The 5 Best Way To Lower Car ? What&#39S The Correct Way To Lower Your Car

5 WAYS TO LOWER YOUR DAILY?! offer us their insight into 5 different ways of dropping your ride height on your Daily!

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This has to be listed because people do it even though they shouldn’t. Cutting your springs is definitely a way to get lower although not recommended for many reasons. Cutting your springs will affect ride comfort and stability, you will bounce a lot more on cut springs and the characteristic jittery bounce is pretty obvious on a hack job.



This is because your shock has a reduced distance to travel and most of the time and your spring rate has not been stiffened to account for that, so you end up riding on your bump stops if you cut them too far and this where the horror stories start.

2. Torching your Springs. (Also one we wouldn't recommend this)

Secondly we have torching your springs!, just as dangerous as cutting your springs. This process doesn’t involve snipping pieces of your springs off, just heating them up enough to compress the coils tighter than they already were to lower your ride height.


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You just need to remove the wheel, heat up a portion of the spring to make it malleable and compress it, heat and repeat. Just like with cutting springs the process can prove to be very imprecise. You might accidentally compress one spring more than the others and then you would have to go back and compress the three longer springs until it’s all even.

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3. Lowering Springs

This is the “first step” most people take on the journey in lowering their car. Most lowering spring sets are between $200-$600 depending on the manufacturer and drop height you decide to go with. Removing your strut only requires some simple tools and curse words to complete. The trickiest part would be compressing your OEM spring SAFELY and replacing it with the aftermarket component and bolting it all back into place. Do this four times and you’ve just lowered your car.

The verdict on lowering springs is that they’re a great and affordable way to get yourself into the land of low. There is always lower but it’s a good start.

4. Coilovers

A coilover install is even more simple than installing just springs in most cases and offers a lot more benefits than just lowering springs. If you’ve got more money than you need for springs but not enough money for a full blown race suspension this is the way to go. Most coilover systems cost between $800 for lower end models to over $3k for full adjustable coils with all of the bells and whistles. The average enthusiast doesn’t spend over $2k on a set and can knock out the install in a day with minimal blood loss. Coilovers would be a serious step towards an adjustable suspension setup which is a must in not only the race, but also the show car world.

A good set of coilovers gives you plenty of options for adjustability on a couple of levels. Most coilovers come threaded to allow spring height and pre load to be adjusted. As you get into higher end coilovers you get adjustability at high and low speeds, camber adjustments, external reservoirs and more. There is also custom shock and spring combos, (ie) a custom dampener and spring combo.

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5. Air ride

The end all in terms of suspension function and adjustability would be airbags and there are a few reasons for this. In terms of adjustability alone, airbags are the solution for a lot of show cars. This is because you can adjust ride height from street sweeper to 4×4 in a couple of minutes and go from 4×4 to low even faster. Having a cushion of air between your chassis and the road makes for a much smoother ride than a stock suspension and any kind of aftermarket lowering mods outside of this would just make for a much stiffer ride.

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