How The Wonder Years Built One Of Teen Tv”S Best Wonder Years Songs

I like a few of their songs, I Don’t Like Who I Was Then, This Party Sucks, and Came Out Swinging but I haven’t had the chance to listen to their other stuff and I think if I listened to some more songs they could become one of my favourites! Suggestions?


Literally all of The Greatest Generation. That entire album is great and is fantastic to listen to as a cohesive album (except for Madelyn, which is still a good song but it doesn't really fit that well with the rest of the album). The closing track, I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral, is a masterpiece and pulls lyrics and stuff from many of the other songs on the album to wrap it up nicely, it's a good place to start to see if the album vibes with you.

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(also in writing this I just went back and started to listen to TGG and I've never noticed how impeccably clean the production is on this album, my god)

OP, don't listen to I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral until you've heard pretty much all of The Greatest Generation. It doesn't really work otherwise.

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My favorites:

Melrose Diner

My Last Semester

Don't Let Me Cave In

Coffee Eyes

Local Man Ruins Everything

There, There

The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves


You In January

The Bluest Things on Earth

A Song For Patsy Cline

There, There

Passing through a screen door

Dismantling summer

Let's moshercise!!!

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Logan circle

(My top 5 that weren't mentioned already)

Realy I think you could start with any of the three albums in the “trilogy of growing up” (the Upsides, Suburbia, TGG). I do recommend listening to an album the entire way through though, the Wonder Years are one of my favorite bands and I’ve always considered them an ‘album band’. The feeling of listening to one of their whole albums is incredible.

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In my opinion, listen to The Greatest Generation and if you like the more traditional Pop Punk elements from songs like Dismantling Summer, Passing Through A Screen Door, An American Religion, Teenage Parents, A Raindance In Traffic, and We Could Die Like This, then maybe try working backwards from Suburbia to The Upsides. If you like the more mature, and/or semi-progressive side of TGG on songs like There There, The Bastards/Vultures/Wolves, The Devil In My Bloodstream, and I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral, then You might enjoy No Closer To Heaven a bit more. Suburbia is a great middle ground for both sides of the band, though.

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