, Gearbox has been trickling out various extra content, challenges, and weapons, which has helped keep its momentum going despite being released back in 2019. Along with its thrilling gameplay, the crazy amount of weaponry and customization has given the game solid legs and ample replay value, with players toying with different classes, builds, and guns. Not only this, but Borderlands 3“s lineup of Artifacts are as vast and diverse as ever. With so many of these Relics in the coveted Legendary category alone, it can be tough to pinpoint which are top-notch. Thus, it seemed appropriate to beef up this list with some more potent Artifacts.

15 Company Man: A Valuable Token

Borderlands 3 Company Man Legendary Artifact stat card
This one tends to shine more for its novelty than sheer effectiveness in battle, being an exclusive release for the Director”s Cut DLC. Still, it should be appealing to those more resourceful and economical players.

Beyond the damage boosts for guns bearing the prefix brand name (variants for all are available), the Company Man also offers boosts in a few useful areas. These include weapon reload speed, magazine size, fire rate, and the ever-useful damage and critical juicing. But perhaps most interesting is its ability to dish out cold hard cash after every 10th kill through the player”s “investment.”

14 Grave: Concentrated Adrenaline

Borderlands 3 Grave Legendary Artifact stat card
This Eridian Artifact is ideal for those players who thrive on adrenaline and like to play with fire, as it were. The ability to milk the Fight For Your Life duration by a pretty decent chunk helps ease the tension, and could mean the difference between life and death. Between this neat perk and the hefty boost in health, the ironically-named Grave can really aid in the player living to fight another day.

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But it doesn”t stop there. Boosts also come on the offensive front too, as melee, weapon, and splash damage all get a nice bump when flirting with low health.

13 White Elephant: A Massive Wildcard

Borderlands 3 White Elephant Legendary Artifact stat card
Those who favor eating away at enemy armor and shields will surely love this beast. This Legendary Artifact offers a great chance to dish out quite a bit of elemental damage, while granting a chance of shielding its user from elemental return fire.

For good measure, variants may also come with increased Luck or bumps in movement or shield recharge speed. Then there”s the always-amusing perk of slapping a deadly sticking bomb for about one out of three attempts. Its powers and perks seem to be all over the place, but that”s part of what makes the Elephant so fun.

12 Splatter Gun: Elemental Anarchy

Borderlands 3 Splatter Gun Legendary Artifact stat card
Vault Hunters with a soft spot for shotguns and elemental juice should get a kick out of this gem. Between the melee healing and boomstick boosts, players are encouraged to get up-close-and-personal when equipped with the Splatter Gun. The already fun act of sliding is made all the more enjoyable with the 50% bump of shotgun damage while doing so.

Beyond this, there”s an extensive list of potential bonuses, which involve various elemental boosts, melee damage, and speed boosts to movement or weapon reload speed.

11 Deathless: Moze”s Golden Ticket

Welcome to the reason why Moze is probably the most broken Vault Hunter. The Deathless Artifact sounds insane just from its description, but thats only the beginning. It reduces the user”s max health to 1 but increases their shield capacity by 100%, their recharge rate by 25%, and their recharge delay by another 25%. Basically, it trades health for a massive bulky shield. When combined with Moze”s skills like Desperate Measures and the Bloodletter class mod, she”s almost impossible to kill.

This Artifact can also be used on any character with skills dependant on max health or on shield capacity. Unfortunately, it basically needs an entire build centered around it and isn”t something that should be thrown on all willy-nilly.

10 Otto Idol: A Great Healing Charm For Glass Cannons

This is our personal bread and butter Artifact. It”s the perfect life regain for experimental builds, or while leveling a character to 50. Basically, any Otto Idol Artifact has the innate effect of giving the player a percentage of their max health back on every kill. Needless to say, players kill a lot in Borderlands.

This percentage ranges, but tends to stay between 15 and 20%. It”s some pretty absurd life regain honestly. Using it on the Elemental “Ties That Bind” Amara build is favorable, as one can ignore the Soul Sap augment and use the Stillness Of Mind modifier to bubble every enemy in sight. There”s no set drop for this, though, so its a bit hard to farm for specifically.

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9 Safeguard: Actually Makes The Slam Useful

Hey, look, an artifact for the few players that actually like to use the slam attack! It”s not everyone”s cup of tea, but there are enough artifacts and modifiers in the game that augment the slam, so players could actually be missing out on a source of some crucial damage. In any case, the innate skill of Safeguard is pretty crazy. Whenever a player performs a slam attack, they take at least 50% reduced damage for the next 5 seconds.

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Again, this percentage varies, but the number stays pretty high. This Artifact also tends to have a modifier that increases both movement speed and damage against frozen enemies, so its perfect for those going for that Iceman Zane build.

