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12 Best Tank Junglers in League of Legends 2021

The jungle is a dangerous place. How do you survive?

You need to know what champions to pick and how to play them effectively. That’s why we created this guide, so that you can learn the best tank junglers in League of Legends right now.

We all know that jungling is important in League of Legends, but most people suck at it because they don’t have a good guide to follow. This guide will show you the best way to jungle using tanks like Amumu or Sejuani.

best tank junglers
best tank junglers

Top 12 Best Tank Junglers season 11



The berserker’s call is Olaf’s bread and butter. This skill gives him a great steroid and allows him to stick on his targets.

As he scales up and gets more and more tanky, this skill makes him impossible to kite without extreme measures like cleanse or quicksilver sash. Viking code of conduct goes very well with Olaf’s kit. His ghost makes him a monster in teamfights and he becomes nearly unkillable.

The berserker’s call is also what allows Olaf to excel at clearing jungle camps early on.

Just about all of his skills do some form of AoE damage and means that he can clear the wraiths and wolves extremely quick as well as any other camp he encounters.

Olaf is a very strong pick for junglers currently and can hold his own against most matchups. Although he does have to worry about ranged harass, once he gets the berserker’s call maxed out.

Olaf becomes an unstoppable force that can bring even the tankiest champion down in seconiness and passive making his face tank the enemy team. His taunt (tremors) does percentage based damage and is perfect at taking out that fed assassin that is diving your carry.



In the jungle, Amumu is a very powerful start. He has high kill potential and can counter many of the top junglers in their own jungle.

In lane he could be considered to be terrible because he has 0 sustain at early levels and no escape meaning that it’s quite easy to gank for most mid laners if you get counter picked.

He’s also easily counter picked and can’t really carry games. He is a very good tank and has some of the best initiation in the game which makes him an excellent pick against squishy teams.




  • Best initiation in game with ultimate (nobody wants to get hit by 600+ damage). She’s basically a mini malphite ult but with less damage output and more team utility if used correctly .
  • She has tenacity on W so she can reduce’s CC duration including slows and snares.
  • She has a free cleanse every 6 seconds with W ability
  • Outranges everyone, if you can’t catch her she’s basically dead because when she gets in range to cast her abilities (which are all up close) she can do some serious damage. Her passive also allows her to deal extra damage when they’re lower health early game which makes it extremely hard to trade with her when low HP.


She is only viable in 5v5 games not 3v3s or normal games so be aware of that before going into ranked queue and thinking you’ll get a lot of tank jungler picks cause you won’t, I’m 99% sure nobody will pick her unless its 5v5, there are much better junglers than poppy in 3v3 and normal games.

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Sion is a great choice for those who want to play the role of a tanky jungler who offers utility and cc while also being able to kill camps quickly and take objectives like dragon or baron.

His Q (Decimating smash) does % maximum health damage and knocks enemies up while his W (Roar of the Slayer) does a decent amount of damage and slows.

His E is a point-and-click root that can be used to catch fleeing opponents or help him stick on a target by rooting them as he dashes toward them, then activating Q for that knockup.

Sion’s passive lets him pick up some resists when he levels, which makes him rather durable in the jungle against monsters with physical attacks.

He also has an execute ability so you don’t have to smite every large monster you see to get the extra gold. In teamfights, Sion can peel or dive depending on what you need from him at any given time and brings plenty of cc to the table.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo
Dr. Mundo

Mundo is now the best tank jungler. Before he was nerfed, he still ranked at the bottom of tier list for this role. Now with his additional health to passive which synergizes well with Spirit Stone and Randiun’s Omen you can see why he is the best tank junglers.

His clear speed is not much different than before but he has great ganks with Infected Cleaver and can counter jungle very effectively. With this combination of skills, he is able to easily steal the blue buffs from the carry jungler such as Nunu or Master Yi.

Mundo’s role in team fights: Mundo’s role in a team fight is to do a lot of damage while staying alive. He needs to make sure he is always in the back of his team so he can maximize his durability by using Sadism.

He will need to be able to tank all the damage from the enemy team while being able to stay alive until his carries are able to destroy them. Also if Mundo’s team has another tank jungler, he has the option to go in first and soak up all the damage while his team comes in to clean up.



Sejuani is the best tank jungler in LOL currently. She has great initiation power and crowd control ability to make her enemies go back to base before she even reach lvl 6.

For example, when all of team members are pushing mid lane or bottom lane, she can easily counter-gank enemies with ultimate to make her team successful.

She is the only one tank jungler who can initiate beautifully with ultimates, but she has her weakness too. If enemy team doesn’t have much cc(crowd control), she becomes a useless champion until lvl 6.



Skarner is a champion with the ability to start team fights, resist all kinds of attacks and damage while pick offing enemies.

Skarners’ most famous feature would have been its diamond skin which besides providing an excellent shield grants him movement speed in combat. This makes skarner one contender for top 4 who deserves it!



Udyr is a champion with an aspect of tankyness combined with high damage output. He has really good base stats for early game ganking with his Bear Stance giving him movement speed.

Using your Tiger Stance to initiate will allow you to sustain your mana while also doing some nice damage. With the movement speed of Bear Stance, Udyr can easily run away or chase down his enemy.



With his rework I consider it as a second chance for Voli. He is able to kill all camps really fast and even has chances to solo dragon very early in the game.

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This combined with a bit of tankiness, high movement speed and a good 1v1 damage makes him one of the best junglers atm.



