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There are a lot of different crates in Team Fortress 2 with a lot of different items worth a lot of different amounts of money. Not all crates are created equal however, and I’d assume you want to ensure you get the best items after dropping your hard earned money on a key. These 5 crates will ensure you get the best bang for your buck, or rather kash for your key (at the time of writing).

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5. Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #30

The Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crates are older, but still hold massive value. They were created to be extremely rare but hold the most valuable items, and this one is the top of the bunch. The value in these are based more around the stranges you can get rather than the unusuals, with this one most notably containing the Strange Gunslinger and Kritzkrieg.

Why This Crate Is One of the Best To Open:

Strange GunslingerStrange KritzkriegStrange MachinaSeries 2 Unusual

4.Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #50

This is the second best of the Salvaged crate line, and still the second best bang for your key. The best item from this crate is the Strange Bacon grease, which makes a Frying Pan strange, but it also has the Strange Original and PDA, which are worth some pretty pennies. You can also get unusuals from all 3 of the first series instead of just the second one.

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Why This Crate Is One of the Best To Open:

Strange Bacon GreaseStrange OriginalStrange PDAAny series 1-3 unusual

3.Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #40

This is the last salvaged crate on the list, and the value of the items drops off by a lot. It still has good items though, most notably the Strange Huntsman. It also has the Strange Widowmaker, and unusuals from all 3 original series, so it’s still not bad to unbox.

Why This Crate Is One of the Best To Open:

Strange HuntsmanStrange WidowmakerAny series 1-3 unusual

2. Select Reserve Mann Co. Supply Crate #60


This is a really interesting crate, because you can get random strangifiers out of it. It also has the Strange Loose Cannon and series 1-3 unusuals. This could be really worthwhile to unbox if you get lucky with the strangifiers.

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Why This Crate Is One of the Best To Open:

Random StrangifiersStrange Loose CannonSeries 1-3 unusuals

1.Mann Co. Audition Reel


This crate is from back in the love and war update, and only contains taunts. The taunts contained within are still very valuable, and you can get them in unusual quality which makes them even more valuable, not to mention really cool. Overall, despite being the lowest on the list, it’s still a good kash for your buck.

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