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List 19 Best team comp TFT [Updated 2021]

You want to build a team comp but don’t know what the best way is. There are lots of ways you can go about building a team, and it’s hard to figure out which one is the best option for your situation.

In this guide we’ll walk through how to find the perfect champion for each role, as well as how to decide on your jungle and support picks.

We’ll also cover some general tips that will help you build a strong team composition no matter what strategy or playstyle you prefer! Let’s find out Best team comp TFT with lisbdnet.com!

List 19 Best team comp TFT
List 19 Best team comp TFT

200 Years: S-tier – Best team comp TFT

TFT 200 Years Team Comp (Patch 11.19)

Aphelios is still a strong carry, but his ability has been heavily modified to allow him more spamming. Teemo was found by players as an excellent candidate for use with Invoker and Apheilios in order achieve this goal of rapid fire attacks on enemies without interruption from their foes’ defenses

Aphesis hasn’t changed much since its original release; however it’s now possible thanks entirely due one hero -The Demon Lord High Templar (TTLH) or also known simply under “TeemO”. With how quickly these triggers can fire off there shouldn’t really need any other considerations when using APHOIOS

Team Comp Description – Best team comp TFT

The Aphelios comp revolves around a powerful main carry that can also function as the secondary lethality stomper, backed up by strong utility and frontline units.

In order for this to work you will want 6 Nightbringer on your side of things but it’ll be worth replacing weaker allies if they fall in battle later game because stronger enemies are waiting at each turn!

When to make

Transitioning from Nightbringers to Aphelios is possible with a good start of Ranger units, but it can be tricky. Since the prerequisites for both comps are quite different – you’ll need strong items and troops in order for this transition work well!

The Culling: S-tier

TFT The Culling Team Comp (Patch 11.19)

This composition is still a powerhouse in the late game because of Lucian’s powerful carry potential. However, with Akshan as an option for those who like to try their luck once things have gone long enough – this combo may be even more dangerous than before!

Team Comp Description

A Vertical Composition, or V.C for short revolves around the dynamic duo of Lucian and 6 Sentinels to provide you with a strong mid game presence while also being able to play reactively if needed in order secure an early kill!

When to make

The Sentinels Challenge is a good comp for those who are at the start of their journey with this character. It’s also great if you have some Lucian items already or know how to play them well!

6 Assassins: S-tier

List 19 Best team comp TFT

Nocturne is a powerful champion in the right hands, but it has been struggling with comps that run things like Ironclad and Knights. With enough 3-star rated heroes though, this champion will still be able to perform well against all these tough competitors at an optimal level!

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Team Comp Description

This comp revolves around the dark, vengeful spirit Nocturne and uses her abilities to burst down an enemy backline. The power spikes in mid-game when she is up against vulnerable targets but can struggle without a carry like Fiddlesticks or another high damage dealer with access to his ultimate ability (such as Maokai).

When to make

If you have a good start on your character and items, then go for this competition.

Hasagi: S-tier

TFT Hasagi Team Comp (Patch 11.19)

Yasuo and Lee Sin are still solid carries in the meta, but they’re not as strong as before.

The change that Riot has made to their items might have something do with this decline of power for these two champs? We’ll just see how it goes!

Team Comp Description

In this comp, Nightbringer units are invaluable for their ability to take down towers and provide a frontline against enemies. With Yasuo as the main carry with his high damage potentials throughout the fight they make him even more powerful than he already is!

When to make

When building a Yasuo comp, finding good items for him is key. You want to have at least one copy of each item because if you can 3-star his main Carry position with them then your team will be set!

Abomination Squid: S-tier

TFT Abomination Squid Team Comp Patch 11.18

The new change to Spellweavers makes Vel’Koz quite the interesting carry. With a meta heavy in AD, it will be hard for any other ranged champions like Graves or Jinx who rely heavily on physical damage and cannot get close enough against these tanks with their spells that do minimal amount of harm due to range limitations alone!
Team Comp Description

This comp uses Abomination to bring some frontline and utility while Vel’Koz deals more damage from the backline.

When to make

Go for this competition if you have a good start of Abomination units and items that can help either Vel’Koz or an Abomination.

Business Major: S-tier

TFT Business Major Team Comp (Patch 11.16)

It’s been a while since the last patch but that doesn’t mean we’re giving up hope on this one. It can be really powerful if you manage to complete it, which won’t happen without some tough work!

