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If you”re a turntablist or just love to scratch, you know that only the best DJ slipmats will do. We”ve had lots of feedback from thousands of DJs letting us know how they really feel when it comes to such a crucial accessory. There are a lot of options out there, and sometimes, a nice picture doesn”t always mean a good slipmat. We”ve put together our list of the best DJ slipmats, based on popularity and website activity. Now, without further ado…

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Product Product Link
Thud Rumble Butter Rug Check Price
Turntable Lab Ed Hertz Slipmat Check Price
Ortofon: Serato S-120 Check Price
Magma Technics Mirror Slipmats Check Price
Turntable Lab Spacemat Check Price
Ortofon SM-17 Check Price
Thud Rumble Frosted Butter Rugs Check Price
Ortofon SM-13 Check Price
Serato Butter Rugs Check Price
Dr. Suzuki Slipmats Check Price

Thud Rumble Butter Rug Slipmat Pair


“A slipmat that actually slips”. We can never doubt the amazing feel of the Butter Rug from Thud Rumble. If you”re looking for the standard, this is it, and the best DJ slipmat you”ll find. “Butta” barely begins to describe how good these slipmats are for today”s turntablists. CHECK BUTTER RUGS PRICE

Turntable Lab Ed Hertz Slipmat


Ed Hertz”s design really makes this slipmat what it is. While perfect for your basic scratching or in depth turntablism, the look of these things at 33 or 45 RPM is quite epic, and the soft felt is easy on your vinyl CHECK TURNTABLE LAB ED HERTZ PRICE

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Ortofon Serato S-120


Yet another slipmat designed with the turntablist in mind. The Serato S-120 DJ slipmat brings together technology from lovers of both Ortofon and Serato, making this one of the best DJ slipmats you”ll find from brands you love. CHECK ORTOFON S-120 PRICE

Magma Technics Mirror Slipmats


Don”t try to turn your new turntables into phantoms, but feel free to show your Technics pride. These Technics “Mirror” slipmats go quite well with the original Wheel of Steel. They offer great slippage for the modern DJ. CHECK MAGMA TECHNICS SLIPMAT PRICE

Turntable Lab Spacemat


Turntable lab makes some great slipmats, and the Spacemat certainly falls into that category. The print is sublimated, meaning you”re not going to destroy your vinyl just to have some good-looking slipmats with your gear. CHECK SPACEMAT PRICE

Ortofon SM-17


Truly for lovers of a decades-old art form, the Vinyl Preservation Academy DJ slipmats from Ortofon let people know you”re serious about your craft. There”s a lot going on with the design, but these were matted perfectly to prevent vinyl scuffing. They”re extra thin too, giving you great feel when it”s your turn on the decks. CHECK ORTOFON SM-17 PRICE

Thud Rumble Frosted Butter Rugs


The designs on this best DJ slipmat seems to always be changing. I could swear the tiger used to say “Weerrree Baked!”, but whatever you get is only packaging. It”s what”s inside that counts, and the Frosted Butter Rugs work just as well as the original. CHECK FROSTED BUTTER RUGS PRICE

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Ortofon SM-13


The Ortofon SM-13 has one of the best designs for those looking for grafitti on their turntables. Ortofon wouldn”t put their tag on it if it”s not good. With a similar thin surface to their other slipmats, you”ll dig getting to scratch on these. CHECK ORTOFON SM-13 PRICE

Serato Official Butter Rugs


I”m not gonna lie, I got pretty stoked when these came out. A Butter Rug with the official Serato seal? I was in heaven, and these quickly made it to the list of best DJ slipmats. They feel like the original, and perform just as well. CHECK SERATO BUTTER RUGS PRICE

Dr. Suzuki Slipmats


Dr. Suzuki is known for making some pretty awesome DJ accessories, and his DJ slipmats are no exception. These do use slipsheets, so if you”re not a fan, then move on, but other than that these have a great feel for turntablists, and you”ll be pleasantly surprised. CHECK DR. SUZUKI SLIPMATS PRICE

Make sure when you”re looking for the best DJ slipmats that you always search for ones designed specifically for DJs. Some slipmats are meant for audiophiles for home listening, and they won”t be suitable for your club gig. So how”d we do on our list? Got a better DJ slipmat that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!


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