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Note the Mag size is calculated too – the raw max mag is divided by ammo consumed by each shot. In this way you can see that consuming 6 rounds per shot as the DPUH does lets you get 4 2/3 shots off for every agonizing reload. Yes, the mag accessory adds .2 seconds to that painful reload time but you’re getting MORE than twice the capacity before you have to do it. That seems like a good dps optimization to me.I’ve used this on Sal with a slag off-hand to great effect. I think the Crammed Unkempt Harold is the one to look for.

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Everyone seems to be obsessed with dps, and willingly kneel down at the altar of the DPS-god. And then they run out of ammo!

The gun that suits peoples playstyle best, is what’s best for them, right!? I get better results from a DPUH than a Crammed, Hard, Explicit… or whatever, simply because I like the burst damage I get from it. In some cases it’s better to be able to keep the pressure on the enemy, and sometimes you just whip out a Norfleet, and kill everything. Burst damage!

When ammo isn’t an issue (or less) like with Salvador, burst damage is preferred. For others, UH already got high ammo consumption, so most used it for burst damage and DPUH delivers the best of it.

Doing the math…DPUH -> 302905/((5/1.6)+2.3) is around 28K DPSCrammed UH -> 1622710/((10/2)+2.5) is around 21K DPS

Apparently DPUH also wins in DPS (someone correct me if I’m wrong with the DPS calculation)

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P.S. this is just from gun card damage, real testing would count how many projectiles hits + splash

VaultHunter101 (Flying: throwing yourself at the ground and missing) September 3, 2016, 12:50pm #4

real testing would count how many projectiles hits + splash

Quite! There appears to be some variation in spread, but I haven’t done any systematic comparison (although I have quite a few different UH’s so it’s certainly something I could do.)

UH’s bullet split pattern wouldn’t differ though, and the difference in accuracy stat isn’t making much difference because of the split pattern.

I use a DPUH on Krieg for enemies I want dead quickly, like UBAs, Goliaths, bosses, and the like. I treat it like a close ranged shotgun and not a medium ranged pistol. For medium range, I use an Ogre or a Badaboom instead. The numbers might point one towards a different variant, but numbers don’t always matter in the heat of combat. If I was a mid-ranged fighter like Sal, I’d probably go for a Hard or Explicit instead. Since I don’t, it’s a DPUH all the way baby.

btw how do you make those “relative cmp” numbers?

fyi, I use

damage * number of shots in one mag / ((number of shots in one mag / fire rate) + reload speed)

to calculate the DPS in my previous reply. It is a formula to calculate a gun’s DPS in one mag cycle, I found it myself but apparently the community used the same formula earlier before me.

If you’re Sal (thus ammo isn’t a concern) DPUH has the best DPS.

If you’re anyone else, you’ve got other weapons for most situations and the Harold is only taken out for big baddies, thus needing more burst, thus DPUH is best.

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If you want to use a Harold as a main weapon, hard, explicit, or crammed are good choices.

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dpuh does 600863 on the cardhard harold does 685491(for testing, all parts are the same except accessory)

the dpuh gets 4 shots at 12the hard gets 7 shots at 6

damage per shot for the dpuh is 12 * 600863 = 7.2e6the damage for the hard 4.1e6

damage per magazine 7.2e6 * 4 = 28e6for the hard: 4.1e6 * 7 = 28e6

it takes me about 0.8 seconds to empty the hard and 0.5 seconds to empty the double. the hard has a reload speed of 2.3 and the dpuh has a reload of 2.9. hard total time taken is 2.3 + 0.8 = 3.1 while the dpuh would have 2.9 + 0.5 = 3.4.

dpuh damage per mag/per time = 28.8e6 / 3.4 = 84.8e6hard damage per mag/per time = 28.8e6 / 3.1 = 92.9e6

it’s important to remember, however, that the dpuh cost more ammo. so at even casual shooting speeds, the DPUH does 9% less damage for 14% more ammo cost.

without accounting for accuracy, the dpuh is a fairly terrible weapon compared to the hard. i’m sure people with faster trigger fingers could shoot the hard much faster. at faster shooting speeds, the hard will massively win out.

the caveat is that using animation cancels to overcome fire rate means that the weapon will not automatically reload and the number of shots will have to be calculated to allow for efficient reload times.



dpuh does 600863 on the card

Looks like you used a Jakobs grip. What about a matching grip for the mag/reload bonus?

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Handsome_Dad (Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I… uh… ) September 3, 2016, 6:06pm #11

Not going to factor in time between Money Shots, or a Zero who uses the DPUH’s first shot out of Deception? Skills change the situation considerably, and as

Formula is from the numbers on the card:Damage * Accuracy * Fire Rate * (Mag Size / Rounds per shot) * Element Dmg if any * Element Chance if any / Reload SpeedDPUH: 30290 * .8 * 1.6 * 4.67 / 2.3 = 78722.4Crammed: 16227 * .893 * 2 * 9.33 / 2.5 = 108158.7

Crammed has better accuracy by 9.3%, better fire rate by .4 second, and twice the mag.DPUH has double damage per trigger and .2 second faster reload.

I see you are factoring accuracy. In practice, UH will either hit or miss depending on player skill and enemy type, not accuracy, regardless of accessory, thanks to its unique spread pattern. The number of projectiles missing or hitting will be quite similar either.

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Also that’s a weird formula.

Here’s what I found when factoring accuracy:

DPUH: 3029050.8/((5/1.6)+2.3) is around 22K DPSCrammed UH: 16227100. 893/((10/2)+2.5) is around 19K DPS

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