Ranking The Best Team To Use In Madden 16 Ratings Reveal Best Teams In The Nfl

Here are the best teams in the NFL, according to their Madden 16 ratings, the worst teams in the NFL and a look at the team with the biggest change in ratings from last year.

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The Madden 16 release date is just weeks away and we know the best Madden 16 teams and the best Madden 16 players at each position, which will help you pick out a team to take on your friends.

This may be more important than ever if you are a San Francisco 49’ers fan as Madden rates the team as a 78 — a 12 point drop from last year. The Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints also drop dramatically coming down 9 points and 8 points respectively.

We may see the New York Jets rating change thanks to Geno Smith’s broken jaw after a team-mate punched him in the locker room and put him out for 6-10 weeks.


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Here are the best Madden 16 teams.

The Madden 16 ratings for teams and players change each week based on performance, so this is not a static look at how the teams will play throughout the year, but it is a good starting point.

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In Madden 16 the initial ratings come from the Madden Ratings Czar who oversaw ratings in the game for many years, but he will not play a role in the updated ratings each week.

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The Madden 16 release date is August 25th. There is no Madden 16 demo to try the game, but you can play Madden 16 early on Xbox One with EA Access.

Best Madden 16 Teams

The table below shows the best Madden 16 teams, the worst Madden 16 teams and the change from their rating at the start of Madden 15. There is a major shift for some teams from last year. If you plan to play with the regular teams online this is a good look at what you can expect. This will not influence the start of Madden Ultimate teams that are based on the player ratings on cards collected.

TeamMadden 16 RatingsMadden 15 RatingsChange
Seattle Seahawks 91 91
New England Patriots 91 88 3
Green Bay Packers 90 88 2
Denver Broncos 89 90 -1
Indianapolis Colts 87 83 4
Dallas Cowboys 86 81 5
Baltimore Ravens 85 84 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 84 78 6
Philadelphia Eagles 84 85 -1
Cincinnati Bengals 84 86 -2
Detroit Lions 83 80 3
San Diego Chargers 82 83 -1
Arizona Cardinals 82 80 2
Kansas City Chiefs 82 82
Miami Dolphins 81 79 2
Carolina Panthers 80 84 -4
Buffalo Bills 79 75 4
Houston Texans 79 76 3
San Francisco 49ers 78 90 -12
New Orleans Saints 78 86 -8
St. Louis Rams 78 77 1
NY Giants 77 76 1
Atlanta Falcons 77 79 -2
Minnesota Vikings 77 76 1
New york Jets 76 78 -2
Chicago Bears 75 84 -9
Washington Redskins 75 75
Cleveland Browns 75 75
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 74 77 -3
Oakland Raiders 74 72 2
Jacksonville Jaguars 73 73
Tennessee Titans 72 74 -2
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The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots are tied with a 91 rating. It is not clear if either rating will deflate in the opening week. Green Bay comes in third with 90. The Oakland Raiders rise from last place, and the Tennessee Titans take home last place with a 72 rating.

Madden 16 Team Ratings Breakdown

Check out the individual breakdown for each of the NFL teams in Madden 16 over on EA, where they list the top players on each team and some of the reasons for the ratings.

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You can also check out the rest of the Madden 16 ratings for the top players at each position on EA. Expect to see some updates after the first week of play, but it is not clear if the NFL preseason will change any team or individual ratings.

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