Nba 2K16: Best Way To Get Vc In Nba 2K16 : Best Way To Get Easy Vc Guide

The MyNBA2k16 app for phone allows you to get a boost everyday. I just got over 600 in a matter of minutes.

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I play MyCareer. Once you get to the second season, you will start earning VC rewards for every game. The better you stick to coach tactics and do per game, the more VC you get. Every few games, I have enough for an upgrade. It seems as I get better at the game, so does my guy.


To earn VC whilst not playing you can see up MyLeague and SimCast live the games. If you set the sliders to make the game in your favour then your team should win. You get around 100 per game if you set the time to 1 minute a quarter and around 400 per game if you set it to 12 minutes, so 1 minute seems fastest.

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The structure of the game with micro transactions doesnt allow to get vc fast or they wont sell the packages for real money and they will probably patch any way to get fast vc for same reason. There is a lot of grinding in this game because of that. Tbh i can accept that kind of model from a free to play game, but from a 69 euro game its unacceptable. It is even worse because single player from my career is same with your online player on my park. So if you want to be competitive on online you either have to put the grinding hours or spend real money.

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You are 100% right. I don”t care about microtransactions if it”s cosmetic, but the amount of VC earned is just too low if you play the game legit. You really need those high ranked players, if not, you”re screwed online.


You can earn more VC if you play on higher difficulties. But VC isn”t really an issue trophy wise. You need MT points for the black market to snipe these cards and make profit and open pack for the best (historic) players. And most players online with 99 skill players used glitches and cheats when the game came out. It”s a long grind to max out your player legit. And I mean a long time. This game without the microtransaction and the luck based trophies would be a 10/10. Best basketball sim I have ever played.

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I did like the game also a lot but i have 2 major complaints. First they should have put an option to play the game without watching all those cut scenes, pre – mid -post game shows and all the interuptions and loading. It gets frustrating after a time and i dont understand why they dont offer this option to cut down the presentation. Dont get me wrong, those are nice for some games, after they become tedius. Second, i m annoyed by complete lack of tutorials, training etc. I had played nba 2k14 and had a mode where you could execute the various moves. Now they removed it no idea why. Its very beginner unfriendly. Also there are no explanation for icons symbols, controls or whatever. I find myself just pressing random buttons to find out new menus. I think the game is flawed because they have to develop one every year so they dont care about that kind of things. The simulation aspect is very good and its probably the best basketball game but overall for me i wouldnt rate it over 8/10.

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