Team Comp Description

This comp uses the Draconic trait in order to get a strong economy going that will be very difficult for your opponent’s army. Ideally, you want level 9 and 10 so that 5-cost units can easily upgrade with their power boosts when played later on down the line!

When to make

If you’re lucky enough to get Draconic on turn one, this card is your best bet.

The early game curve can be tough without a strong economy and it may not play out in the same way again at higher ranks where opponents will probably have more expensive units ready by then that contest for control points or zones before they go off like fire hoses downing any 5 coster put up against them (unless those are characters).

Make it Rain: S-tier

TFT Make it Rain Team Comp (Patch 11.19)

Team Comp Description

This is a slow-paced defile comp, revolving around units like Hecarim and Miss Fortune. The former acts as the main tank while the latter provides backline damage for this drake orientated team composition.

When to make

This comp is a better bet if you have many copies of one of your 3 star candidates. Items are flexible as Hecarim covers defensive items and Miss Fortune uses Ability Power items to cover her weaknesses in combat, which may be why this composition has been so effective for teams across the board!

Forgotten Draven: S-tier

Forgotten Draven TFT Team Comp (Patch 11.17)

It’s not just Nidalee who has been getting stronger. After her recent buff, draven now sits in the top of many meta tier lists for both solo queue and competitive play alike- his unique combination with other champions makes him an asset any team needs to take advantage or be left behind.”

Team Comp Description

This comp centers around the Forgotten units and uses Draven as a dual backline carry, who can hold just about any attack damage item.

Miss Fortune is also great for holding magic items in her inventory! Hecarim would be an ideal candidate with defensive gear because of how durable he already is on his own without having to rely too heavily upon others’ help from behind-the-scenes All hail King Jokester !!!

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When to make

If you’re looking for a comp that is challenging, try this one! It’s perfect if your team has a great start and decent items.

Jax Smacks: A-tier

Jax Smacks TFT Team Comp (Patch 11.17)

Jax has been a solid carry choice for some time now, but the nerfs this patch are quite sizable. We’re moving him down one tier with these changes and he might not be as consistent anymore in his performances on stage due to how much less effective Teleport is against tanks who can redirect all of your damage into them or reflect it back at you if they’re playing correctly too!

JAX hasn’t changed much since last season – same kit intact; just got weaker post-patch so people must adjust their playstyle accordingly

Team Comp Description

This comp revolves around Jax as the main carry in a Skirmisher and Knight team composition. This strategy will continuously be able to push down lanes, while also contesting objectives late game when other teams have stronger late-game powerhouses like Ahri or Orianna on their side of the field.

When to make

If you are a great Shuriken user, then go ahead and try out this brawl. The most important thing for Jax is that his attack damage items will not be underestimated in battle; however it’s best if he has Last Whisper or Bloodthirster as backups!

Vayne Mechanics: A-tier

Vayne Mechanics TFT Team Comp (Patch 11.17)

Vayne was once a powerful carry option, but she’s fallen off in recent years. She still has those moments where you can tell she is going to kill your opponent and pull out the win for her team – it just isn’t as consistent of an ability like before when carrying games with Vaynes weren’t uncommon!

Team Comp Description

Vayne’s true power lies in the ability to shred enemies with a combination of her high attack speed and damage. With this comp filled out, she can take down any tank like butter!

When to make

Don’t go for this comp if you don’t have any Vayne items, and try not to get caught with a lot of copies early on.

Kayle Stall 2.0: A-tier

TFT Kayle Stall 2.0 Team Comp (Patch 11.16)

Kayle’s been a dominating force since her buffs from last patch.

Team Comp Description

The comp uses the 6 Knight Trait to create a very tanky frontline. This buys time for Kayle’s ascensions, turning her into an powerful late game carry!

When to make

Kayle is an amazing champion with the unique ability to heal her allies and damage enemies. She also has decent passive stats that make it easy to gear up, so get started today!

Chug Bug: A-tier

TFT Chug Bug Team Comp (Patch 11.19)

Team Comp Description

In this comp, you’ll be playing as Gragas and Kha’Zix. You should slow roll for them if they’re in danger or need help from their team while slowing down other units like Pyke or Soraka along the way! In late game situations depending on which Emblems I have equipped (Assassin & Dawnbringer), it’s possible to go a level higher than Assassin or take instead of Brawler

When to make

The new Gragas and Kha’Zix champion releases are right around the corner, which means it is time to start building up your collection. If you have a good jump on copies of these two iconic fighters from season three or four then go for this competition!

