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The Fray is an American rock band from Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2002 by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King, they achieved success with the release of their debut album, How to Save a Life in 2005, which was certified double platinum by the RIAA and platinum in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. The Fray achieved national success with their first single, “Over My Head (Cable Car)”, which became a top ten hit in the United States. The release of their second single, “How to Save a Life”, brought the band worldwide fame. The song charted in the top three of the Billboard Hot 100 and was a top 5 single in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.The group’s self-titled, second album, released in 2009, debuted at number-one on the Billboard charts and was certified gold in the United States, Australia, and Canada. It was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2010. While both the albums were commercially successful, critical reception was mixed. The Fray was ranked No. 84 on Billboard‘s “Artists of the Decade” list. Their third album Scars & Stories, released in 2012, achieved moderate commercial success; debuting and peaking at number four on the Billboard 200. The album again received mixed reviews from critics. The band’s fourth album, Helios, was released in February 2014. The band’s compilation album, Through the Years: The Best of the Fray, was released in November 2016. Here are all of The Fray’s songs ranked.

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20. Heartless (The Fray, 2009)

“This is actually the first song that’s made me go wow…like a lot of people cry over songs and I’m completely untouched, but this song somehow really gets me. I don’t know if it’s the tune or the meaning or both, but wow, what a song!”

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19. Rainy Zurich (Scars & Stories, 2012)

“This is one of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard.. it should be definitely higher on this list.

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This is the best of the fray Really the best. The melody matches the classy lyric! “

18. Love Don’t Die (Helios, 2014)

“I have to admit this isn’t my favorite song, but if I actually tried to pick one out of all these absolutely beautiful MASTERPIECES I just know my head will EXPLODE =P So I’m gonna settle for voting for one that I think should be higher on the list.”


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5. Look After You (Live at the Electric Factory: Bootleg No. 1, 2006)

“This song has a vibe and feeling that no other on this list has. It can relax your nerves and send you on an emotional and spiritual ride. I love it for its amazing simplicity and the way it can invoke my own past experiences and emotions”

4. Over My Head (How to Save a Life, 2005)

“I’m sorry, but this should be tied number one with How To Save The Life, or at least second… It is infinitely better than You Found Me and Look After You… I am absolutely in love with this song, anyone would be, really”

3. Never Say Never (The Fray, 2009)

“At the starting of the song, the synthesizer part is simply awesome. The first time when I heard this song, I simply fell in love with it. It really should be in the top 3 and this song ACTUALLY deserves to be in it. To whoever who is reading this comment, I request you to hear this song rather than hearing the justin bieber song…”

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2. You Found Me (The Fray, 2009)

“This was an incredible song, can’t believe a human being wrote that song, it’s awesome, the more you listen to it the more addicted you become to the song, it’s like food to the soul, it makes the soul grow fonder, the lyrics is unbelievable, if you haven’t heard this song before you ain’t in this world, believe me. This is by far the best rock song. I heard this song previously on the “rick dees show” way back, just downloaded it now and rocking it every second every minute of the day”

1. How to Save a Life (How to Save a Life, 2005)

“This song is old but still brings tears to my eyes. It really does combine all the inner frustrations that come with seeing someone you love fall apart right in front of you without being able to do a thing about it. Definitely speaks to the heart.”

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