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What is the best time to play ranked LoL? 5 tips for you

When is the best time to play ranked?

League of Legends players are always wondering what time they should queue up for ranked games. This can be a tough question because there are so many factors that determine when you have the highest chance of winning your game.

The best time to play ranked league is actually quite simple, but it’s not necessarily obvious. We’ve done all the math and research so you don’t have to! You’ll find our answer at the bottom of this article.

What is the best time to play ranked LoL?
What is the best time to play ranked LoL?

What is the best time to play ranked LoL?

The best time to play ranked League of Legends is the afternoon time, between 16-24. This best time to play ranked League of Legends is best for European players because this best time to play ranked starts when school ends in Europe and before midnight.

The best time to play ranked League of Legends best hours are between 20-24 hour best time. This is because people from United States comes home from work and starts playing best time for ranked.

With the assumption that most people in grade school go from 8 AM to 3 PM and most work/eat dinner until about 8 PM on weekends, these cells have been shaded in.

This means if you’d prefer only playing with college-aged kids then stay clear of Red Block times where they are likely still attending class or finishing up their last few hours at home for the week; instead play Green Blocking Cell Phone Games during those quieter hours when high school has let out but not yet gone completely off campus!

Playing Ranked

It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you’re playing, everyone has their own way to play and learn. There will always be someone who labels themselves as better than the rest because they know how everything works without having experienced anything firsthand; however it is important not take these negative comments too seriously!

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The best advice we can give would be: just have fun with learning new things- practice makes perfect after all so hit up those tutorials whenever possible for some extra help on whether something feels off during gameplay sessions.

If you’re new to the game, just say so. If they want something done a certain way and can see that it’s not your expertise then offer up an explanation for why- this will let people know if there’s anything wrong with what I’m trying or how experienced ive been playing in general before now!

Practicing a New Champion

To increase your rank, it’s important to play during the evening hours and weekends. This is when most players are active on North American servers due in large part because more people will be playing League of Legends than other games at those times!

When you have more players queueing up on League of Legends, this makes it so that the matchmaking system has an increased number of options for creating games. This means to get paired up with other people close in skill and experience who are also enjoying themselves!

When is a good time to queue for ranked?
When is a good time to queue for ranked?

When I Play

When I have the day off from work and feel like playing League earlier in my schedule, then usually before 5 PM. Usually will hop on after dinner or during lunch break if there’s an ARAM going on that is open to everyone around me!

These little social sessions give us a chance play with friends even when we aren’t able for ranked games later down line.

If you’re tired then go ahead with normal queue instead of doing another long battle against all sorts enemies trying your best just get past rank 4 so they can finally buff up Ezreal again.

Think about League just as you would think of any other sport.

When competing in a game when your ready for it or not at the moment, then there’s no chance to do well because if both parties are playing equally matched up against each other nothing will stick out like what they were doing before so make sure this doesn’t happen by only playing during certain times when others aren’t around.

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People queue up for ranked matches when they’re not ready physically and/or mentally, only to find themselves struggling with the additional stress caused by competition.

This leads some toxic players- who have poor self awareness or maturity due in part from being online all day long playing video games – lash out at other players because of their own emotions getting the best of them during an important game that could affect how much ranking points are worth at season’s end.

The individual has chosen what is good enough over his mental health which ultimately hurts everyone else on this server too through mutual suffering!


What is the best time to play ranked Apex?

For me on EUW the best times are from like 9:00 or 10:00 to 13:00 and 14. A lot of people are at work or school, but not too many so matchmaking gets all messed up during those hours for some reason (maybe because there’s less players). This is around plat Elo – which makes sense since most high elo folks don’t play much after they’ve reached rank 5 in solo queue!

What level should you play ranked?

Increasing your rank in League of Legends is an achievable goal for many players. The 20 champions you need to reach level 30 are not too difficult, as they can be acquired through normal matches or by playing co-op vs AI mode if preferred.

However the ranked system does require drafting which adds another element into making sure that all members have what it takes before getting onto Summoner’s Rift!

How many lol games should I play a day?

I think it’s important to be playing at least three or four games per day, if you want your mechanics improved.

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You should aim for five especially in case of an ADC role like me who spends most time on auto-attacks and movement speed runes! For jungle though I can do with less than 3 game days since there are other factors involved such as farming patterns etcetera that need more attention.”

Is it too late to get LoL?

The game is always fun even if you are not good at it. You will have a ton of people with years experience and start from your first normal match, but don’t let this discourage you! It’s never too late to learn how to play League Of Legends.

Is League of Legend dying?

In a world where video games are becoming increasingly popular, League of Legends still has around 30 million players every day.

Is League of Legends a Dying Game?
Is League of Legend dying?

Despite being released more than 10 years ago and not getting much attention from developers until recently with updates promoting Ranked Matches mode in 2018 which have seen fast growth spurt due to its success so far.

The active community for this game currently stands at 40 Million players but even after ten plus years since it’s release there seems no sign that these numbers will die down anytime soon thanks largely to people staying at home rather then going out gaming publicly as was typical before now.


After reading this blog post, you should now know the best time to play ranked League of Legends. You can start by playing on Monday or Friday evenings after 7pm EST when fewer people are online and it is easier for your team to climb up in rankings with less competition.

If you want some additional tips on how to rank higher, make sure that each player has a diverse champion pool so they can take advantage of different situations that arise during gameplay.

And don’t forget about proper communication! We hope our end-of-the week tip will help you have an enjoyable experience while climbing the ranks in League of Legends. Got any questions? Let us know below!

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