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Top 7 Best support with Jhin [Update 2021]

You’re a support main. You love playing support in League of Legends game , but you hate having to rely on other people to play well with you.

It’s not your fault that they aren’t as good at supporting as you are. But it still sucks when they die all the time and lose the game for everyone because of their mistakes.

Jhin is here to save the day! He’s an AD carry who can also be played as a marksman or mid laner, so he can fill any role on any team composition without sacrificing his effectiveness in lane or late game damage output so we suggest best support with Jhin!

Top 7 Best support with Jhin
Top 7 Best support with Jhin

Top 7 Best support with Jhin

From the moment Jhin was released in early access, he quickly became my favorite AD carry. I find Jhin to be an incredibly fun champion to play and watch in action, plus his voice has got to be one of the best in the game. However, Jhin is still pretty new and not many people good synergy with Jhin?


Brand is often considered the best among the supports for Jhin. There are many arguments to back up this statement, but let’s examine the most important of them.

If Jhin and Brand can be characterized by one thing, then that is massive damage. Brand is a highly aggressive laner in general, and he is usually always in the front casting spells.

This benefits Jhin a lot since he can rely on Brand to poke and set up his root. And many forget that Brand’s burning passive prolongs the mark of Jhin’s W, so he has more time to fire off this ability and snare someone.

Obviously, whenever Brand stuns an enemy champion with his E+Q combo, he and Jhin can unleash heavy damage and secure a kill in most cases.

However, Jhin can also set up Brand’s damage by lying his traps around the lane. Once their enemies are slowed, Brand can easily land his stun.

After level 6, this combo is better with Brand in the front and Jhin in the back. Jhin’s ultimate can serve both as a finisher after Brand’s R or as an opener. In any way, the synergy between these champions is high and you need to take advantage of it!


Morgana DTCL Mùa 5: Cách lên đồ, đội hình Morgana mạnh nhất, mẹo chơi

The second support champion that we want to discuss here is Morgana. She might not have the same damage as Brand, but she has other tools such as her spell shield.

This ability is very influential in the bot lane because it opens more opportunities than any other form of shielding or healing.

Truthfully, Jhin is a very squishy champion and doesn’t have any form of mobility (except maybe Galeforce) to escape his opponents. Well, Morgana’s Black Shield is a cure for all marksmen similar to Jhin because it negates the enemy CC and oftentimes damage.

Another bonus that Jhin receives by being paired with Morgana is the easy W setup. Morgana doesn’t necessarily need to hit her Q so Jhin can follow it with his Deadly Flourish.

She only needs to put down her W ability for at least one tick and mark the enemy champion. This is very useful, especially in situations when the opponents are running away.

Obviously, level 6 is a big power spike for both of these champions. Morgana’s stun can be used to lock targets in place while Jhin’s R can be a finisher. All in all, Morgana is one of the best supports that you can play with Jhin in all matchups.

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Tải hình nền LoL Nami trong game LMHT Full HD | AoThunGame.VN

And lastly, we have Nami. With the recent changes to Nami’s E, she became the go-to support for any mage in the bot lane or any marksmen in the style of Ezreal or Jhin.

The reason for this is that Nami’s E now provides both attack damage and ability power, depending on whether her ally will use basic attacks or spells. This is obviously great for Jhin since he relies on his abilities as much as his attacks, especially his ultimate.

Nami has another very interesting mechanic in the bot lane – her heal. This ability jumps between enemies and allies, so it causes both damage and healing.

The way this ability can benefit Jhin is very simple – he can position himself aggressively so the wave bounces between him and his opponent. Once the enemy is hit, Jhin can follow this up with a snare and Nami with a bubble.

Both ultimates here a considerably long range and can be synergized. The knock-up effect from Nami’s R can allow Jhin to land all of his skill shots and secure the kills!


