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Top 5 Best Supports For Xayah 2021 [Must know]

Xayah is a strong champion, but she needs some good supports to make her even stronger.

But there are so many support champions in the league of legends and it’s hard to find the perfect one for you. That’s why we created this list with the best supports for xayah! Just pick your favorite support from our list and see how much your game improves!

We have gathered all viable supports that synergize well with xayah in this article. All you need to do is just pick a champion that fits your playstyle and try them out on Summoner’s Rift together with Xayah in bot games or custom matches!

best supports for xayah
best supports for xayah

Best Supports for Xayah



Xayah and Rakan both share a very similar kit. They both have the mobility to make plays all around the map, lots of CC, and can almost reset their respective abilities (more on this later).

With such similar kits, it seems like it would be great to pick one up if you already own the other. I believe Rakan is easily Xayah’s best support as he provides just about everything she needs: hard engage with his ultimate and 2 form of CC in his W and E.

As well as having 2 different forms of cc, Rakan has an additional method of engagement that Xayah lacks. His W is a ward hop that allows him to blink over walls and place his W at his current location.

This provides a lot of engage and disengage potential that Xayah does not have access to, as Rakan can easily engage or peel for his ADC.

However, Rakan is extremely squishy (he has one of the lowest base HP values in the game) and this makes him more difficult to play. If you want to try playing Rakan with Xayah, I would recommend practicing on botlane opponents who will provide less pressure than opponents mid or top



Thresh is one of the most popular supports who is now played widely all over the world. He can offer a lot to Xayah with his crowd control because he has a good ultimate and hook to catch opponents off guard.

With recent changes, Thresh’s shield also buffs both him and his ADC by a certain percentage which helps them win trades throughout the game. This allows Thresh to have a performance that stands out from other supports.



Braum is a very strong support in the current patch and still dominating most play. Xayah and Braum is a deadly combo in which you can protect your carry without any problems since braums w allows him to get closer or just get away from any threat that comes near him.

Ctlr+w is also an amazing ability that sets up for xayahs q allowing her to do more damage while having reliable follow up cc on top of it.

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Ctlr+e will give you some more protection from using it at max range, but ctlr+q would probably be your best option so you dont interfere with their engages/disengages since both botlane players have slow abilities.

There are some cases where ctlr+w could be better, but only if you’re confident that your adc can follow up on it.

Braum is an amazing pick against assassin/bursty supports like rakan and zed since he can block their damage or cc with his w.

You should pick this into matchups where the assassin support counters xayah hard like brand/thresh so the enemy team cant punish you whenever you miss your cocoon much easier.

Braum is one of the best supports when it comes to protecting your ADC in lane due to his passive being able to stop any engage attempt from the enemy which combined with his Q makes very easy for Xayah to land her arrows without getting disrupted by enemies trying to go all-in on her.



Bard’s kit makes him very suited for Xayah, but his ultimate ability is what puts him on this list.

His chime gathering passive lets him move around the map faster than most champions at the cost of not taking any damage while doing so which is beneficial for getting back into lane fast if he has been forced out of it by an enemy gank.

With how many times there are bot side versus top side in League, it will be smart to have a support that can get you back to lane with a speed boost.

His Q ability is a very wide skillshot stun with slow attached to it so if an enemy champion walks into where it is placed they will be stunned.

If Bard is able to hit his Q he then has the option of placing two portals which is followed up by his W where he is able to attach a healing circle on whoever steps into it as well as carry them with him if they decide to go through one of the portals.

Finally, his ultimate ability allows for him and Xayah teleports midlane or behind the turret depending on whether you want safety or invulnerability from your turret taking all damage while teleporting.

Before going in for the kill Bard’s ultimate allows you to easily take down the enemy with no complications. All of this makes Bard one of the strongest support for Xayah.



When it comes to supports that can help Xayah, Nami is ahead by a large margin. Her E ability has the lowest cooldown of any heal spell in the game and will almost permanently have a shield on whoever she decides to protect.

With her W ability she is able to slow down the enemy making it harder for them to get away or engage.

Her ultimate ability is great because it has a knock up and damage attached to the spell. When you combine all of these abilities at once, there really isn’t any other support that can compare to Nami.

Champions that counter xayah

There are many champions that counter xayah but doing an entire tier list would take too long for this article (if you want one though leave a comment). Here are some highlights:

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Rakan, Twisted Fate, Bard, Alistar, Caitlyn and Ezreal all have high range making it very hard for Xayah to engage on them early game without getting caught out of position.

