Dragon Age Inquisition Best Two Handed Weapon Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition has no shortage of great weapons. These are the best in the game, and where you can find them.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is no Dark Souls, but its also not the easiest game out there. This is especially dependent on the difficulty setting the player chooses. On harder difficulties, equipment matters more than ever. It makes the difference between life and death.

Luckily, the crafting system in Inquisition is very easy to understand. It is in crafting schematics with the highest quality resources that create the best weapons in the game. These schematics are spread all over Thedas and can be rewards for war table missions, hidden in chests, or dropped by a difficult fight.

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It is agreed by all hardcore players that building your own weapons and armor is the way to go to get the highest stats. In terms of weapons, there are some schematics that are known to produce the best of the best weapons in terms of stats.

Updated on March 4, 2021, by Allison Stalberg: With its wide range of classes and playstyles, there are many quality weapon choices in Dragon Age: Inquisition. With its cast of characters, players also will likely want more than one of the best bows, staffs, shields, swords, axes, and daggers. After all, if Dorian has the best staff, what does one give Vivienne and Solas? What if the Inquisitor is short on resources for crafting? Don”t worry; there are plenty of strong weapons to spread across your party with various methods of obtaining.

15 One-Handed Weapon: Valos Atredum

Inquisitor in the Deep Roads by a ladder.
This strong one-handed weapon for the Warrior class is found in the Descent DLC. It s received by doing the sidequest, “On Broken Knees.” The quest starts in the Darkspawn Warrens where the player can find a Warden”s journal with a map. By following the map, the player will come upon a cache with gold, some accessories, and this unique one-handed weapon.

The item”s level is 26 and it has great buffs such as a 10 percent bonus to critical hit damage, gaining five points of guard on hit, 27 points of extra strength on the user, and a plus six percent chance to stagger on hit.

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14 Shield: Revered Defender Bulwark

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Shields are used by characters like Blackwall and Cassandra, and they are incredibly important in helping them stay alive and tank enemies. Many fans have agreed that the best shield in the game is the Revered Defender Bulwark. It is a schematic that is looted from an Ogre Alpha in the Descent DLC. (Most of the best schematics come from the DLCs).

Not only is the shield four-tiered in terms of add-ons, but it also has a lovely design with four blue diamond shapes that appear to be made of lyrium that glow in dark areas.

13 Bow: Elgar”nan Enaste

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Named after one of the elven gods, Elgar”nan Enaste is one of the best bows in Dragon Age: Inquisition. This can be great for Sera or a rogue Inquisitor. Its schematic can be found in the Trespasser DLC in the Shattered Library area. However, the chest is hidden behind purple flames which can only be crossed with the Knight Enchanter ability, Fade Wall, or with Anchor Discharge.

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The bow may be only discoverable by the near end-game, but you can keep schematics for other play-throughs with the Golden Nug Statue.

12 Two-Handed Weapon: Chromatic Greatsword

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This fascinating blade is another schematic found in Trespasser. It is a reward for doing an unmarked side quest at the Winter Palace. The quest is available after returning from the Shattered Library. In the southwest corner of the map, the player can find and set off fireworks. Setting off the fireworks earns points and 80 or more points rewards the player with the Chromatic Greatsword schematic.

To get the highest points, try to detonate the fireworks at the highest positions possible in the sky.

11 Daggers: Stone Stalker Blade

For rogue Inquisitors or players who want to turn Cole into an over-powered machine, the Stone Stalker Blade schematic is quite powerful. It has four tiers for players to customize it into the best set of murder knives.

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Like the best shield schematic available, this schematic is also found in the Deep Roads of the Descent DLC. Instead of a loot drop though, it is randomly located in one of the many chests the player finds.

10 One-Handed Weapon: Greatest Hits

For one-handed warriors, this blade schematic from Trespasser can really pack a punch. It is actually a reward for completing a war table operation called “Stop the Rumors.” However, the schematic is only received if the play does the operation with Leliana or Josephine.