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8 Victory Rush: Berzerk, But Better

There are a couple of purple and green artifacts spread throughout the game that have a modifier on them which temporarily buffs their user based on a couple of variables, but this duration is usually ridiculously short, mose of them were ignored. Victory Rush is the best of the best in this regard though, as its duration is sixty seconds and re-procing it is quite simple.

It”s a perfect artifact for Mayhem modes, as Bad*sses multiply like rabbits there, and it”ll help speedrun TVHM. Make sure to try and nab one with a Max health or Weapon Accuracy modifier, though, because all its other potential modifiers are sub-par.

7 Unleash the Dragon: A Fiery Fire-Based Flame Charm

Initially, it makes sense to get the impression that Unleash the Dragon is bad. Then again, when playing an Elemental Amara, one”s element proc chance is almost always at 100%. That said, this particular artifact is great for players who need to melt through chunky Red bars. It”s also actually great for Amara!

Why? Because it”s the cornerstone of her fire melee build. One can be sure that”s not the only one that”ll come out with this rocking Artifact at its core. It doesn”t seem like much on the surface, but Unleash the Dragon is absolutely an artifact worth the grind.

6 Loaded Dice: Hard Mode For Farm Fanatics

So far, all of these artifacts have been geared towards increasing the Vault Hunters” killing potential. Whether its to keep them safe or increasing their base damage, most Artifacts act as passive buffs to the player. However, the Legendary Loaded Dice Artifact actually nerfs the player, taking away 75% of their max health! So, why would this warrant a recommendation? Because it pumps up the Luck stat by a whole bunch in return!

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This means that the chances of getting Legendaries, especially in Mayhem 3, are greatly improved. Think of it as an extra hard mode that increases the 500% Loot Drop chance in Mayhem 3 to something like 800%. Plus, there”s a huge list of potential modifiers and variables for it, so it might even be beneficial depending on the RNG.

5 Static Charge: A Static Shock Variation For Melee Builds

Regarding the shade that was thrown at the slam mechanic earlier — well, sliding tends to be quite a bit more enjoyable, as many spam this ability at every conceivable opportunity instead. Realy, long powerslides are just pure fun. One can”t help but think of games like Vanquish, Warframe, and Metal Gear Rising for some prime examples.

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This Static Charge Legendary buffs the move substantially, turning the slide from a disengagement mechanic into an entirely aggressive one. Plus, any Legendary item that can give bonuses to Shield Capacity is worthwhile in the late game.

4 Electric Banjo: Careful, There Might Be A Risk Of Rain

Not many Artifacts have enemies that they”re more likely to drop from, but the Electric Banjo is one of those rare instances. This item references Risk of Rain. It”s a world drop, but has a greatly improved chance to drop from the Zer0 Assassination Targets, the Psychobillies on Eden 6. Essentially, it”s a passive version of the grenade mod Hex or Storm Front.

Every single bullet fired has a 20% chance to shock the enemy and cause electricity to arc to another nearby foe. That has the potential to be absolutely insane! 20% for every bullet? Not once every three or something? That”s perfect for an Endless Mags Moze or maybe even a Shock-dependent Elemental Amara. Combined with one of the many guns that already ricochet between enemies, this could potentially cause a full-on lightning storm.

3 Commander Planetoid: With Our Powers Combined… We Irradiate?

Face-Puncher synergies are awesome, and the list of Legendary artifacts is dwindling at this point. As such, here”s one of the most fun combinations of all. The Commander Planetoid Artifact changes the element a players melee causes every 5 seconds, and it increases said elemental damage by 60%.

Now, imagine that on a Face-Puncher build. A gun that changes between buffed-up elements constantly? It sounds like a blast! Additionally, this mod can get the Berzerker buff, further increasing the passive buffs each melee has.

2 Moxxi”s Endowment: Yep, It”s A Moxxi Item

It”s a Moxxi-based one, so of course, it”s “dripping” with innuendos. There”s not all too much to say about this pick, honestly, it just gives more combat EXP. Frankly, not a whole ton of it, either. Still, more EXP is always better, especially since it buffs each individual instance of EXP.

The real crazy stuff comes from its variables and modifiers, as it has high potential for some good ones. Knife Drain in particular is great, because it adds 75% Life Steal to each melee attack.

1 Pearl Of Ineffable Knowledge: Knowledge Is Power!

This beast can be obtained as a quest reward from the lovable Claptrap in Guns, Love, and Tentacles — and what a reward it is! The ability to rapidly stack damage to a whopping 90% when blasting away proves exponentially useful.

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But what”s great about this is that while boosting the player”s offense to an absurd level, it can also help survivability, with the chance of granting ample health regeneration or max health. It also yields a chance to bump up EXP gained, adding resourcefulness to its bag of tricks.

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