The Best Xbox 360 Controller For Fps Pro Wired Gamepad, The Best Pc Controller 2021

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By Kevin Lee, Mark Knapp
From poorly ported consoles games to action adventures and racing simulators, there are more than a few cases where a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse aren't necessarily going to be the best input options. It's easy to swear by a keyboard and mouse where twitchy response and pixel-perfect aim are concerned, but there's a huge arena where different gaming controllers can have an edge while playing on a gaming PC.

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If you're playing a fighting game, you may get more satisfaction out of the buttons on a controller, which you can frantically mash. If you're flying through space in an intense dogfight, holding a thumbstick down to perform a series of loops and turns can be a lot easier than hurriedly throwing your mouse around your desk in an attempt to maneuver smoothly. And, let's not forget that analog inputs have some advantages over the all-or-nothing, binary controls all over mice and keyboards – just try slowing accelerating in a racing game with a keyboard.

Beyond traditional gaming controllers, there's also a host of specialized controllers, like joysticks and fight sticks, that are made to excel in specific types of games. We've rounded up the best controllers in a variety of categories, so when a game can benefit more from a controller, you can let your keyboard and mouse take a well-earned break.

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If you're browsing in the UK, click here to find out where you can go to find the best PC controllers.

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TL;DR – These are the Best PC Controllers:

1. Xbox Core Controller

Best PC Controller

The Xbox Core controller (read our review) provides a lot of flexibility in how you use it to game on the PC. The controller can connect over a USB connection to cut down on input lag, or it can connect over Bluetooth for a wireless alternative (something the original Xbox One controller lacked). But there’s yet another option for a low-latency wireless connection if you have a Xbox Wireless adapter for PC.

That versatility comes on top of the exceptionally ergonomic of the Xbox Core Controller. Much has been carried over from previous iterations from Microsoft, but this latest model will be a lot easier to hold onto thanks to added grip on the sides and rear of the controller. Even the triggers have more grip on them. The D-Pad has been upgraded with a new like that on the Xbox Elite controller, and it’s more tactile now, too. You can connect headphones using the controller 3.5mm jack to limit the number of wires running between you and your PC. Thankfully one cable you can forget all about with the Xbox Core Controller is micro USB as this model has made the leap to USB-C.

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