Best Single Stack 9Mm 2014, List Top 5 Single Stack 9Mm With Great Trigger

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BTW, I love my little XDS but I wouldn”t take three of them for ONE of these. :image035:
I have a Glock 43 that is a tack driver for me, and I”m not an amazing shot with a pistol by any means, so it makes me feel good. I put Taran Tactical +1 and +2 mag extensions on it and Trijicon HD XR night sights along with a rubber Talon grip. Great little pistol that can fit in my pocket or goes unfelt if carrying IWB. I must say the Walther PPS M2 was hard to pass up, but being I already owned a Glock I went with the G43 over the PPS M2. I do however think I will buy an M2 down the road when I”ve got money to spend, after I buy a .45 ACP 1911 as a just for fun gun. So many great guns and not enough money or time to buy them all and shoot them.
I have a Shield 9mm – an excellent single stacker in most every way. I”ve spent the few months I”ve been shooting my 1911 pistols regularly again and this led to the impromptu acquisition of a P938. I”ve only had it for a few weeks but I”m hooked on the little shooter. I”ve always loved the small 1911s and the P938 does an excellent job of it.Thus the SIG P938 gets my vote but I really don”t think any one 9mm single stacker can be truly proclaimed “best” for all scenarios and individual users. Its good to be an American living in a free state where so many choices are available to tailor one”s pistol of choice to the specific need.

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One can argue the merits of the Sig 938, Shield, G43, PPS, various Kahr”s and Rugers, and the XDS just to name a few, but in the end it boils down to what people like and don”t like. I happen to like the Sig P225 myself but do not own one. If I ever decide to buy another single stack 9mm this will probably be the one.

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There are a lot of decent single stack 9mm pistols out there. If it”s just for the range, then I like a 9mm 1911 or Sig P225. For carry, at least to me, there”s not much difference between the XDS, PPS M1 and Glock 43. I tend to like my old PPS M1 since there are 3 different size OEM magazines for it. I think the newer PPS M2 offers a flush, mid and extended mag as well. The XDS has 3 different size OEM mags in .45ACP (5, 6, 7 round) but not 9mm, unless something has changed. The Glock 43 seems a bit lighter than the PPS and XDS, so that could be a plus for some people, especially for pocket carry. I think the LC9s is also pretty light. I haven”t owned one but had the old LC9 when they first came out. Then there”s the Kahr PM9 which is smaller and lighter than the others, but has a longer trigger pull. I don”t see any way to say which one is best but there are things to like about a lot of them.

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