What Are The Best Weapon In Stellaris : Best Weapons, Blow Stuff Up In Stellaris: Best Weapons

You may have the most brilliant strategies in Stellaris, but if you do not have the firepower to execute them, you will not win many matches.

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Weapons are vital to winning Stellaris battles. You should be aware of the Stellaris best weapon type for a particular situation first. You can then pick a good weapon of that type to come out on top. 

Here is a breakdown of Stellaris best weapons for you.


These are used to defend your forces against enemy attacks.

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Flak guns are used to strike down enemy crafts that are looking to attack you. 

Point-defense turrets, on the other hand, are used to negate enemy projectiles once he has launched them.

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Point-defense weapons are still limited in Stellaris, and you should choose wisely. 

There is no “one-size-fits-all” weapon for all battles in Stellaris. Try using some of these ideas in this Stellaris Best Weapons guide, and we hope you will be able to win many galactic battles.

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