Best Weapons For Excalibur Warframe, Best Melee Weapon For Excalibur

i have the heat sword now and should have amphis and fragor in 12 hours but i have no clue which one to use. also if you know any other weapons i should look out for i”d appreciate it (yes i know i posted in the wrong place)



As above Excalibur uses a separate mod set on Exalted Blade now, but he also gives bonuses (+10% damage and +10% attack speed) to sword weapons passively. If you don”t want to constantly have Exalted Blade up, consider using Longswords, Rapiers, Dual Swords and Nikanas with him, they”re the weapon types that get the bonus.

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Excalibur gets a passive bonus with any sword, dual swords, sword and shield, rapier, sword and whip and nikanas (maybe greatswords), so get one of those, I”m not sure what MR you”re at, but try to get nikana.


Skana- Dual skana- Cronus- Dual kamas- Dual zoren- Gram- Heat sword- Dual heat swords- Ether sword- Dual ether- Galtine- Krohkur- Nikana- Dragon nikana

Low level weapons are the Skana, Cronus, Heat sword, Ether sword, their dual variants, Silva and Aegis, and Gram.

Other weapons are Nikondi, Bo, Anku, all Machetes, Amphis, and Furax


Decent weapons are Dual zoren, Galtine, Nikana, Ack and brunt and Krokhur.

Other weapons are Ankyros, Kokage, Fragor and Tipedo


Weapons to aim for are Dragon Nikana, Destreza, Spoiler weapons, Mios, and Lacera.

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Other weapons are Scindo prime, Jat Kittag, Redeemer (charge attack is a shotgun blast), Sarpa (same thing but gun), Guandao, Lesion, Serro, and Hurido

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best melee weapon for a new excalibur?
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