Rammus is probably the best choice for all-around tankiness. His ganking power is nothing to scoff at either, with a multi-target stun on an 8 second cooldown, and he’s incredibly durable in his own jungle.

Rammus is also one of the few viable junglers that can shrug off magic damage with Puncturing Taunt, rendering him all but immune to most magic damage dealers’ ganks while freeing up an extra summoner spell slot.



Kha’Zix is one of the champions who benefits greatly from AD assassins items. With Kha’s new lethality build, he can now do even more burst damage in a short amount time!

The recent buffs for these powerful, but risky! – equipment has made them an absolutely necessary addition to any serious player’s arsenal.

The bonuses they provide are too good not give up on: increased Critical Strike Chance and Attack Speed seem like small gains at first glance but by stacking multiple sets together you’ll find yourself firing off your next attacks faster than ever before-and with pinpoint accuracy thanksThanks largely due t othe Assassin Items’ passive ability which lets



Nunu is the next S-tier jungler in League of Legends, and he’s not something you want to deal with.

With a win rate around 57 or 59%, Nunu will bring your enemies down fast if played correctly thanks to his Sunfire Aegis armor along with Dead Man’s Plate – two tank items that were just buffed by Riot Games themselves!

His Immolate damage has also gone up due their newest change which makes him even deadlier at taking out tanks like these on top teams right now; but don’t worry because Spirit Visage gives healing as well shield?

It’ll keep them alive long enough for everyone else get aggressive too while they’re waiting there patiently behind protections from incoming attacks.

What is a tank jungler?

A tank jungler is a champion that focuses on disrupting the enemy team while being resistant enough to be able to survive initiation from the opposing team.

They are typically strong at initiating, though not always. Tanks can vary in play-style and item build but their main role throughout the game is to take damage for their carry while dishing out their own.

Pros and Cons of using a tank jungler


  • If you are in the jungle, your team will feel safer when you gank. They know that if there is a tank in your team, it’ll be harder for you to die in lane.
  • When the enemy jungler comes to gank, they must think twice because most of the time, you’ll be the one dealing most of the damage.
  • You can help your team secure objectives like dragon or baron. I think this is one of the biggest roles of a jungler, to help your team secure these objectives. If your enemy jungler is helping their own laner take down an objective, it is one less person in your team that can do something else.
  • If you gank and get a kill, you’ll be ahead of your opponent. If they fall behind even just a little bit, it makes them very vulnerable in lane and thus they will eventually lose the lane.


  • You need to be very familiar with your champion and his abilities. A tank jungler needs a lot of cc in order for their ganks to work. If you don’t have a hard cc, it’s better for you not to go in the jungle since they will probably escape from you.
  • It takes time to master your jungle path. It is very easy to counter jungle a tank jungler because you’ll always start on the other side of the map and your opponent’s gromp will be up already.
  • Your laning phase won’t be as good as it usually is, compared with an assassin or fighter champion. You don’t have the damage output that they have, so if the enemy laner decides to fight you, there’s a high chance that you’ll lose your turret.
  • You are not a carry in teamfights. Most of the time, tanks are meant to protect their carries and do cc. This is why it’s necessary for them to build tanky.
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Tips for playing Best Tank Junglers ?

For the support player, there are nerfs or buffs that can easily impact the game. You need to know your champion’s limits and be ready to change it up if things aren’t working out.

For Top laner, they can roam around to other lanes or try to take the whole minion wave for themselves. Jungler is different because you cannot solo jungle without a leash from either the Top laner or the Support.

This means that you can’t make any mistakes in your route and you have to be very perceptive about how much health is left on each camp if you want to utilize your entire jungle efficiently.

You need to respond quickly when a gank is needed and it’s up to you whether you’re going to gank the Top lane or the Mid lane.

If you’re not doing well, it’s often hard for your team to carry through because they can’t rely on you as much as other roles in the game.

On the other hand, if you do well and snowball off your advantage, it ends up backfiring because then your team ends up losing more than if you just lose that matchup. This is the curse of the Jungler and this is why they’re often called “the most important role in League.”


Who is the best tank Jungler?

The role of the tank jungler is simple, being durable enough to stay healthy for ganks and teamfights while still being able to farm up so you can be useful in the mid and late game.

Champions like Maokai, Sejuani, Cho’Gath, Amumu, and Skarner are great choices when playing the tank role in the jungle.

What Junglers beat tanks?

Lee Sin, Kha’Zix, Elise, Evelynn and Kayle are the best anti-tank junglers. Or rather, these champions don’t even care about the tankiness of the enemy “promoted minion”. They just do what they always do: dive into their backline and kill them before they can react.

Is Volibear a tank Jungler?

Volibear isn’t the best tank in the game, but that doesn’t mean he can’t jungle. As of right now, Nocturne is probably the best tank jungler because not only does his ganks hit like a truck, but he also has an extremely helpful shield to save himself or his teammates.

However Voli’s ganks are just as good as Nocturne’s, and Voli is a much better duelist than Nocturne. So if you’re struggling against another tank jungler pick up Volibear and have fun wrecking tanks.


When it comes to the best tank junglers, there are many different champions that can be used in this role. All of them have their own strengths and weaknesses so you will need to take into account what your team needs before deciding which champion is right for you.

If one thing is clear though, tanks who excel at initiating fights often fare better than those with a strong ability to disengage from combat. This makes an excellent counter against enemy initiators or champs like Irelia who rely on being near enemies during a fight.

Which champion do you think would make a great tank?

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