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The Voice, the definitive monikergiven to the legendary talent ofWhitney Houston, may have been silenced this day six years ago. But her pristine instrument continues to wow music fans. While she established superiority with her own string of hits, her talent was only exemplified when she covered these songs and made it all her own.

1. “Home” from The Wiz (Stephanie Mills)

Whitney Houston's “Home” Live On The Merv…

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by jefrilibra Whitney's debuton 'The Merv Griffin Show'is breathtaking, to say the least.The professionally-groomed singerbelted the heart-warming ballad “Home” fromThe Wiz and let everyone know you won't forget her name.

2. “That's What Friends are For” (Dionne Warwick)

In the latter 80s Whitney was still a rising star, but her talent surpassed many of her peers, aligning her with legends. Here she was grouped with Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder and cousin Dionne Warwick in a cover of “That's What Friends are For.”

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3. “All the Man I Need” (Sister Sledge)

Many are probably unaware this stirring ballad fromI'm Your Baby Tonightwas originally performed by Sister Sledge. Houston infused a touch of heaven in this cover that is unmatched.

4. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Simon & Garfunkel)

Houston's roots were grounded in the church and gospel music. In 1995 she proved this in a rousing rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” with gospel legend and friend CeCe Winans.

5. “I'm Every Woman” (Chaka Khan)

Yes. Whitney even managed to out woman the diva herself, Chaka Khan, when she reworked the 70s hit forThe Bodyguardsoundtrack. Houston appeared in the music video very pregnant with daughter Bobbi Kristina, which emboldened the message of the song.

7. “Impossible: It's Possible” (Julie Andrews)

Representation was delivered as Whitney and her protege Brandy both starred in the 1997 remake of Rodger and Hammerstien's'Cinderella'.

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The duo's take on 'Impossible/It's Possible' is audible magic.

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8. “I Love You Porgy/And I'm Telling You/I Have Nothing” Medley

Whitney flexed her versatility at the 1994 AMAs with a 10-minute medley. She playfully cooed “I Love You Porgy” (Porgy & Bess),bellowed “And I'm Telling You” (Dreamgirls)and cascaded into her signature single “I Have Nothing.”

9. “I Love the Lord” (Isaac Watts)

Whitney was unstoppable in the 1990s and continued her reign onThe Preacher's Wifesoundtrack. Starring in the film, Houston gave us the perfect version of this precious hymn.

10. “The Star-Spangled Banner” (Francis Scott Key)

Whitney was the first artist who'srendition of the National Anthem was packaged and sold as a single, setting a precedent from that day forth. Arguments that Lady Gaga – or anyone – surpassed this version are purely erroneous.

11. “Love's In Need of Love Today” (Stevie Wonder)

In 1994 Whitney went on an international tour which included the recently apartheid-free South Africa. Here she stunned with a rousing version of Stevie Wonder's heartfelt message song. She also sang it for South Africa President Nelson Mandela at a White House dinner the same year.

12. “I Believe In You and Me” (The Four Tops)

Another soundtrack cover came courtesy of a song originally done by The Four Tops. Houston's cover is often mistaken as the original version.

13. “I Will Always Love You” (Dolly Parton)

Houston's tour de force moment came on the wings of a little song written by country icon Dolly Parton. Whitney took the heartbreak song and morphed it into the ultimate swan song of anyone who's ever loved.

We miss you Nippy!


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