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In FIFA you play with the player you know from real life. The most-played components in the game are Career-mode and the online feature Ultimate Team (FUT). In both modes you have to create your own team. A great team starts in the back, with some good central defenders (CB). In career-mode your players can grow to a certain potential when they’re played in the right way. Some young players are huge talents and will become better then all the current best defenders. In FUT the players won’t grow to a potential. In this article I want to show you the best CB in FIFA 16,as well as the biggest talents for this position.

The CB position

CB stands for ‘center back’ in FIFA 16. This is a crucial role in your defence. This guy will play just in front of your goalkeeper and will focus on defending rather than attacking. Most of the time CB’s are tall, muscular men that excel in heading and intercepting. Some defenders are also rather attacking-minded. They will possess a good pass and vision rating.

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The best central defender in FIFA 16

In FUT 16 players will have the same rating in the whole game. Therefor it can be useful to know what the best players for this position are. Better players will cost more coins, but will prove to be worth hit. The five best CB’s in FIFA 16 are:

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Thiago Silva – 88 rating

age 31, plays for PSG, born in Brazil


Despite the disastrous Wold Championships in Brazil, Thiago Silva got the highest rating of all CB’s in the game. FIFA gave him a 90 rating in defending and is great in reaction time, ball control, heading, tackling, man marking and intercepting the ball. He’s also a great jumper, which makes him a great threat in corner kicks. Silva is PSG’s captain and plays a crucial role in their success. In FIFA 16 career mode he is going to cost you a lot of money, because the wealthy PSG also sees him as the best CB in the game and will keep him for his contract (until 2018)

Jérôme Boateng – 87 rating

age 27, plays for FC Bayern, born in Germany


Boateng is a strong, tall and quick defender. He excels in defending, air duels, tackling, man marking and intercepting the ball. Boateng can be usefull for both the Career mode and FUT 16. Because of his relative young age he will remain of the best for the next coming years.

Sergio Ramos – 87 rating

age 29, plays for Real Madrid, born in Spain


For years and years Sergio Ramos has been one of Real Madrid’s best players. In his early years he played as a right back, but nowadays he’s in the heart of the defence. Just like the other great defenders, Ramos is strong in headers, intercepting, man marking and tackling. But Sergio Ramos also is very physical, powerful and act like a leader on the pitch.

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Giorgio Chiellini – 87 rating

age 31, plays for Juventus, born in Italy


Together with Thiago Silva, Chiellini has the highest stat for pure defending. There’s been a lot of commotion about Chiellini, about whether he should still be as high in this list as he is. When you look at other stats, you will see that FIFA grades him lower as the other defenders in this list. Chiellini won’t give great passes, won’t ever try a shot from distance and won’t have the vision to start an attack from the back. Defending is his life and he will do everything to keep the ball out of your net. That makes him a player of great value for Juventus and the Italian national squad.

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Mats Hummels – 87 rating

age 26, plays for Borussia Dortmund, born in Germany


Last season, Mats Hummels was struggling with his form. Of course he won the World Cup with Germany, both his club Borrusia Dortmund performed really badly. In the first half of the season, Dortmund was bottom of the Bundesliga list. They got back up to pace in the second half of the season and got back in the top-10. Despite the poor performance of his club, Mats Hummels is still considered as one of world’s best central defenders. He will be an awesome player for your FIFA 16 Career Mode, because of his relative young age.

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Best CB-talents in FIFA 16

As said before, in Career Mode players can grow to be a better player every season. Young players will grow quicker then older players. The potential rating is not a certainty. When a players has potential 85 for example, he can grow out to be world’s best defender with a 91 rating, but can also get stuck at 80 when he doesn’t play much or performs badly. The five best talents under 21 in FIFA 16 are:




Initial Rating

Potential rating


Niklas Süle

1899 Hoffenheim





Alessio Romagnoli

AC Milan





Kurt Zouma







Real Zaragoza





Jaïro Riedewald






CB’s with the highest growth

These central defenders have the highest growth potential in this years FIFA 16:

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