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I just got to dusting my L50 Necro off the shelf and decided to make it my second main. I used ToKs to level to 80. I have HoT and plan on getting the hero points to get Reaper later on because I hear that is best. However, for now while I am still using core skills what is the best weapon set? I only play PvE (some dungeons and fractals but mostly open world). I was thinking staff/axe/dagger.

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Also what are the best stat sets for armor and weapons to pursue for Necro that will eventually also be Reaper? I’d like to go ahead and buy the armor (exotic for now) and runes/sigils I’ll need later on.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to any replies.


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Best weapon set for core Necro?

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Posted by: Mega Skeleton.8259

Mega Skeleton.8259

Staff is good AOE…but I think it’s cooldowns have always turned me off. It’s only really good for swapping and spamming your marks before hopping into Death Shroud. I’ve always been more fan of a hybrid approach for open world PvE. My favorites are Scepter/Dagger & Dagger/Warhorn. It gives you a decent amount of everything. You got some cleaving direct damage, aoe condition damage, hard CC, boon corruption, condition transfers, life force gen, movement speed and even some sustain, and all the hits are pretty reliable.

Spite and Curses are probably pretty solid for leveling up. Spite gives a lot of passive might generation, which is good for both condi and direct damage.

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Best weapon set for core Necro?

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Foreword: I levelled necro at launch, when core necro was the closest it has ever been to being balanced. I’m also nervous about saying anything remotely good, since the “balance” team seems to take any positive statements from necros as necros being overpowered. This is also only my opinion on things.

Core weapon set, if you’re going power:Staff – Best used for only a few purposes:1) Use it for it’s condition transfer and blast finisher(less important than transfer)( #4) and Fear (#5) Both are on long cooldowns.2) Swap to it just before you go into Death Shround(in a build based on that) because it provides the highest base damage3) Use it to aggro things from 1200m before switching to a weapon that can actually hurt things. (Fire at target, run around corner, mob(s) come to you where you can dagger them.

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Your mandatory skill tree is Spite. It’s the core of damage-dealing on Necro.

Your main weapon set should either be:Dagger/Warhorn – More reliable for non-death-shroud, but you’re melee range. You do get a stun, an immobilize and decent swiftness and a steady, if slow, drip of life force. Dagger main hand auto attack is base necro’s highest damage skill.→ If you go this , use Blood Magic for dagger and vampiric abilities that will help you survive out of death shroud. Can either go vampiric or well based builds in this tree.

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The other choice for a power set is Ax/Focus – Tends to be much more burst damage than dagger, although over time it is less. Ax has the advantage of range, and unlike staff, it’s auto attack cannot be reflected. Good for building up vulnerability and the combo of focus(4) and Ax(2) can give a very respectable portion of your life force bar quite quickly.→ For this I actually like to go Death Magic. It gives you the option of a stronger and decently tankier Death Shroud, or gives you the option of running minion master.

Now, for your third choice you can either pick the other of the two(Death Magic or Blood Magic, respectively) which will make you tankier than you really need to be while levelling.

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However the more reliable damage choice is to take Soul Reaping. Your first skill can be whatever you want, your 2nd pretty much has to be Vital Persistence, and your third is usually best served as the +50% crit boost while in Death Shroud.

If you want to run conditions, your main weapon set should be Sceptre/Dagger(off hand), and you’ll want to run Spite+Curses+X(Where X is usually Blood Magic, but can be Soul Reaping.)

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