Best Sniper Class Black Ops 2, How To Be A Good Sniper In Black Ops 2: 10 Steps

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Call of Duty; Black Ops 2 (BO2) is a most awesome game. The story isn't bad either, but I know a ton of people who have never seen the storyline because they have gone straight to the online game where all the action is. There are hundreds of thousands of BO2 players all around the world that are playing online at any given moment. You can see how popular the game is around the world by checking the world map—illuminated sections on the map indicate people that are playing the game.

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This article will be covering the Black Ops 2 game for sniper guns and classes. Although I am not an expert with the sniper rifle, I have used them quite extensively, and have used all the classes with different set ups for each rifle. The information offered here is gleaned from hundreds of hours of online gaming.

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You should realize that there are too many variables in guns, maps, game rooms, personal style, etc., to list one superior class for snipers. What I hope to accomplish in this article is to arm you with information that you can use to better your game. Here are a few topics that I will cover.

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