Best Way To Lace Skate Shoes Like A Boss, How To Lace Your Vans Shoes & Trainers

Skateboarding is one of the fun-giving games. Before starting to ride on a skateboard, the first preparation you need to take is to lace your skate shoes properly. Same is true for even if you want to use roller skates. If your skate laces are tied improperly or loosely, unexpected incidents may occur at any time. So the issue of your safety is also related to your skate laces. Moreover, proper lacing can give a smart and stylish look to your feet!

You can tie your skate laces in different styles. We will show some common techniques of how to lace skate shoes in this article, skate lacing techniques roller skates.

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How To Tie Skate Shoes Without A Bow?

Lacing your skating shoes without a bow is a simple trick but your shoes look stylish. And the important thing you should know that, once you tie your shoes properly in this method, you can relax for at least a few weeks without lacing it again! It is also a safe lacing technique used by many skateboarders.

Let’s Take a Look- How to Tie Your Skate Shoes Without a Bow:

Start tying your shoes by inserting the lace into the last or final loop going down.Now pull out both the ends of the lace and make them crossed at the toe of the shoe. You may put either end (left or right) over the other.Tie two single knots at the toe of your shoes.Adjust the length of this knot as you desire.Finally, tuck the tied shoe laces under the tongue of your shoe and repeat the same in all the way in the front. But, they must not get in the way of the toe of your shoe.

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How to Lace Your Vans?

Vans are comfortable, trendy shoes loved by skateboarders. You can lace your vans in many stylish ways. Here we are introducing some techniques about how to lace vans.

1. Crisscross Lacing Vans


This is another technique for lacing vans which is a little tricky. Let’s see how it works;

First, create a knot at one end of the lace followed by an anchor for the lace.Thread the other end from inside to outside, via the right eyelet at the bottom position.Make one end loose to the eyelet in the opposite position and thread this loose end through the opposite eyelet above.Now pull through the end and move across directly to the opposite eyelet again.Repeat this process of loosening and threading the lace to the opposite direction until you reach the end.

Some Unique Techniques to Tie Skate Laces

Some original and unique techniques of lacing skate shoes are introduced based on different problems faced by the skateboarders. Here we mention a few of them:

High Arches

This method is suitable for them who are not comfortable with more tightness of laces.

First, you need to start lacing in the normal way by creating a criss-cross. Then thread the laces from both sides without crossing. Finally, tie the shoes up through the remaining eyelets.

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Slipping Heel

If you want to get much support from your ankle, then it’s for you. Start lacing from the second eyelet to the last one. Go straight up to last one and thread the lace via the loop on the opposite side.

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Toe Pain

It creates more space by lifting the toe cap to release your toe pain. Start lacing from your big toe position to the top of the opposite side. Then thread the lace diagonally from the bottom of the rest side.


This is for the skaters with a small foot. First, create a criss-cross and then thread the lace through an eyelet avoiding criss-cross. Then again lace the crisscrossing as usual manner.

Skate Lacing Techniques Roller Skate

Roller skating doesn’t require any skating board. Skate shoes with wheels themselves are used for roller skating. So skate lacing techniques for roller skate is much different from the techniques of lacing the skate shoes. It’s very important that you tighten roller skates to your feet properly and it doesn’t loosen while skating. You can lace your roller skates in several ways. The most basic and fundamental techniques are given here. You can follow these lacing techniques how long are roller- it doesn’t matter.

First, you have to put your either foot in the roller skate.Make sure that your heel is really secure and comfortable at the back or bottom of the boot.Now, loosen the laces of the skate, all the way to the bottom.Your foot must line up with the roller skate and it shouldn’t impede your tongue.Make the lacing as you desire. You can follow the same knots given for skate shoes. But this time you have to tighten the threads.At this point, tighten the lace very lightly starting from the bottom to the top.Now, go back to the bottom of the laces and strongly retighten the laces from bottom to the top.Wrap the ends of laces around your roller skate at the top and tie them off.Move your foot around to test the thread whether it is comfortable or not.If it’s not tight enough at this point, re-tighten the laces again from bottom to top as much as possible.

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Watch Video: How to Straight Bar Lace your shoes


Skating shoes are manufactured with all features to sustain in too much pressure or in any weather condition. The inside structure will provide comfort to your feet. You can use these shoes anywhere as they are stylish also! But you won’t get the best comfort and performance if don’t you know how to lace skate shoes in a proper way. Don’t worry you already have learned that from this article! Now tie your skate laces as you want and keep on skating.

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