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Top 5 Best support with Jinx [2021]

League of Legends is a complex game, and playing the best support with jinx requires mastery over multiple roles.

If you’re tired of being stuck in bronze or silver because you can’t get better at LoL, then this blog will help you improve your play – fast!

What support do you guys think best synergizes with Jinx? This is List 5 Best support with Jinx that you can refer to.

Top 5 Best support with Jinx
Top 5 Best support with Jinx

Which support is good with Jinx?


In season 11, Leona has emerged as one of the strongest picks in bot lane. This is due to her ability toCC with an insane amount which synergizes perfectly against a burst meta like our present day games have become famous for.

The playstyle between Jinx and Léonas pretty easy too; all that needs doing on behalf o fJinx is following up after engages from Leónawhile making sure notto get engaged upon herself (she doesn’t heal or shield). And then again: offense beats defense if there’s no other way around!

Leona is the best supporter with Jinx
Leona is the best supporter with Jinx

With Leona’s ultimate, she can lock enemies in place for Jinx to unleash her power. And when they are finally trapped and all around the battlefield is covered with rockets from both heroes? That would be one helluva combo!



Shield adds AD to Jinx’s stupid 1.4 ratio on her W, but it relies more on hitting difficult cc from jinx since its hard for Janna to set anything up. However, careful use of a Tornado and extra aggressive playstyle will allow easier engagements with enemies who have no idea what hit them!

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As a Nami main, I love playing with Jinx because their kit works really well together. Not only are both characters able to engage and disengage fights using different skills from what they typically would do on their own; but the synergy between these two also makes for some awesome combos!

For instance if you had one person who was just healing while spamming abilities at your enemy team — imagine now that this same character can use those very same spells as part of an attack strategy too by pairing them up in clever ways like Ebb And Flow (your heal) hitting enemies while W-ing or pushing forward into range so AOE attacks hit more than 1 target– simply amazing right?

If Nami lands her Q, Aqua Prison (which also has a great range), then Jinx can follow up with Flame Chopper for max stun and lots of damage. Her E Tidecaller’s Blessing pairs well with Fishbones because it offers significant sustain when detonating them in combat or from afar to break through opponents’ armor while they’re stunned!


There are many possibilities when creating good combos between these two characters: all that is needed on behalf if either one relies heavily upon their abilities being activated at just the right time during fights due both having strong poke capabilities as long distance fighters; however should you find yourselves backed into an unfavorable position where your enemies have surrounded.

When choosing which support to use with your ADC, look at the synergies and spell combinations that will allow them help out in certain areas.

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For example an engage-based or peel based synergy can be useful because they specialize more towards specific playstyles than others do – though there are some teams who have great success regardless of what kind their supports may seem like on paper.

The most important thing when selecting a perfect partner for yourself as well as another member on your team? Making sure both parties involved complement one another’s weaknesses by utilizing complementary skillsets!


Blitz’s grab is one of the most dominant abilities in bot lane, especially for characters that can’t escape it. There are several ways you can synergize Blitz and Jinx during laning phase so let’s start explaining them!

The first way to do this is by using their respective grabs as setups with each other – when either gets a knockup on an enemy champion from afar or uses his/her ultimate ability while hooking opponents up high into tree branches.

Then Jinxs E should attach itself near where they were standing before casting her Chompers skillshot combo (close enough so she’ll still get some damage output). And since Q allows him not just target single units but also entire crowds at once

Laning with a ranged champion is always dangerous, but when you have the abilities to kite and escape in tandem it can be even more so.

With their positioning allowing them space for farm as well as scaling potential heading into later gamefights thanks to one another’s powerful ultimate ability which deals tons of damage?

This duo has what it takes at higher levels where they’re less likely going up against tanks like Blitz does early on; both skillset being strong enough that if they engage 2v2 skirmishes together there will most likely not just end badly from enemy retaliation – chances are good than nothing bad could happen!

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Pretty much good with anyone, nothing to say here.


What Lane is best for jinx?

What Lane Is Jinx? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is often played in the Bottom Lane position.

Is jinx good with Morgana?

In Terms of Synergy, picks like Jinx and Varus are good with Morgana.

What items should I buy for jinx?

  • Starting. Doran’s Blade.
  • Second Start. Boots Health Potion 4.
  • First Back. Doran’s Blade Boots.
  • Core. Doran’s Blade 2 Berserker’s Greaves Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer Bloodthirster Last Whisper.
  • Armor Reduction. Last Whisper.
  • Sustain. Bloodthirster.
  • Additional Offensive. Black Cleaver Muramana Statikk Shiv.
  • Against Heavy AP.


We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of how to improve your game and performance with Jinx, but if not or if there are any questions that we haven’t answered, please leave us a comment below. Also be sure to follow our blog for more in-depth articles like these about all things League of Legends!

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