So what do they counter? Hooking/poking with zoning abilities like Javelin Toss and Piltover Peacemaker are both better options on these champions compared to Xayah.

A melee champion that has high mobility, good damage and is tanky enough to survive an all in with her. You can avoid Rakan’s abilities timing your W correctly but Alistar will always be able to choose when he engages on you since his cooldowns are much shorter.

Xayah’s main power spike is level 6 so if she isn’t snowballing by then it becomes very hard/impossible for her to win the lane against this guy.

His snare makes catching up with him extremely difficult for Xayah after he hits 6 especially since most Alistar players build Randuin’s Omen which makes any all in off of a snare basically a death sentence for Xayah.

Which champions synergize well with xayah

Xayah is a new champion on the rift. She has seen some competitive play, but not really had her time in the spotlight.

However, she has all of the tools needed to be an effective champion if played correctly. What makes xayah so great is her ability kit.

Typically ADC’s are focused on doing damage and scaling into the late game where they can dish out tons of damage with hypercarries or other huge burst champions like kog’maw/varus/tristana etc.

Xayah is able to protect herself from dying very easily, which allows for aggressive positioning throughout teamfights without sacrificing yourself too much.

This goes hand in hand with xayah being more passive until your jungler comes to gank and goes extremely well with Rakan.

The synergy between these two champions is remarkable because of how much they compliment each other in their ultimate abilities and playstyles. Xayah’s ultimate ability, [crescent blade], has a range of 700 units.

What this means is that Rakan can dash into the enemy team, engage on them with his [challenge] and then xayah can use her [bladecaller] immediately after rakan dashes in followed up by [fatalshot].

Why is it important to have good vision control as a support player

The vision game is crucial to victory! A good support will always know where the enemies are, what they’re doing and prevent further incoming danger.

The vision game is one of the main ways you can set up for your team to succeed in fights because you can see them coming before they come.

Many games end immediately after a good TP flank by the Jungler, or when the enemy bot lane has no knowledge that there’s 5 men about to dive them under turret. Even if neither scenario happens, it’s usually better to have more information than less; no info means you could be walking into an ambush, not knowing how many people are waiting for you.

It gives you options as a support player whereas having information allows you to plan your plays.

Vision control is also incredibly important to your ADC’s safety! If you’re constantly shoving down the enemy turret, your map awareness will tell you when there are enemies coming for a gank; thus allowing you to prevent it or even turn it around on them with their own positioning mistakes.

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If they can’t find you, they can’t kill you and you allow yourself extra room to make plays (which I’ll go into more detail later).

Vision control basically ensures that if the enemy team has bad or average ward placement, that either of those scenarios won’t happen as frequently.

It makes it harder for them to ambush or surprise gank because they need to spend money on wards too. This reduces pressure on your ADC because he


Is Sona good with Xayah?

Sona is able to provide good support for Xayah because of her decent damage, shielding and CC. With Sona’s ultimate it is easy to engage or disengage for Xayah which makes playing with Sona really strong in most matchups.

For example you can engage with Sona’s Crescendo combined with the 60% slow of your E feathers or you can play defensive by using your ultimate on yourself combined with atleast one member of your team so that they get the speedbuff which will help them survive or escape certain death.

Is Xayah ADC or support?

Is Soraka good with Xayah?

Not really. Soraka’s kit doesn’t have much to offer from a support, especially a duo/bot lane perspective.

Soraka is a champion that tries to build her own items, which makes her a bad fit for Xayah since she will have to sacrifice early game power in order to focus on building the core items for Soraka’s buildpath.

However there are supports that can work well with Xayah and let her achieve her full potential as an ADC.

Who is better Xayah or Rakan?

Xayah and Rakan are two of the newest, if not the newest, addition to the champion pool. They are both extremely squishy, but have natural mobility. Xayah has her W to get in and out of fights safely while Rakan has his E to match hers.

Both champions can be built ADC or support depending on how you play them which leads us into our discussion that their is no better support for either of these champions.

Their play styles can be quite similar at times with them being able to win fights without ever having to put themselves in danger by dealing a lot of AoE damage from range.

This helps because it makes them easier supports to learn while also giving you options should other popular picks be banned away.


What are the best supports for xayah? This is a question many League of Legends players have been asking lately.

Some people believe that Zyra or Braum would be good choices because they can provide crowd control abilities which will allow Xayah to do more damage with her basic attacks.

Others say that Thresh, Morgana, Karma, Nami, Rakan or Taric might work better because they all offer shields and heals which will give Xayah some added durability in team fights.

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