Black Web Series On Youtube Series You Should Be Watching Right Now

With people encouraged to socially distance themselves and stay home, now is a better time to catch up or get acquainted with some dope web series content by Black creatives. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in shutdowns in major cities worldwide.

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Here are five you can watch right now:

1. Furious and Fat Cat

Furious and the Fat Cat is an animated web series that follows the titular characters, who are best friends since childhood, as they reunite to live together in their childhood neighborhood of South Side of Chicago where it all started. The series was created by K.L. Reeves and the pilot episode was written by Pierre Sutton Jr.

2. Raw

In the YouTube web series Raw, cooking personality, Jake Smollett serves celebrities a three-course meal with a side of unfiltered conversations about topics such as sex, relationships, and gender roles in the kitchen. Filmed on location in Los Angeles, the web series features guests such as Lena Waithe, Essence Atkins, Estelle and Erica Ash.

3. All My Friends Are Married

Living single in New York City is an uphill battle in this comedic web series. Created by Mercedes Brazier-Thurman, the show chronicles the life of Lauren, a woman struggling to balance the exhaustive intersection of dating, career and social life all while inundated with her friends’ Save The Date wedding invitations. Awkwardly funny and heavy with sarcasm, Lauren’s everyday experiences capture the difficulties of adulting while attempting to quell the fears of being love-less.

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4. Sad-Ass Black Folk

Created by Joel Boyd and Neima Patterson, Sad-Ass Black Folk tackles the stigma of mental health and follows an aspiring therapist who guides a group of misfits in South LA.

5. Adultin’

Created by Kayra Clouden, Paulette Marte, and Malique Daniels, Adultin’ is an experimental anthology web series that highlights specific scenarios millennials may come across during their transition into full-fledged adulthood. Each episode is a combination of scripted and unscripted segments that chronicles things related to adulting, such as buying groceries, bills, laundry, and sex.

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Although released in 2015, Tough Love is still worth watching. The web series is about progressive Black Millennials in New York City working to overcome obstacles along their career paths while trying to get a grasp on their tumultuous love lives. Stars Jordan Barton, Ebony Obsidian and Natalie Jacobs.

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