A massively buffed Blitzcrank on patch 11.15 means free solo queue MMR | ONE Esports

For starters, Blitzcrank’s Q, Rocket Grab, is one of the most feared abilities in the entire game. Blitz can use it to bring an enemy next to him and set up a kill for Jhin. Blitzcrank usually casts E immediately after his Q, which also knocks up the enemy.

Well, Jhin can use his W during this time to extended the CC time here. But he can also throw his own E under the knocked-up target, so it may detonate faster. Both champions can coordinate these abilities and lock one target down for a couple of seconds.

On the other hand, Jhin’s root opens up a fantastic opportunity for Blitz to use his Q. The same can be said for Jhin’s ultimate, but his root is just the best way for Blitz to grab someone. Both Jhin and Blitz have fantastic damage throughout the game, so they go very well together.

Having Blitzcrank in your team is always beneficial, not just for Jhin. One well-aimed grab in the late game often means an ace, baron, or even victory. Jhin can match this playstyle fantastically, so that’s why Blitz is one of the best supports for him!


LMHT: Riot Games hé lộ trang phục mới Zyra trong truyện của Olaf ? | Cộng đồng | Game | Thanh Niên

To get an idea, you have to be aggressive as Zyra. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should blindly engage all the time. But it means that you need to poke and bully your enemies without getting damaged as much in return.

For example, you can cast your E, Grasping Thorns through the enemy minions while standing behind your own minions. This will snare and damage your enemies while and you’ll be safe from incoming skill shots. You can use Zyra’s Q in a similar way. This is very helpful because Zyra is a short-ranged squishy champion.

Well, Jhin has a lot of damage, but he is even more squishy than Zyra. He needs a support that will start the fight and draw all the attention. He can follow up Zyra’s snare with his W or use his ultimate to take their opponents down.

Another way to synergize these two champions is with Zyra’s plants. You see, any time one of Zyra’s plants attacks a champion, it also triggers the mark from Jhin’s W. This is probably the easiest way to apply this ability, so make sure to take advantage of that.


Vel'Koz DTCL 5.5: Cách lên đồ, đội hình Vel'Koz mạnh nhất và mẹo chơi

The Vel’Koz and Jhin lane usually goes aggressively. Vel’Koz has a lot of mana early on, and his abilities don’t cost as much. He can literally spam spells all day long and scare enemies away from Jhin. This works with all of his abilities, especially his Q, Plasma Fission.

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On the other hand, Jhin can use Vel’Koz’s poke to either snare enemies or chase them down for a kill. It’s actually pretty easy to finish off targets once they’ve been chunked down by a purple octopus monster…

But in all seriousness, Vel’Koz’s damage is honestly broken. A big reason for that is his passive, which allows him to deal true damage to his targets. Combined with the high burst that Jhin has, this combo is one of the deadliest on the Rift.

After level 6, Jhin and Vel’Koz are amazing at 2v2 fights. Both champions can poke effectively and then activate their ultimates to take down their enemies from range. This also works in 5v5 team fights, so their damage is always reliable.


Trang Phục Janna Nữ Thần Chiến Binh - YouTube

And lastly, we have Janna. Janna isn’t an aggressive mage, nor is she able to tank enemies for Jhin. However, she is exceptionally good at setting up kills for Jhin and protecting him from their opponents.

One of the best synergies that Janna and Jhin have is combining Janna’s tornado with Jhin’s root. For example, Janna can cast her Q, Howling Gale, from a very long distance. And if it hits a target, Jhin can also apply his W, Deadly Flourish, while the target is still in the air. This guarantees a root effect, so it’s good to do it whenever you can.

But the biggest value that Janna brings to this combo lies elsewhere. You see, all other best supports we mentioned for Jhin were good at dealing damage. But Janna is good at eliminating the damage from their enemies.

Janna’s E is probably the best shied in the entire game. It is on an incredibly low cooldown, allowing Janna to practically spam it. This makes her laning phase with Jhin a breeze since she can always protect him from poke damage and all-ins.

