Which Sims Game Is The Best Sims Game Reddit, What Is The Best Sims Game In Your Opinion

ts4 isn’t the worst, i just don’t like it as much as 2 and 3. the sims 4 has beautiful graphics and i love the emotions system, i just wish it had more things in its packs and more things to do like the sims 3, and i wish it had all the interactions and things from the sims 2. i started playing the sims a lot when i got the sims 3, though. i DESPISE the UI in the sims 3, it just looks bad. the graphics aren’t too great either, but other than that, i like it a lot. the sims 4 is pretty good, but it just feels so incomplete and like i’m playing with the same sims every time, no matter the traits i use for them.

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what’s the best sims game in your opinion?


3 was easily my favorite. So much freedom! Sure, 4 looks prettier (in some respects), and it made building a bit easier, but overall, 4 missed too many marks for me. Lack of customization, loading screens and no open world, to name a few.

2 and 1 were phenomenal in their day but I don't think I could play them today. 3, on the other hand, I could play and enjoy right now!

I never played Sims 4 because I also felt it looked incomplete and removed so many of the essential aspects of Sims 3 that made it amazing. But I believe that I have the same rating as you do, with the best to worst order: 3, 2, and 1. Every so often I feel myself drawn to buying Sims 4, but with all the features lacking in that game, I feel like I would only be buying it for the upgraded graphics.

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that’s the only reason i bought ts4 tbh. and when the packs started coming out i thought it would slowly be like what ts3 was, but unfortunately my money just disappeared for 3 features that don’t really do too much :/

3 is the best. 4 was a joke, no open world, store sucks, world feels smaller. The dialogue is better, but everything else is bleh. IMO. It’s been a while since I played either though. All I can remember is 4 was really not that great. 3 is amazing, 2 is good and 1 is a classic, but one I wouldn’t go back to, but still has a better place in my heart compared to 4.

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