The 10 Best Stone Cold Matches With The Highest Meltzer Ratings

Nine years ago, Stone Cold Steve Austin had his final wrestling match. In the WWE, “retirements” are often times built up or given a lot of attention.In the case of the Texas Rattlesnake, it was the complete opposite. He had his last bout inside a wrestling ring and left his WWE Hall of Fame career behind. With his final match being at Wrestle Mania XIX, let”s take a look back at his five best matches at the show of shows. Remember, these are just my opinions on WWE!

Shawn Michaels was defending the WWE Championship against Stone Cold.Their match was actually very entertaining. This battle gets a bad reputation because of HBK”s injury, but it was fine.Could it have better? Probably.Will it happen again? No.Both men did their best, and the right man won. Austin got his moment with Mike Tyson, and the business took off in big, big ways.

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Winner: Stone Cold

Once again, Stone Cold found himself as the challenger in the WWE Championship main event match. This time, the current title holder was The Rock.The two have had many battles, but this was their first major battle. Forget their mid card feud. Forget their prior matches.This was a WrestleMania main event between Rock and Austin.As usual, the face was going to win in the end. However, Rocky still made you believe he was going to walk out as champion.In the end, Mankind made the three count, and Stone Cold was victorious!Winner: Stone Cold

I highly suggest watching that video package. WWE did a stellar job with that one.In 2003, Stone Cold and The Rock found themselves feuding with each other once again. It was a fun ride leading into Seattle, but there was never going to be any more long, drawn out battles.This entire feud was focused on WrestleMania. It was all for one match, and that was it.While nobody knew it was going to be Austin”s match, you could certainly see it in hindsight. Looking back, it certainly all added up.He returned for only a few months with very limited physical action. He lost clean in the middle of the ring to a heel, which is only acceptable in certain situations at Mania. Finally, he was given the platform after the match. Rock celebrated and left. Stone Cold stuck around and made a long walk to the backstage area, all the while looking at the live crowd.Nobody knew it then, but we would all find out soon enough.Stone Cold had just wrestled his final match, and he went out putting over The Rock like a true professional. Job well done!Winner: The Rock

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Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart in a Submission Match (I Quit) is often times called one of the best matches ever.I understand that thought process, but it isn”t even close to the top for me. I even debated putting Austin”s match at Mania 2003 over this.In the end, this match barely won out. All of the matches I listed were excellent. Make no mistake, this was top notch stuff from the 1990″s. The beginning with Stone Cold attacking Bret before the bell even rings is great.My favorite aspect of this match was the WWE knowing exactly what they were doing. Bret Hart was turning from face to heel. Austin was going from heel to face.The company knew this and laid out plans accordingly. As usual, many fans give credit to the live audience for “changing” things. As usual, that was not the case.This was WWE sensing a situation before it presented itself and making the right move. Austin got over in a big, big way, and Hart left the company months later.Bret Hart may have “won” the match, but Austin never gave up. Major kudos to both men for their performance, but never forget who really runs the show…

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Winner: Bret Hart

Stone Cold had to win.The Rock was going to give us his absolute best.With the WWE Championship on the line, you knew this was going to be amazing. Both men were “face” at the time, but the match was taking place in Texas.There was no way The Rock was getting more cheers than Stone Cold there. It was set to create a very unique situation before the battle even began.The match between the two speaks for itself. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman made a great call, and the action inside the ring was excellent. When you think of “epic,” this match comes to mind immediately.While Vince McMahon getting involved was bothersome and the Austin turn was a bad move from the beginning, nothing can be taken away from this setting.The Rock. Stone Cold. 70,000 fans. WWE Championship. WrestleMania main event.

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