Having strong items in order to build towards them will give players an edge over potential opponents who don’t yet own those skins or other related merchandise.

4 Invokers: A-tier

TFT 4 Invokers Team Comp (Patch 11.19)

Team Comp Description

This comp is a late-game oriented team with an emphasis on magic damage. With the Invoker trait, it has access to powerful spells and abilities that will be hard for opponents defenses but easy when you have enough resources at your disposal in later stages of gameplay

When to make

If you have a strong economy and good start with karma, take this comp. You can also transition into it from the Dawnbringer Karma Comp to reach your late game stronger!

Dawnbringer Karma: A-tier

Dawnbringer Karma TFT Team Comp (Patch 11.15)

Karma is a powerful magic damage carry, but she has been surpassed by other players.

Team Comp Description

This comp uses Karma as the main damage carry and her signature weapon, The Dawnbringer. This powerful sword provides massive amounts of armor-piercing magic that can help you clear through any enemy in just one hit!

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You’ll also want to buy items like an Riven because she has two different styles for when it comes time for mid game fights or late game battles with multiple enemies on their team.

When to make

The perfect time to get the Dawnbringers mastery is now! If you have items with good karma, and a solid start in-game then this could be your lucky day..

A-A-Trox: A-tier

A-A-Trox TFT Team Comp (Patch 11.17)

Aatrox might be a 1-cost champion, but the recent hotfix has caused his power level to drop dramatically.

Team Comp Description

The “Slow Roll” composition is a new meta in League of Legends as it focuses on stacking Aatrox, Kalista and Leona. The comp then transitions into 6 Redeemed with Revenant units for more utility and frontline power-ups!

When to make

If you’re lucky enough to find a lot of copies of Kalista and Aatrox, go for it. Leona is also worth considering but those two are the priority if we have any hope in hell of getting them before they sell out!

Yordle Portal: B-tier

TFT Yordle Portal Team Comp (Patch 11.16)

Ever since the hotfix, yordles haven’t been doing so well.

Team Comp Description

This comp revolves around the Hellion trait and uses Tristana as a main carry. This version doesn’t use Cannoneer, instead going for 8 hellions in order to get that large attack speed buff!

When to make

If you have already mastered the art of playing Hellions and are comfortable with Tristana items, go for this competition.

Raka Reroll: B-tier

TFT Raka Reroll Team Comp (Patch 11.16)

Soraka may never become a meta carry again, but it can be fun to try out in normals.

Team Comp Description

The rerolling comp focuses on Soraka and Irelia, two cost units in order to maximize the utility of their abilities. Rakan is also present for more utiltiy while other 2-cost or synergy assembling units can be found throughout the team composition that revolves around it!

When to make

If you have good Soraka items and a bunch of copies on her, I recommend going for this competition.

Bombs Away: B-tier

Bombs Away TFT Team Comp (Patch 11.17)

The change to Spellweavers might make this comp an interesting idea, but we’re not sold just yet.

Team Comp Description

This comp looks to use Ziggs, a midlaner with high mobility and ability power capabilities through his spells.

The team’s main carry becomes Hellions in order for him to score kills easier on champions like Lee Sin who can kite better than most anti-tank units if they’ve been getting attacked by one too many auto attack beats all day long because of how large their pool size gets from blue buff; this will allow them not only farm more efficiently but also get ahead early game before scaling into late game

When to make

Ziggs is a very powerful champion with many skills and abilities to master.

However, he can be especially frustrating early on when players don’t have many items or experience points in their inventory due to his high cost for mastery which means less people will want him as one of the team’s main carries instead of just slotting him into another role where they may not know how best utilize all his potential options so make sure you get him if there are copies available!

Broken Blade: B-tier

TFT Broken Blade Team Comp (Patch 11.16)

I have a feeling this might not be the best comp for me, but I’m just going to give it one more try.

Team Comp Description

This comp revolves around 3-starring Riven and possibly Nidalee as the main carries of your team. The rest provide utility, synergy abilities to buff up our favorite champions with!

When to make

Going for this competition will help you get a strong grip on the current meta. 3-Starring is key to success, so make sure that your items are updated and have good Riven or Nidalee copies attached!


If you’re looking for the best team composition, then this might be a good place to start. You can read about how each hero should be used in your TFT strategy and what their strengths are so that you’ll know if they’ll fit into your lineup well or not.

We hope this guide will help you find the right heroes to create an unbeatable line-up! Which of these heroes have been most successful on your side?

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