But Janna’s ultimate is also a handy ability for Jhin. It heals for a significant amount, especially if Janna has a bit of AP. It can also be used to push back enemies that are engaging on Jhin, which is why it’s an effective tool against assassins too.


How to control your lane?

Freezing lanes is an important skill for controlling your lane. Freezing allows you to deny your opponent creep kills, and also forces your opponent overextend to farm and get experience.6) Wave “trimming”Sometimes waves get way too large to freeze and the damage you would take tanking the minions will be too much.

To Waveclear or not to WaveclearKnowing when to take down waves of creeps with your abilities is also a technique that needs practice. Clearing waves is not hard, but knowing when to clear waves is something that comes with experience.

If you want to push forward, clear the wave if you are positive you will not get ganked as a result. If you want to roam, quickly clear the wave and run off immediately. Just be cautious about where you are standing when you clear waves. Using your abilities on the creeps leaves you vulnerable to an all-in when all your spells are down!

How to become a good ADC?

When learning ADC (or Marksman if you’re a hipster) focus on csing well first, you’ll have plenty of time to learn the other skills.

 It may take you a few games with a new ADC to get used to their auto animation, try nailing cs first with bots or in a normal game first if you aren’t confident.

 One of the best times to harass is when they move up for a last hit. They will normally be engaged in attacking the minion and so will not be able to retaliate in time.

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Further more, if you see your opponent getting ready to harass you when you go for a cs you can surprise them by harassing them back instead of going for the cs.

 Always check what summoner spells the enemy has.

Track when they use their summoners and write it in the chat, Flash has a 5 min~ cooldown.

Heavy pushing can be an effective strat as you force the enemy to last hit under the tower where you can more easily harass him/poke tower.

Don’t rely on your support for map awareness.

Dorans blade is the most effective start on most ADC’s, coupled with a couple lifesteal quints you generally have enough sustain to survive the early game.

Remember to check your runes and masteries! Adjust them accordingly before the game starts.

 DID YOU KNOW; Caitlyn has the highest base Auto Attack (AA) range at of any ADC at 650, however Twitch, Koggers and Trist can all outrange her if you include their skills and passive at certain points in the game.

At 650, Cait’s redonkulous AA range makes her one of the best lane bullies in the game. Use this to your advantage by keeping the range leash

If you cast Cait’s Peacemaker (q) straight after her 90 Caliber Net (e) you can save time on the casting animation of the Peacemaker.

On a similar note to #3, if you use Ezreal’s Arcane Shift (e) or Essence Flux (w) straight after a Mystic Shot (q) you can also lessen the time spent in .animation stun’. Great for blue Ezreal!

When versing Caitlyn in lane, make sure to keep an eye on her passive so you don’t get hit with a (BOOM) Headshot for free.

How to marco like a challenger ADC?

To me, that will always be one of the most important things regarding rank climbing, no matter the role.

We are often so fucking short-sighted, that we forget that climbing rank is mathemathically guaranteed, if we are constantly playing better than the other players in our games.

To climb more, we must simply be better! A way to do it, is to take away as much as possible from each game played, trying to find our own mistakes, which you can later on write down.

That will allow you to focus on them in the future, eliminating your weaknesses one by one. You cannot do it, if instead of putting your focus on the journey, your only bloody focal point is the result.

Focus on your own mistakes, as the goal is to improve yourself, not to improve teammates that you will never meet again.

If your singular goal is improvement, you are also less likely to become tilted due to unlucky streaks of several losses in a row. If you become better, the tables will surely turn!

It is simple – next time you queue up for Solo Queue, think about improvement, not your LP. No matter whether you’re being stomped, or whether your team stomps the enemy, try to always look for your own mistakes.


We hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. If you’ve been struggling to support your champion, we want to help! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you so that together we can create a stellar strategy for success in League of Legends that will be sure to wow any opponent.

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