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What”s unique about this sword is that it applies one of three buffs to any nearby party members. These buffs include armor bonuses, increased movement speed, and elemental and spirit resistances.

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9 Bow: Grunsmann”s Bow

Purely a schematic, this bow has plenty of space for upgrades. It has a grip and a rune slot. It is not the very best of them, but it is one that a lot of players use before having access to the stronger bows.

Getting it is pretty easy, as long as players have the Black Emporium DLC. The bow schematic is in the Schematics of Legend shop and can be bought for 12,156 gold.

8 Daggers: Blade Of Red Birth

This is the second best set of daggers in the game. What makes it second to the Stone Stalker Blade is that is has three tiers of customization instead of four. However, it can be much easier to get for players who don”t want to search every inch of the Deep Roads for whichever chest The Stone Stalker Blade ends up in.

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Getting the schematic for the Blade of Red Birth is easy. Just buy it at the Black Emporium. It is under Schematics of Legend and costs 8,478 gold.

7 Two-Handed Weapon: Axe Of The Dragon Hunter

For players who want to a strong two-handed weapon before doing Trespasser content for the first time, look no further than the Axe of the Dragon Hunter. This schematic is easy to obtain, as long as you have the money to spend and the Black Emporium DLC. At the Emporium, the schematic can be bought for 15,356 gold in the Schematics of Legend section of the shop.

There is also a non-customizable version of this axe that can be obtained by non-DLC players. It can be purchased by Bonny Sims at Skyhold for 11,540 gold. However, it will be weaker than craftable versions.

6 Staff: Encore Staff

Found in Trespasser, this schematic is known to make the most powerful mage staff in the game. Getting it can be a little bit of a journey though. Firstly, the player needs to loot a treasure map from a skeleton. The map will reveal four halla statues scattered in the Winter Palace. Get all four statues to receive the schematic for the Encore Staff.

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It has three tiers of customizable slots and it can cast buffs such as attack speed bonuses, damage bonuses, and an increase of health by two percent.

5 Two-Handed Weapon: Prismatic Greataxe

If you are not feeling the Chromatic Greatsword then the Prismatic Greataxe is another strong weapon for two-handed warriors. Like the greatsword, the schematic can be found in Trespasser. It is the reward for completing the war table mission, “Learn More about Dragons.” Luckily, the player can use any adviser and still get the schematic.

Like the greatsword, the greataxe has a unique design that looks almost otherworldly.

4 Staff: Staff Of Corruption

What may look like a copy of Orsino”s staff from Dragon Age 2 is actually one of the best staffs you can get in Inquisition. It is also pretty easy to get, as it is purchasable at the Black Emporium. It can be found among the Schematics of Legend and costs 16,956 gold.

That is pretty expensive, but worth it for its four customizable tier slots. Its great for any mage like Dorian, Vivienne, and Solas (though maybe take it off Solas before the end game so that you can keep it).

3 Bow: Hakkon”s Wrath

Another one of the best bows out there is available in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC. It can be received before or after the quest “Ameridan”s End” in the Old Temple. The player just has to read a Veilfire rune in the area. The bow has four customizable slots.

2 One-Handed Weapon: Truncheon of the Master

The level 19 Truncheon of the Master can be a bit difficult to obtain as it is a random reward for completing the Trials that come with the Trespasser DLC. There are a vast number of trials such as “Even Ground” where enemies scale to always be at least the same level as the Inquisitor and Fair-Weather friends, which also doubles any disapproval from companions.

As the player does these Trials, they get special shipments that may come with this mace.

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1 Shield: The Knight”s Second

Another great shield comes from Trespasser content. The Knight”s Second has buffs such as an added 30 percent to front defense, a six percent boost to melee defense, and it blocks one melee attack every 30 seconds.

To get the shield, players need to complete the War Table mission, Aiding Kirkwall or Annexing Kirkwall. Most importantly, they need to complete this with Cullen, not Leliana or Josephine.

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