Best Way To Get Gold In Clash Of Clans : 3 Tips For Farming Gold & Elixir

In the new Builder Base, the rules and the gaming mechanics are almost completely changed, although the layout for the installation of new buildings and their development closely linked to the Builder Hall remains unchanged. The problem most players face is that in this mode the difficulty of collecting Gold and Elixir is very high. How to farm in Builder Base? How to find Gold and Pink Elixir? There are no tricks, we will only explain to you what are the techniques for gathering resources.

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How to find Gold and Elixir in Builder Base

Everything revolves around Versus Battles, the new real-time clash mode introduced in the new May 2017 update: thanks to this feature we can deal with other players around the world in skill and cunning, but not just that.

Who gets the most stars or, in case of draw, the highest percentage of destruction on the rival village, gets the reward that results in large amounts of free Gold and Elixir.

The reward of gold and elixir varies according to the amount of trophies you have won: more trophies, more loot won.

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This mechanics is however limited: you have 3 loots per day. This means that after winning 3 wins in 24 hours, you will have to wait for the next day to continue.

However, this new mode, unlike the Star Bonus – very similar to goals, has its two advantages:

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Troops have no cost in this mode, which means that all the elixir you get is fully earned,You can continue earning loot by unlocking a new Versus Battles in advance by paying a sum in gems (which varies by hours remaining at 24 hours), the button will appear below the two swords! In this way, you can continue to earn loot, albeit at a high price.

Remember that to get the loot quickly you have to rely on layout bases that can repel the enemy troops to the maximum. You can choose the best layout for the Builder Base in the appropriate section.

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The ability to earn Gold and Elixir is currently relegated to this technique, however, you can optimize the harvest from Elixir Collectors by maxing them as much as possible (according to the Builder Hall level).

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